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Rand Paul: Don’t Start Foreign Aid Cuts with Israel

Economic Policy Journal

Well, Merry Christmas to Israel.

Senator Rand Paul says he is against foreign aid, but he apparently wants to cut off foreign aid in some kind of order.

The Kentucky Courier-Journal’s James R. Carroll reports on an interview he had with Rand:

Paul said that foreign aid cuts “should start with countries who have not been good allies. … I wouldn’t start with Israel.

“Whether or not we can afford to continue aid to Israel over time? There needs to be discussion with Israel over them being more independent over time.”

The article did not specify what specific countries Rand would cut off first and did not specify how   Rand determines countries to not be “good allies.”

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2 Responses to Rand Paul: Don’t Start Foreign Aid Cuts with Israel

  1. Enbe says:

    Well, there you have it. If you ever had doubts previously, this is the clincher that Rand is controlled opposition whose first loyalties are to the organized crime state called Israel and bankster cabal. As well, with such monumentally poor judgment as to think Israel is a “good ally,” Rand should not be in any governmental position whatsoever, much less a senate seat. In fact, anyone, such as Rand, who cannot faithfully discharge his office in a constitutional and patriotic manner by first cutting ALL “aid” to Israel should step down or be removed from office immediately.

  2. Patrick Conway says:

    This SOB conned us here in KY by running, really, on his daddy’s record and name. However, even his daddy seems reluctant to call Israel out. Zionist bunch. Not to be trusted.

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