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Sadly, Another Gun-Free Zone “Success” Story

Gun Owners of America – by Erich Pratt

Once again, the nation has witnessed another high-profile shooting, where a cowardly thug made the conscious decision to inflict terror in a gun free zone.

On Tuesday night, a masked gunman killed two people at the Clackamas mall in Oregon, before killing himself.  According to local residents, the Clackamas Town Center has a “no guns” policy, even for those who are authorized to carry guns legally.

Earlier this year in Colorado, James Holmes specifically bypassed closer theaters — where guns were allowed — to target the particular theater in Aurora where guns are prohibited

Like Holmes, several shooters in recent years have targeted gun free zones where their potential victims were disarmed by law:  Columbine High School (1999), Virginia Tech (2007), and even Fort Hood (2009).

However, several potential massacres have been cut short — some by average citizens, others by off-duty officers:

* Armed citizens prevented several potential tragedies from occurring in 2012.  Samuel Williams came to the rescue of several patrons utilizing an internet café in Ocala, Florida.  And in Garden Grove, California, a 65-year old woman sent five burglars fleeing from a jewelry store.  In both cases, security cameras captured the heroic efforts of armed citizens who sent the bad guys fleeing — even tripping over themselves, as they stormed out the doors.

* Five years ago this month, Matthew Murray entered a large Colorado Springs church, armed with several weapons and a thousand rounds of ammunition.  But a woman with a concealed carry permit critically wounded him, thus saving the lives of hundreds of people.

* And at a Salt Lake City mall in 2007, an off-duty police officer brought a shooting rampage to an abrupt halt.  “I was in a situation that I was carrying my gun,” the hero, Ken Hammond, told reporters.

In all the above cases, where citizens were able to stop evil, the good guys were carrying guns.  There was no time to run to their cars.  There was no time to run home.

The lesson is clear:  good guys with guns save lives.  And while bad guys may be evil, they are not stupid.  They don’t typically target gun stores or police stations to perpetrate their crimes.  No, they consciously select areas where their victims are disarmed by law.

Erich Pratt is the Director of Communications for Gun Owners of America, a grassroots lobbying organization with 300,000 members.

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5 Responses to Sadly, Another Gun-Free Zone “Success” Story

  1. pete says:

    witnesses said there was more than one shooter.

  2. NC says:

    “They don’t typically target gun stores or police stations to perpetrate their crimes.”

    Well, I have a feeling police stations will be targeted in the near future if police brutalities and executions of innocent lives keep increasing. Gun stores, still not likely. Gun stores don’t have beef with people. The police do. Gun stores DON’T have their doors locked in the middle of the daytime and only allow you in from a buzz by the intercom. Police stations like Round Rock, TX do.

    So, who has something to hide? And who is more free? Who is more afraid? And who has nothing to fear?

    Bottom line: Cops bad, gun stores good.

  3. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    I remember what happened when a gun store WAS targeted here back in the late 60’s – by the SLA. Western Surplus in Hawthorne was (it’s no longer there) only a couple of miles from my house, and my friends and I could hear the gunshots that day.

    Not surprisingly, things turned out VERY badly for them.

  4. Miguel Grande says:

    Google “police scanner traffic of Clackamas Town Center”

    At 3 times police confirm at least 2 shooters. 14:50, 15:20 and 23:00.

    One “officer” keeps entering contradictory evidence over the radio trying to direct the narrative. At 22:50 a police officer finds the “jammed AR15,” then an “officer” interjects that the shooter’s wound(s) were self inflicted. Did he club himself to death with the “jammed AR15?”

    AR15’s sometimes need a special tool to extract a jammed shell. Remember when the M16 was 1st introduced in Viet Nam? Many soldiers died because of their jammed weapons.

    Radio transmissions were curiously curtailed after the 1st shooter was located. I would have liked to hear from the “hero”, the 2nd shooter who took down the 1st shooter.

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