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Pure Unadulterated Bankster Desperation [& $500 Silver]

Published on Apr 18, 2013 by SGTbull07

Jeff Nielson from Bullion Bulls Canada joins us to cover the pure desperation of the Banksters. We cover it all in this one; the Comex raid, the decoupling of paper price from physical reality, the Cyprus litmus test, the Canadian banks bail-in plan & the webbots prediction that silver WILL hit $500 and beyond in the near future, ultimately trading at 1 to 1 with gold.

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9 Responses to Pure Unadulterated Bankster Desperation [& $500 Silver]

  1. John says:

    Dump all paper assets.
    Buy “PHYSICAL” Gold & Silver!
    Do NOT use bank safe deposit boxes, they are not safe.
    Underbank, keep only enough money in your checking account to cover monthly bills.

    • Steve Apple says:

      John DUMP ALL “GOLD AND SILVER”ASSets buy Canning food supplies,lids jars salt spices buy tools,nuts and bolts and other neccessary basics,a role of toilet paper will be worth its weight in “gold” I will be charging an OUNCE of gold for a dozen eggs or a quart of canned beef or a dozen ears of corn or beans or my favorite potatos, tires ,spark plug ,bic lighters, seeds, shovels, grills, etc etc.I have never understood the fascination with “gold or other shiny rocks they are no good in times of strife only as a wealth securing asset in times of plenty.You cant eat gold and it only seems to cause misery for those with a PILE of it

      • diggerdan says:

        You are damn right Steve. You know what is happening. I really would like to see these people that are investing in precious metals and all when they get hungry or when they get cold. Yep Steve they should all get a life, I think, and get ready. Not many people like what you and I have said but it is the gods honest truth by golly and I got to say that a gold coin has never fed or heated anyones house that I have known – unless of course they were among the elite. Just look at obama and all of those employese of ours down there at the WH, they are all living the good life off of our dime and haveing a high buck party to boot.

        • Steve Apple says:

          Hey Digger I dont know if it makes you feel any better but I QUIT PAYING TAXES 20 YRS AGO,im sorry that probably makes you feel worse so try this JUST QUIT SIGNING YOUR NAME TO THEIR PAPER and quit letting them steal your compensation which is what you get in exchange for YOUR LABOR,it is not “income” income is profit.Trading your sweat and ability for compensation is yours 100%.Now dont get me wrong it aint easy but it is soothing to know that I have not helped these criminals buy one single fkn bullet to kill innocents around the world with.

          • diggerdan says:

            Hey there Steve, I have been living like you have for a long time – longer than 20 yr.s – my friend. 🙂 It might be a hard life but it is a honest good life my friend, and I am proud to live this way .

      • eric swan says:

        TOILET PAPER! Ah, are you insane?

        • Steve Apple says:

          Eric,I take it your insane response was for me,alright then lets see Im insane yet you will pay 1500$ for a fkn gold rock,well a small rock, as an ounce of gold is really small How does that “gold taste to an empty belly ,are you still with me oh SANE one, as a child our farm had an outhouse yea a building in the yard with a toilet seat over a hole in the ground(we had a double seater livin the good life we were) anyway in the corner of said outhouse was a SEARS cataloge whos glossy pages were used to wipe yer backside now you might as well have used your little rock of gold as the results would have been the same as in not much success and then along came charmin which is as plentiful as know it all guys such as yourself.With that said when TSHTF happens and the shelves at wallymart are empty, you gold hoarders and your delicate posteriors will beg guys like me for “just a square” but eric ol buddy I WONT HAVE A SQUARE TO SPARE, so think about that next time you are too damn thick to understand the point trying to be made

  2. Patrick says:

    This is a note to all you gold/silver naysayers. Those who say things like “You can’t eat gold” and such statements. A recent case study reveals what the linear truth is when faced with hyperinflation or even deflation. Consider Zimbabwe. They did what the Fed is doing, printing their money by the ton. The Fed are now engaged in EXACTLY the same pattern that gripped Zimbabwe. The government needed more and more money and could not squeeze any more from their populace, so they simply printed more, and more, and more, until a beer, if you could find one, cost 750 million dollars! I know, I paid that at the Victoria Falls hotel.
    People were paying their lunch bill literally with a wheelbarrow full of cash. There are pictures. Google them.
    Of course, the economy crashed and today, you can buy online, any number of 1 trillion dollar Zimbabwe notes. At one stage, a Zimbabwe dollar was on par with a US dollar. Oh how the printers must have worked.
    Once the collapse happened, and the monetary black market was flooded with South African Rands and US dollars, the ordinary Zimbabwean could no longer afford to eat and families started dying all over the country. They left the country in droves.
    Those that stayed had only one option; Panning for Gold. Everyone was engaged in this practice. Tiny kids to ancient old women. Google a video called “Gold for Bread in Zimbabwe” and you understand that, even in darkest Africa, Gold was the only form of money available to the grassroots people. Without it, hundreds of thousands more people would have died of starvation. As it was, if you were too old to pan, you died. Nobody helped you out, they were too busy trying to help their own families to bother with strangers. 1 gram of Gold bought one loaf of bread, if you were lucky.
    The very few who owned gold stocks before the collapse did not feel a thing! In fact, they lived the high life, and those that bought and stacked Gold during this time are living the high life today! They stored their Gold that the people were panning for, the economy recovered, and now there are some serious billionaires out there because they stacked.
    This pattern has repeated itself many times over the last few centuries but Zimbabwe is a recent occurrence and all facts can be googled, unlike Roman times. Gold is money, despite Helicopter Ben’s pronouncements and the sooner you start stacking, the easier it will be for you once the entire globe’s fiat collapses.

    • Steve Apple says:

      Patrick,You say “plenty of billionaires” are left well I have a trillion $ note how about you give me a billion for it.where did the bread and lunches the “gram “of gold bought COME FROM,probably from some insane dumbassed farmer like me who was to unedumacated to spend his REAL WEALTH on some tasteless rock.instead I learned to GROW MY OWN FOOD,Preserve my own food and seeds for next year. Oh and another thing THIS AINT FKN AFRICA where the poor blacks under mugaboo killed all the WHITE farmers ruined their fields and are today STARVING.
      Gold is nothing more than a STANDARD of measurement,you should do just a tad of research IN THE REAL WORLD such as the california gold rush,where a SINGLE EGG FOR BREAKFAST cost 10-15$ in GOLD(gold was 20-30$ an Oz.) so laugh all you want mr innerlectual cause the fact of the matter is YOU CAN LIVE WITHOUT GOLD BUT YOU DIE WITHOUT FOOD. So Like I said an ounce of gold for 2 eggs that with just some minimal effort magically appear each morning under my little hens,now heres the really cool part about these little eggs if left alone under the hen they turn(in just 21 days) to brand new wealth(food) producing chickens which you can let make you more EGGS (to trade for your gold) or you can fry them up all GOLDEN brown for a delicious chicken dinner.So my belly is full and you have your little gold rocks to guard, your so silly with your golden white collar nonsense.I guess it all comes down to your definition of “the high life” as we are fast approaching uncharted waters of world wide financial collapse,so enjoy your gold as for me and mine Im eating fresh gathered mushrooms(morrels) and fresh killed yard bird.

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