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San Diego False-Flag Terror Blinking Red On Every Level

Truther – by David Chase Taylor

Due to the rather high possibility that the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station in San Diego County, California, may be targeted with state-sponsored terror, it is imperative that this terror warning be expedited forward in hopes that will reach millions of Americans prior to the scheduled blackout of the U.S. electrical power grid. Based on recent San Diego terror drills, war games and exercises, and the recent history of terrorists linked to San Diego, false-flag terrorism in San Diego is blinking red on every level.

This terror warning is rather complex and interconnected and can only be fully understood once all the evidence (see: 1-3 below) is reviewed and confirmed. Based on the cumulative terror data, San Diego may be attacked by Al Qaeda, ex-Guantanamo terror detaineesAl Shabaab terrorists from Africa, or the Pakistani Taliban sometime between now and Doomsday, December 21, 2012. This attack, should it occur, will likely involve airplanes used as weapons, loaded with explosives and/or chemicals, in terror attacks on cruise ships, military ships and bases, as well as an attack on the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.

Chemical Attack?
Unprecedented chemical releases and terror threats suggest that a chemical terror attack may be planned by Zionist terrorists within the U.S government. On October 29, 2012, a train “crash” caused a chemical release in Kentucky which resulted in a hazmat declaration and the evacuation of a one-mile radius. Two days later on November 1, 2012, it was reported that a hazardous materials release had sickened some 200 people in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, near the U.S.-Mexican border.  A day later on November 2, 2012, it was reported that police had closed streets and sidewalks around the CNN Center in downtown Atlanta, Georgia due to the investigation of a chemical bomb threat. These events, all occurring within one week, have no doubt readied the American public for chemical terror.

San Diego’s 9/11 Connection
Leading up to the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, San Diego terror officials suddenly felt the sudden need to “urge vigilance” as the 9/11 anniversary neared, something unprecedented for San Diego officials who had been relatively quiet about San Diego’s alleged terror connection to the 9/11 attacks.  As if following orders, the San Diego media also began disseminating stories with headlines such as “Questions Linger Over San Diego 9/11 Hijackers’ Ties” and “Terrorist Cell Was Embedded Deeply In San Diego” potentially indicating that the 9/11 terror cell may still be active. Shortly after the 9/11 anniversary, it was reported that a San Diego area 9/11 memorial had been vandalized on the anniversary of attacks, leading to further speculation that a jihadist terrorists may be active in San Diego.

The San Diego Terror Plot
The plan to target San Diego for terror came immediately after the foiled 2011 Super Bowl Nuclear Plot on February 6, 2011, when a new way to destroy America had to be implemented. Only four days after the failed nuclear terror plot, a San Diego Port Authority officer stated for a waiting news reporter that a “Weapon of Mass effect” had been found, publically foreshadowing that San Diego was the next major terror target. Since that unprecedented San Diego Port Authority statement, San Diego has been systematically prepped, drilled, programmed and terrorized in order to ready its citizens, soldiers and officials for major false-flag terror operations against its military bases, tourist attractions and civilian infrastructure.

San Diego Bomb Threats
Since February 6, 2011, San Diego has suffered at least 21 bomb threats or terror scares including but not limited to San Diego flights, hotels, multiple schools, airports, a California Highway Patrol office, the Coronado Bridge, the Elijo Campgrounds near San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, a movie theater, a courthouse, San Diego State University, Miramar Marine Corps Air Station, malls, banks and the San Diego Central Jail. Clearly, all is not good in San Diego.

San Diego’s False-Flag Terror Targets
The city of San Diego, California, located roughly 10 miles north of Mexico on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, is home to major U.S. military bases and world famous tourist attractions which ultimately makes it a highly desired false-flag terrorism target:

1. Miramar Marine Corps Air Station
2. Naval Air Station North Island
3. Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
4. San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station
5. San Diego-Coronado Bridge
6. Port of San Diego Cruise Ship Terminal
7. Airports (San Diego International Airport  & Montgomery Field Airport)
8. Train Stations (Union Station, etc.)
9. Universities (SDSUUCSDUSDPoint Loma Nazarene, etc.)
10. Malls (Fashion ValleyHorton PlazaMission Valley, etc.)
11. Stadiums (Petco Park & Qualcomm Stadium)
12. U.S.-Mexico Border Stations
13. Tourist Attractions (LegolandSea WorldSan Diego Zoo, etc.)


1.1: San Diego Terror Drills 
Since February 6, 2011, there have been at least 3 major terror drills in San Diego which occurred in March, August and October of 2012. The October 2012 terror drill which lasted for an entire week was publically touted as a zombie terror drill, an obvious PSYOP, but in reality it most likely simulated real terror attacks on real San Diego targets. While most of the San Diego terror drills are classified, the “Solid Curtain/Citadel Shield” drill simulated the cruise ship USS Princeton sailing in the San Diego Bay and being ‘attacked’ by a speedboat filled with five home grown violent extremists. According to reports, the terror drill involved an improvised explosive device, which created a large explosive sound and mushroom cloud over the ship, and an active shooter near the NAS North Island commissary. In the 2011 version of “Solid Curtain/Citadel Shield”, the terror drill simulated a terrorist swimmer who attached a bomb to a ship

2.2: Chemical Attack on Camp Pendleton (2005) 
On August 25, 2005, it was reported that several hundred Marines, base firefighters, police and U.S. Navy personnel simulated a chemical terrorist attack on Camp Pendleton in a drill entitled “Vector West 05”. The terror drill simulated a civilian bus carrying terrorists that drove through the San Luis Rey Gate onto the base and then exploded carrying an unknown chemical substance. Based on the history of the drill which reportedly occurs every year, there may be a chemical attack on U.S. military personal at one or more of the military bases in San Diego.

2.3: Operation Golden Phoenix (2008) 
On July 7, 2008, it was reported that “Operation Golden Phoenix 08” was a four-day training event in which local, state and federal agencies simulated a bio-terror attack. U.S. Marines acting as patients were either treated for their “injuries” or washed down at a decontamination station. According to reports, decontamination protocols were tested at Scripps La Jolla, Scripps Memorial Hospital, UC San Diego Medical Center and the UCSD Hillcrest campus while San Diego Police Department practiced traffic and crowd control measures around each hospital. In the drill, two H-46 military helicopters landed on the helipad at the rear of the hospital, dispatching two dozen law enforcement officers dressed in full decontamination gear. The San Diego Fire Department also practiced “wash downs” of victims “contaminated” with bio-terrorism materials. Based on the history of the drill, there may be a chemical attack on U.S. military personal at one or more of the hospitals or military bases in San Diego.


2.1: 9/11 Terror Connection (9/11) 
According to reports, two of the men who allegedly carried out 9/11 terror attacks lived in the San Diego suburbs of Clairemont and Lemon Grove in 2000. Nawaf Alhazmi and Kahlid al-Midhar also took several lessons in May 2000 at Sorbi’s Flying Club at Montgomery Field in preparation for the day they would allegedly commandeer a jet and fly it into the Pentagon. The terror suspects allegedly worshipped at the San Diego Islamic Center, frequented local strip clubs, obtaining bank accounts and credit cards and signed rental agreements using their real names. Al-Hazmi’s name, address and home phone number even appeared in the 2000-01 San Diego phone book. Interestingly, prior to arriving in San Diego, al-Mihdhar and al-Hazmi had been identified by the CIA as al-Qaida operatives who had attended a terror summit in Malaysia just before coming to the United States. Who exactly attended the “terror summit”  in Malaysia is still unknown, but on July 1, 2001, roughly 2 months before 9/11, it was reported that “More than 200 people from various strategic organisations are taking part in an eight-day anti-terrorist workshop in [Dubai]…designed to train people in how to recognise and deal with a terrorist attack using nuclear, chemical or biological weapons. According to the report, “It is the first time training of this kind…The workshop has been organised by the General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police in co-operation with the United States Department of State, Anti-terrorism Assistance Programme.” It appears that  both terror meetings were staging grounds for the 9/11 attacks.

2.2: Somali/Al Shabaab Pirate Connection (2010)
On November 2, 2010, it was reported that, according to the U.S. attorney’s office, three San Diego residents were indicted on charges of conspiring to provide money to a terrorist group Al Shabaab in Somalia. Basaaly Saeed Moalin, Mohamed Mohamed Mohamud and Issa Doreh were chanrged with aiding Al Shabab, listed by the State Department as a terror group. According to the report, 14 U.S. citizens of Somali descent were indicted in three states on charges of helping Al Shabab, including a former San Diego resident, Serwan Mostafa, a U.S. citizen who remains at large. On October 22, 2012, it was reported that sea piracy had fallen to its lowest level in 4 years and that the Somali piracy threat had eased up. Somali pirates, who have long been linked to Al Shabaab appear to be one in the same and may be on their way to American shores. On October 8, 2012, it was reported that a Greek ship management company says it has lost contact with one of its tankers off the coast of western Africa, where several vessels have been attacked by Somali pirates. A few weeks later on October 25, 2012, it was reported that amysterious Libyan ship carrying weapons may have some link to the September 11, 2012, terror attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. On October 28, 2012, it was reported that a Russian ship with 11 people on board has gone missing in stormy seas off the nation’s Pacific Coast, potentially indicating that the Somali pirates have hijacked another vessel.

2.3: “Weapon of Mass Effect” Found in San Diego ( February 2011) 
On February 10, 2011, just four days after the foiled Super Bowl XLV Nuclear Terror Plot, a national scandal erupted when a San Diego Port Authority officer stated that a “nuclear device” or “dirty bomb” had made entry into Americabut wouldn’t specify which port. Reporter Mitch Blacher asked San Diego Port Authority officer Hallor: ‘Do you ever find things that are dangerous like a chemical agent or a weaponised device?’ ‘At the airport, seaport, at our port of entry we have not this past fiscal year, but our partner agencies have found those things,’ the customs official replied. ‘So, specifically, you’re looking for the dirty bomb? You’re looking for the nuclear device?’ asked Mr. Blacher. ‘Correct. Weapons of mass effect,’ said Mr. Hallor. ‘You ever found one?’ asked Mr. Blacher.‘Not at this location,’ Mr. Hallor said.‘But they have found them?’ asked Mr. Blacher.‘Yes,’ said Mr. Hallor.‘You never found one in San Diego though?’ Mr. Blacher asked.‘I would say at the port of San Diego we have not,’ Mr. Hallor said.‘Have you found one in San Diego?’ Mr. Blacher asked. Based on the comments made, it can only be assumed that a “weapon of mass effect” was found somewhere in San Diego County, possibly the city of San Diego.

2.4: San Diego Man on “No Fly List” (June 2012)
On June 8, 2012, it was reported that a California-born Muslim man was back home on after he discovered he was on the U.S. government’s “no-fly” list. He eventually had to walk back over the U.S./Mexico border on foot. According to reports, Kevin Iraniha, a San Diego State University graduate, had just received his masters’ degree from a college in Costa Rica and was preparing to return to his home in Point Loma when he was informed by TSA officials of his “no-fly” status. A family member allegedly conformed to a San Diego-area station that Iraniha had traveled to Egypt during the uprising that led to the ouster of Hosni Mubarak last year, but denied he was “the revolutionary type”. The report highlights the fact that the U.S.-Mexican border is open to terrorists, an idea that has be reported on recently by the media.

2.5: San Diego Man Connected to Federal Reserve Terror Plot (October 2012) 
On October 19, 2012, it was reported that a San Diego man was connected to the plot to blow up the Federal Reserve in New York. The suspect, Howard Willie Carter II, pleaded not guilty in San Diego federal court to child pornography charges, but another complaint filed in federal court in Brooklyn, New York, along with an affidavit for a search warrant of Carter’s apartment in San Diego, draws connections between Carter and 21-year-old restaurant busboy Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, the main suspect in the New York Federal Reserve Terror Plot.

2.6: San Diego Student Caught with Military Weapons (October 2012)
On October 28, 2012, it was reported that a 20 year-old San Diego State student faces charges after police officers discovered a cache of firearms in the trunk of his car. According to reports, David Robert Moore III was caught in an alcohol sting wherein Moore was given a field sobriety test and arrested on suspicion of drunken driving. His vehicles was subsequently searched and officers discovered what appeared to be military-grade weapons inside the trunk of his white Honda Civic, including nine guns, including a modified sniper rifle, a military knife, pistol and a rifle.


3.1: San Onofre Nuclear Plant (San Diego County) 
On June 19, 2012, it was reported that “San Onofre nuclear plant could become California’s Fukushima”. To date, there have been major incidents at the southern California nuclear plant including a radiation leak on February 1, 2012radioactive gas escape on April 7, 2012, and a hydrogen leak on October 23, 2012. On September 9, 2011, there was a massive power outage in San Diego whereby 1.4 million people lost electricity, exactly the same amount of people which lost electricity on February 1, 2012, when the San Onofre plant was shut down. Whether or not the blackout was a beta-test of an eventual San Onofre terror attack, meltdown and permanent loss of electricity is unknown, but recent events surrounding the plant are highly suspicious.

Since February 6, 2011, there have been over 40 nuclear reactor “emergencies”, “closures”, “leaks” and other major incidents clearly setting the stage for coming nuclear reactor terror on an unimaginable scale. Complementing the unprecedented nuclear reactor emergencies are multiple cases of “terrorists” attempting to breach nuclear reactors, repeated lapses in nuclear reactor security, as well as countless propaganda articles indicating that a Fukushima-level event inside the United States is a foregone conclusion. Aside from blatant programming of the 2012 Hollywoodnuclear reactor disaster film entitled “Chernobyl Diaries”, a recent Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) panel recommended that the U.S. government customize emergency plans for each of America’s 65 nuclear power plants, a change would “expand” the standard 10-mile evacuation zone surrounding nuclear reactors.

3.2: San Diego Airplane Terror
Aside from the San Diego airplane bomb threats, suspicious airplane terror propaganda combined with numerousairplane bomb threatsairplane crashesairplane hijacks, and airplane emergencies and scares indicate that 9/11 style terror involving planes as weapons may now be imminent. Complementing the airplane madness are a number ofgovernment drills and exercises simulating planes and terror which is training local, state and federal officials for plane related terrorism. Also unprecedented are the major instances of “fake pilots”, stolen aviator uniforms, and the growing list of suspicious incidents involving flight attendants, all of which may indicate that pilots and flight attendant security is about to be compromised.

3.3: San Diego Airport Terror
Aside from the San Diego airport bomb threats, there have been highly publicized incidents of air traffic controllers allegedly sleeping, texting and reading while on duty at the airport, there have been a rash of strange airport attacks, evacuation and outbreaks at airports around the world. Since September of 2012 alone, there have been at least a dozen major security scares and incidents at American airports which may indicate that airport terror is imminent. Although the Millennium Terror Plot to bomb Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) was allegedly foiled by officials in 2000, a suspect in the case was just sentenced to prison for the act on October 24, 2012, curiously bringing the entire case back to life. According to a May 13, 2012, report, security has been stepped up at airports worldwide assurgically-doctored terrorists plot suicide attacks with implanted bombs that would be undetectable to airport body scanners. Complementing the ever increasing airport terror threat is a number of airport terror drills which have been preparing local, state and federal officials for impending airport terror.

3.4: San Diego Church Terror (Saddleback Church?)
A recent string of church attacks, threats and scares along with a rash of church thefts have left American churches feeling unsafe and vulnerable to attack. On September 23, 2012, it was reported that an Al Shabaab suicide bomber attacked a church in northern Nigeria killed 2 and injured at least 22. A week later on September 30, 2012, anexplosive device was set off at a Sunday school class in Nairobi, killing one child and seriously wounded three. A few weeks later on October 25, 2012, there was a terror shooting at a mega-church in Atlanta, Georgia, setting the stage for future church terror in America. Interestingly, Rick Warren, the pastor who delivered Obama’s inaugural invocation, was recently hospitalized and also canceled an Obama-Romney Civil Forum potentially indicating that Warren and his Saddleback church are being set-up for mega-church terror.

3.5: San Diego Cruise Ship Terror 
Aside from the terror drills on San Diego cruise ships, there has been recent cruise ship terror propaganda and cruise ship attacks, outbreaks and scares which may indicate that cruise ship security has been compromised and that cruise ships terror is now imminent. Since 9/11, there have been multiple cases in which cruise terror plots were thwarted and suspects were ultimately arrested by government officials. On May 1, 2012, it was reported Al Qaeda wanted to  hijack a cruise ships and start executing passengers until their demands were met. Multiple government whitepapersalong with numerous and suspicious cruise ship and cruise port terror drills indicate that cruise terror is currently being planned and plotted. Although most of the terror exercises and drills have occurred in Port Canaveral, Florida, other locations such as San Diego, Los Angeles and Hawaii may also be targeted.

3.6: San Diego Mall Terror
Aside from the San Diego area mall bomb threatsMall terror propaganda and recent events surrounding malls, stores and markets indicate that major terror attacks on malls and retail outlets in San Diego and America are imminent, Since 9/11, numerous mall terror plots have been executed and even more thwarted as the alleged suspects were conveniently arrested just prior to their deadly attacks. In 2012 alone, there have been at least 18 incidents in which malls, markets or stores suffered attacks, threats, scares or serious emergencies. Mall terror drills have also prepared local, state and federal officials for impending mall terror. On October 21, 2012, it was reported that Jordanian authorities had foiled an Al Qaeda plot to attack shopping malls and Western diplomatic missions using suicide bombers, booby-trapped cars and rockets. According to the reports, the attacks would come on a date terrorists dub “9/11 the second.”

3.7: San Diego School & University Terror

Aside from the San Diego area school and university bomb threatsschool and university terror propaganda is at an all-time high. In 2012 alone, there were at least 30 cases of school attacks, outbreaks, threats and scares with at least12 major plots to bomb or shoot-up U.S. schools or universities allegedly thwarted by officials. Numerous school terror drills have prepped local, state and federal officials for impending school terror on the level of the Columbine shootingand the Beslan massacres, both of which state-sponsored attacks. School terror is blinking red on every level; the only question is when and where the state-sponsored school terror attacks will occur.

3.8: San Diego Stadium Terror (NFL & NCAA) 
Aside from San Diego State University (SDSU) bomb threatstadium terror propaganda is at an all-time high and in 2012 alone, there have been 10+ stadium shootings, stabbings, threats and scares which indicates that  that stadium terror is now imminent. There have also been a number of high profile cases in which stadium terror plots were conveniently foiled by officials at the last minute. The U.S. government has also been training it’s local, state and federal officials for stadium terror with numerous stadium terror drills involving almost every conceivable act of mayhem including but not limited to dirty bomb, bio-chemical and suicide terror. Complementing the terror drills is stadium terror legislation which conveniently dismisses any potential lawsuits against the NFL in the case of terrorism. The NFL was intimately connected to the foiled Super Bowl XLV nuclear terror plot, so it should come as no surprise that theNFL and DHS have partnered together in the “If You See Something, Say Something” anti-terror program. Suspiciously, the NFL has drastically changed their security protocols for the 2012 season which now include pat-downs and metal detectors, a clear move to give the NFL plausible deniability in the aftermath of a terror attack.


As evidenced, San Diego has been systematically set-up for future state-sponsored terror attacks. That may be why San Diego’s own Junior Seau, a former NFL super-star and community leader, was “suicided”  on May 3, 2011, under very suspicious circumstances. The perpetrators of San Diego terror could not risk Seau, a community idol, speaking out should he have any suspicions about his fellow San Diegans getting slaughtered in cold blood.  A couple of months later on July 22, 2011, a new television show entitled “National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego debuted in an apparent effort to program Americans to think of “San Diego” and “terrorism” together in a conscious or unconscious manner.

To date, at least three Obama terror plots have been foiled including the Super Bowl XLV nuclear terror plot, the2012 New Year’s Eve dirty bomb plot, and the 2012 Democratic National Convention terror plot. After being caught red-handed on multiple occasions, the Obama Administration and its Zionist controllers are more desperate than ever to conduct major false-flag operations within the United States, namely San Diego.

The U.S. economy is at an all-time low and dissent for Obama and the U.S. government is at an all-time high. According to a Financial Times article, Obama’s has a “growing credibility crisis” and there are fears that the Democrats could lose the White House and the Senate to the Republicans. White House advisor Robert Shapiro made it crystal clear that Obama is relying on a terror attack to rescue his presidency: “The bottom line here is that Americans don’t believe in President Obama’s leadership,” said Shapiro, “He has to find some way between now and November of demonstrating that he is a leader who can command confidence and, short of a 9/11 event or an Oklahoma City bombing, I can’t think of how he could do that.

About the Author

David Chase Taylor is an American journalist living in Zurich, Switzerland, where he has applied for political asylum after the release of The Nuclear Bible, a book credited with stopping a false-flag nuclear terror attack upon America. Taylor has also released The Bio-Terror Bible, a book and website exposing the coming global bio-terror pandemic. Taylor, the editor-in-chief of, has also exposed the 2012 Democratic National Convention Terror PlotNATO’s implementation of the SKYNET Terminator Program, as well as the Alex Jones links to STRATFOR.

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