Radioactive recliner chairs, apartment buildings and household goods are not as unusual as you may think – and it’s about to get worse

radioactiveNatural News – by Carolanne Wright

(NaturalNews) The American government has developed a solution for all the excess radioactive metal from the medical industry and military: Make it into belt buckles. Or forks. Even cheese graters are fair game. The stainless steel beverage cups used to avoid the dangers of BPA? Those are threatened with radioactivity as well. In an absurd twist of policy, The United States Department of Energy decided in December 2012 that it might be a good idea to revoke the ban on recycling radioactive material. The logic behind the proposed reversal is this: If you have a waste product that is costly to contain and dangerous, quietly offload it onto the unsuspecting masses in the form of consumer goods and building materials while turning a nice profit throughout.  

More radiation please

Just in case Americans do not have enough exposure to radiation as it is, the Department of Energy would like to give the population another dose in the form of radioactive surgical implants, bicycles, jewelry, zippers or common household goods like pots, pans and utensils. If the department is successful, 14,000 tons of contaminated metal will make its way into the mainstream fabrication industry, generating a tidy $10-40 million in revenue while avoiding exorbitant disposal fees. If the ban is lifted, it would also open a floodgate for contaminated metals to enter the U.S. from abroad with little or no oversight.

Unfortunately, radioactive products are nothing new in America. Take for example the Bed, Bath & Beyond tissue holder debacle. The product was recalled from 200 stores in 20 states due to contamination of cobalt-60. Then there was the radioactive cheese grater that gave off the equivalent radiation of a chest X-ray for every 36 hours of exposure. And La-Z-Boy recliners fitted with cobalt-60 contaminated brackets. The chairs would have bathed their owners in a chest X-ray’s worth of radiation for every 1,000 hours of use if they had not been discovered before release from the warehouse. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Conservative estimates from the U.S. Government Accountability Office state over 500,000 contaminated metal objects are still unaccounted for in the U.S. with 18,740 documented cases of radioactive consumer goods.

The surprising health risks of handbags and elevators

A majority of radioactive consumer products and building materials originate from India and China with a smaller portion emerging from former Soviet Bloc countries and Africa. Incredibly, the Netherlands found 500 handbags from India to be radioactive due to contaminated decorative rings whereas France and Sweden uncovered 500 tainted elevator buttons. These instances are not a minor issue — exposure to radioactive materials cause dire health consequences. In Taiwan, a study of 6,000 Taiwanese between 1983 to 2005 discovered that those who lived in flats built with radioactive reinforcing steel had significantly higher rates of leukemia and breast cancer. Likewise, Indian scrap metal workers have died from handling contaminated metal. Cobalt-60 (or any radioactive material for that matter) is certainly not an element we want in our household products, clothing or building materials if we would like to remain healthy and disease free.

“Nothing has changed since 2000 that would justify lifting its current ban. Rather, just the opposite: since then the National Academy of Sciences has acknowledged that there is no safe level of radiation exposure, and we’ve learned that women are even more vulnerable to radiation than men (while children have long been known to be more vulnerable than adults),” said the Nuclear Information and Resource Service in response to the proposed radioactive metal recycling plan.

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13 thoughts on “Radioactive recliner chairs, apartment buildings and household goods are not as unusual as you may think – and it’s about to get worse

  1. It’s no secret that our “beloved” government cares not one iota about our well being. Most of our air and water are already polluted far beyond lethal levels. Let’s see now, used fuel rods remain radioactive for what? 35000 years? It really makes you wonder where they have been storing all that stuff over the years. If someone wants to “recycle” radioactive metal, let them be the first to take said products back to their spouses and children.

    1. Hello all,

      Everyone should own a Geiger counter. These are available on ebay as well.

      A hand-held, broadband RF field strength meter — essential for the detection and location of surreptitious eavesdropping devices, as well as unhealthy ambient microwave radiation — is also a worthwhile addition.



  2. I’m amused that this news should hit at the same time as this story about the TSA going bonkers over an elderly gentleman triggering radiation detectors in a train station because he had just undergone some nuclear medicine tests earlier in the day. Garbage in, garbage out.

  3. The Uranium Queen – Once upon a time we were told nuclear power stations would provide electricity ‘too cheap to meter.’ We then learned that when the Queen opened her first uranium (nuclear) power station it had had nothing to do with providing electricity.
    Nuclear power stations are built to produce nuclear weapons material for Her Majesties Government.
    From the very beginning of nuclear power Her Majesties Government planned and plotted to hide the horrendous cost of running nuclear power stations with massive subsidies, of the taxpayers money, distributed under the cloak of Her Majesties Official Secret Act.
    There is more to this just took out the nuke starter info…

    So, this bitch is in the business of killing all of us expect her useful idiots. I can’t stand this. So, you see England is still ruling us even though we don’t bend and scrape to her after all that is the presidents job.

  4. Golly, everybody’s talkin like they want some kinda population reduction or sumpton. Medical costs for cancer ain’t cheap, but spreading it sure is ; )

  5. IMPORTANT — There’s a petition you can sign –the petition URL is at the bottom of this post. We’re at 86,800 and looking for 100,000. Please please ask family members, friends etc. to sign too — it’ll help raise awareness and put pressure on the DOE to stop this. I’ve been working on radwaste issues since 1990. My daughter is a leukemia survivor and I don’t want anyone else to have to go through this. We know radioactivity is one of the causes of leukemia plus genetic damage — enforced “genetic engineering” of humans that can last thousands of years. Please pread the word about this DOE shenanigan and stay tuned– we have to stop this, and we CAN if we act.. Thanks so much!

  6. The point is to destroy America and Americans, to reduce the population by 90% and to steal everything we own before they kill us.

    YouTube Bill Gates Depopulation
    YouTube Agenda 21
    rense search Fluoride, Agenda 21

  7. This is a redundant plan, as the fluoride– foisted upon the populace for decades in our urban water systems, toothpaste, dental flouridation, not to speak of the massive propaganda spewed to get us to accept it as normal, even healthy, is none-other than a noxious by-product of the aluminum industry and also utilized in the nuclear industry.

    This stuff is a noxious waste product. What to do with all this stuff? Hey,
    put it back into the marketplace; create a spin around how benefecial it is to human health (NOT!) and get people to buy it (the worst is, to protect your kid’s teeth– when in fact, flouride is known to weaken teeth; and eventually, likely kill the kiddies).

    So, same old same old machiaevellian plan with the radioactive waste going into blitz and bling and furniture that helps you relax, et al….

  8. It is always ‘as the private makes the profits, the public will be picking up the risks and the costs to fix it all.’

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