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Pope Benedict resigned to avoid arrest, seizure of church wealth by Easter


Diplomatic Note was issued to Vatican just prior to his resignation

New Pope and Catholic clergy face indictment and arrest as “Easter Reclamation” plan continues

A Global Media Release and Statement from The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State 


The historically unprecedented resignation of Joseph Ratzinger as Pope this week was compelled by an upcoming action by a European government to issue an arrest warrant against Ratzinger and a public lien against Vatican property and assets by Easter.

The ITCCS Central Office in Brussels is compelled by Pope Benedict’s sudden abdication to disclose the following details:

1. On Friday, February 1, 2013, on the basis of evidence supplied by our affiliated Common Law Court of Justice (, our Office concluded an agreement with representatives of a European nation and its courts to secure an arrest warrant against Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict, for crimes against humanity and ordering a criminal conspiracy.

2. This arrest warrant was to be delivered to the office of the “Holy See” in Rome on Friday, February 15, 2013. It allowed the nation in question to detain Ratzinger as a suspect in a crime if he entered its sovereign territory.

3. A diplomatic note was issued by the said nation’s government to the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, on Monday, February 4, 2013, informing Bertone of the impending arrest warrant and inviting his office to comply. No reply to this note was received from Cardinal Bertone or his office; but six days later, Pope Benedict resigned.

4. The agreement between our Tribunal and the said nation included a second provision to issue a commercial lien through that nation’s courts against the property and wealth of the Roman Catholic church commencing on Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013. This lien was to be accompanied by a public and global “Easter Reclamation Campaign” whereby Catholic church property was to be occupied and claimed by citizens as public assets forfeited under international law and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

5. It is the decision of our Tribunal and the said nation’s government to proceed with the arrest of Joseph Ratzinger upon his vacating the office of the Roman Pontiff on a charge of crimes against humanity and criminal conspiracy.

6. It is our further decision to proceed as well with the indictment and arrest of Joseph Ratzinger’s successor as Pope on the same charges; and to enforce the commercial lien and “Easter Reclamation Campaign” against the Roman Catholic church, as planned.

In closing, our Tribunal acknowledges that Pope Benedict’s complicity in criminal activities of the Vatican Bank (IOR) was compelling his eventual dismissal by the highest officials of the Vatican. But according to our sources, Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone forced Joseph Ratzinger’s resignation immediately, and in direct response to the diplomatic note concerning the arrest warrant that was issued to him by the said nation’s government on February 4, 2013.

We call upon all citizens and governments to assist our efforts to legally and directly disestablish the Vatican, Inc. and arrest its chief officers and clergy who are complicit in crimes against humanity and the ongoing criminal conspiracy to aid and protect child torture and trafficking.

Further bulletins on the events of the Easter Reclamation Campaign will be issued by our Office this week.

Issued 13 February, 2013
12:00 am GMT
by the Brussels Central Office

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8 Responses to Pope Benedict resigned to avoid arrest, seizure of church wealth by Easter

  1. diggerdan says:

    Go get `em boys. If the pope and all the popes men have nothing to hide then he should have answered that diplomatic note from said govt. Let`s see a pope go down for these things that they do. We will see if they arrest this guy Pope Bennedtct on Friday. Also I just love how they gave them guys a notice of this arrest warrent before issueing this arrest warrent. Nothing like telling the criminals when they are comming to arrest you. lol.

  2. AmericanFreedom says:

    It’s a shame that they can arrest a Pope, that may be guilty, but they can’t arrest a President, that WE know is Guilty, what a FK Up world we live in, no what a FK up America we live in.

  3. bargain bob says:

    What the rothschilds and rockefellers federal reserve banks have done to us is also a crime against humanity! and what about all the wars created by these talmudic usurers! hang em all.
    according to ole duff (60%truth/40%fiction) at vt, the reason the pope is stepping down is because he was going to expose the lie that is the holohoax, and tptb (jews?) could not let that happen! it’s an interesting read and with all the lies going around about everything these days, who knows?

  4. Leo says:

    If this can be done to the pope, why not Barack Obama ? because there are powers, principalities, dominions and spiritual wickedness in high places that oversee Obama and protect him, Ephesians 6:12

  5. carl hammel says:

    Arrest by whom?Those who would consolidate control over even this evil bastard?And who will arrest him?And to think that this evil eyed demon would be under arrest anyway?You’d better begin to think for yourselves and realize that you have god within you or else resign yourselves to enslaved misery for all falsley perceived time on this earth.This was bad today.That was bad today.I bought some more rounds although dhs bought another 2 million through my tax dollars.The Rothschilds have been in control of the vatican’s finances for 200 years.Does it matter who the pope is?Apparently it does when we have one for 33 days.Again,it doesn’t matter who people are who would profit from free trade and a limited government to protect it,it matters of a mafia who usurps control of the people who designed it for their own protection.

  6. Whizerd67 says:

    Rothchilds move in….take credit for saving the world economic situation….then attempt to take over the USA’s people and land.
    This would take a little time…..
    time enough for the citizens of the US to be unarmed, or involved in a civil war with it’s govt….
    A govt which is null and void anyway.
    And remember…the troops are already in position, waiting for ‘orders’.

    Just one possible scenario that comes to mind first for me.
    I’m glad to see that the investigation into the ‘rumored-as’ biggest bank in the world in some instances, came back with a case, an is/was persued.( of course this ‘indictment of sorts’ makes it more realistic than rumor now)
    Now we shall see the trickle effect of most of the heavy-hitters getting anally investigated.
    This is the only chance economic recovery has for ANY country.
    However…..are we going to wait for the results? Like we’ve been doing…the”let’s sit back and let it work itself out” disease?

    THIS is why the gun control brainwashing BS has grown to a fever for tptb.
    This is their last stand. They’ve been brought-out, investigated….and now, an attempt at prosecution of one of the reportedly biggest of the big.
    They know it’s going to be a domino effect towards them.
    They are about to start some BS. It’s not going to be pretty. Not just here in the U.S….although I strongly feel the gun-control issue in the U.S. will be a key factor on how brazen tptb get…how non-violent it can/will be.

    I dunno anymore…i hope every human is ready for this.
    This Papal resignation, and the awareness of the people that the “Big Money” people just MIGHT be able to be ‘touched’……can NOT go smoothly.

    Sit around and wait for it to work-out?
    I’m thinking NOT.
    But it is good to see that the awareness just reached a new line.*nod*

    Some thought—- If the pope knew about the ‘investigation’ enough to be in a position to step-down, so did the rest of tptb. Gives a whole new perspective to what’s been going on economically and humanly. Preparing?

    ~Blessed Be to all~

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