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Sandy Hook Shooting: Obama Wants Media to Keep This Horrific Act on the Front Page til Gun Grab is Passed

Willy Loman – by Scott Creighton

I was reading about Obama’s new gun grabbing task force when this last little tidbit, tucked away in the back of the article, leaped off the page at me.

“Obama said his task force’s proposals would make up part of his State of the Union address, and he expressed hope that the searing images from last week’s shooting in Connecticut would last in the public conscious and help advance his eventual proposals.

“I would hope that our memories aren’t so short that what we saw in Newtown isn’t lingering with us — that we don’t remain passionate about it, only a month later,” he said.” NBC “news”

Clearly he is suggesting that the media keep the images of those little victims in the public eye till he gets what he wants, gun control legislation. A tacit confession that he is using the dead kids to grab guns on behalf of people like billionaire Mayor for Life Michael Bloomberg.

“New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I), a leading advocate for gun-control legislation, said that he was “very encouraged” by Obama’s remarks and that the Biden task force must move quickly.” Washington Post

Yeah, he wants them to hurry up before the country falls to a third world status and people have to start working for 35 cents an hour like our brothers south of the border. Not a good thing to have a bunch of pissed off and armed slaves running around while you primp and preen in your $20,000 suits.

You can bet your bottom dollar that Bloomberg will be on that task force. Other leading gun grabbers are already lining up at the White House.

“On Tuesday, Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s senior adviser, met with gun-control advocates in the Roosevelt Room of the White House to reaffirm the president’s commitment to taking action on gun violence.” Washington Post

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6 Responses to Sandy Hook Shooting: Obama Wants Media to Keep This Horrific Act on the Front Page til Gun Grab is Passed

  1. NC says:

    And meanwhile everyone else is gearing up for the 2nd Civil war and the 2nd Revolution. Old B.O. is pulling out the B.S. and it ain’t working folks. While the sheeple are watching, the patriots are arming. Like Ron Paul, the more you demonize us, the more our support base will grow. You’re only speeding your own destruction.

    • RobW says:

      I believe you’re right about this. The sickening way the media is milking the “event” almost makes one wonder if they were in on the planning. It is so obvious that more and more people are seeing through the propaganda. That’s why sales of weapons and ammo have been booming this week.
      Be well, Rob

  2. ….amazing…..we have been warning people for decades….and yet still, some ignore the hired theater of violence and extremism that our government and it’s agents are arranging… many decades of working for the lying, thieving traitors….how many times does one need to be attacked illegally by the gangsters who run our country (unconstitutionally) to understand how evil your government is?……I’ve already been visited by the FBI….because I wouldn’t keep my mouth shut when I worked for them….so I’m sure they will come for folks when it is time…..I’ll not be going to any FEMA Camp…nor will I be giving up my constitutional rights…screw the illegal federal government and their traitoruous agents….


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  3. Bleh says:

    I am still struggling with this…. he called the scene “horrific” but I have yet to see one bullet-riddled corpse. Not even the obnoxious scandal sheets have a single picture of a dead victim. None of the bodies were removed under the purview of the ubiquitous press. We see pictures of dead middle-eastern children every day, so they can’t possibly be squeamish. We know they don’t have the concept of sensitivity in their lexicon.

    My next question is whether there have been any open caskets at the wakes/funerals. Again, where are the bodies? Did the parents make ID’s of their children at the ME’s office? How was that handled?

    Where did the Lanzas’ remains go? What about their funeral services? How do we even know Adam Lanza was the perp? As Reagan used to tell us, “Trust, but verify.”

    If there had been that many murders in that school, I’d have shut it down for the rest of the year until it could have been properly cleaned and the children could get some distance between them and the event.

    We have been TOLD what happened but I am doubting the alleged evidence. There is nothing concrete or consistent, just like most other government run horrific American tragedies.

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