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Sandy Hook: Cop in CT on Contradictions, Inconsistencies & Gun Grab

Published on Dec 31, 2012 by SGTbull07

Our friend Mark S. Mann is back. He’s a cop, he’s in Connecticut and we have a LOT of QUESTIONS about the contradictions and inconsistencies of the official story of the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre – and resulting gun grab.

Music: “Willow and the Light” by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0””

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4 Responses to Sandy Hook: Cop in CT on Contradictions, Inconsistencies & Gun Grab

  1. REDHORSE says:

    The three guys are probley buried in the hills outside taralingua along side the ones from the grassy knoll.

  2. uka says:

    I do not care what this guys says cops are not the good guys he is gathering info on the opposition. you have to be a scumbag to even be a cop

  3. Patrick Conway says:

    I really find myself agreeing with uka. I have made sure that my grandchildren understand that the “policeman is not their friend”. I make sure that they understand they must be vigilant and act respectful around the police but only because the police can, and will hurt them, not because they are deserving of respect. My wife constantly argues that not all cops are bad, but she argues that because a couple of her friends are married to cops (needless to say, we don’t share the same friends). I have finally asked her, which one of her friend’s husbands risked his job to report the actions of a bad cop. As far as I’m concerned, they all know of cops who are being total asses and abusing their perceived power so, which has ever reported the bad cop. The answer is, I don’t know. If they had at all, she would know. As far as I am concerned, if you don’t report and try to change the wrong done to those you are supposed to protect then you are just as bad as the others.

    On the other hand, I know that there will be many patriots working within the system to bring it down. I know that we must allow them anonymity to do what we can’t from the outside. Hopefully, I am wrong and there may be some good cops working the inside. My gut tells me to be very careful, but there is always hope.

    • uka says:

      Thank you Patrick. you are right every cop has been there many times when fellow cops have broken the law and have done nothing. Will this guy arrest his chief if he gives the order to go after guns? I never understood how gun owners worship cops. who do they think will enforce a ban or confiscation? do they think feinstein will come over in her limo and ask for your gun?

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