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Romney Fraud at Arizona GOP convention

Doug Wead  “They took a bunch of our winners off and then stuck on a bunch of their losers.  At first they had a total of 58 elected, most of them were ours. Then it all turned.”  –  Shawn Dow, Ron Paul State Coordinator.

According to many sources, Ron Paul supporters won a clean democratic majority of the delegates at the recent Arizona State GOP convention but Mitt Romney had an advantage that in the end the Ronulans could not match.  Romney had Nathan Sproul,  a political operative who was famously accused of voter registration fraud during the last election cycle.


“Accused of massive voter registration fraud in several states.”

More on voter registration fraud.

“Team Bush paid millions to Nathan Sproul and then tried to hide it.”

Remember, the Ron Paul forces were ready to give a majority of the delegates to the Mitt Romney campaign.  Nathan Sproul rejected that offer.  (See Arizona victory.)  Why accept a gift if you can wait and take it violently later?

I warned you about a sealed box that was taken from the State Convention and how the votes were not a done deal.  Then there is the manipulation of the numbers of the delegation already voted upon.

Arizona, as a “Mormon State” was moved up early so that party favorite, Mitt Romney, could have a win.  As such, it was necessarily punished for breaking GOP rules and its delegate count was diminished.

The Arizona GOP establishment would normally seek to restore Arizona’s full 59 delegates.  But since most of the new delegates are Ron Paul supporters, it decided to accept its punishment and keep to the lesser number, where Mitt Romney leads.

But there is so much more.  Like 100 ballots that got added when the sealed box was opened the next day.  Said Ron Paul coordinator, Shawn Dow, “They took a bunch of our winners off and then stuck on a bunch of their losers.”

Hear about ballot stuffing in Arizona.

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6 Responses to Romney Fraud at Arizona GOP convention

  1. Jack says:

    Of course, If Ron Paul is elected that will change the status Quo

  2. Strayhorse says:

    If the federal government cannot protect our voting rights from operative fascists like Nathan Sproul, then Its time for an Iceland-style change in those leading our government.
    How does Iceland’s national anthem go again………..

  3. Clark Kent says:

    I’m not sure. Hum a few bars…………’ll come to me.

  4. Sunfire says:

    Why does this surprise anyone? The election fraud will come to a head when Mitt Romney miraculously gets the necessary delegates before the Republican National Convention or during the first round of voting. He is just the fall guy for an Obama re-election. This has been the plan all along. If you honestly believed that the powers that be were just going to sit back and let Ron Paul be elected President, then you were foolish. Revolution or slavery, it’s inevitable, so make your choice because time has run out.

  5. Clark Kent says:

    Hang on……………I’m still trying to remember the Icelandic National Anthem.

  6. James Wynne says:

    Does the Romney campaign remind you of the failed John McCain election bid?
    This guy is a loser from the start. He is not going to be much better than King obama-well that a pretty broad statement. He doesn’t seem to have his heart in this very crucial task. He seems to be so wishy/washy when it comes to matters that Christians cherish.
    It is a sad day for our great country. Are these two guys the best we can do
    Oh by the way I will vote for Romney

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