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Search for Justice – Corruption in Wlliamson County Texas

Check out this video on corruption in Williamson county, TX. Williamson County is the same county where the city of Round Rock, TX is in. Some of these people have experienced cops not giving people a phone call, treating people like shit if they are sick and having no respect for anyone but themselves.

Let’s see…when I was arrested at the time there were people who were arrested for either having their licenses suspended or expired or having a tiny amount of marijuana. No murders, no drunk drivers, no thieves, no assaults, nothing!

Now watch the video and see how nothing has changed as most of them in the video are complaining about getting arrested for the same exact things.

This video sums up Williamson county and the Round Rock Police, perfectly.

Uploaded on Apr 28, 2011 by jeffdavisshow

The long-running, award-winning “Jeff Davis Show” from Austin, Texas proudly presents “Search for Justice (or Stay Out of Williamson County, Texas)”. Mike Hanson, longtime TV producer and documentary filmmaker, blows the lid off Wilco. This 2 hour documentary details the rampant police abuse and corruption inside the Williamson County injustice system. Contains exclusive interviews with Alex Jones, Dessie Andrews, Keith Perry, Ross Wilsey, Patricia Moore, Keith Campbell, Jimmy “Pokey” Ritter and dozens of others.

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4 Responses to Search for Justice – Corruption in Wlliamson County Texas

  1. NC says:

    I have to make a correction. It seems like it was filmed in the late 90’s but uploaded in 2011. Anyways, this is the same shit I have to deal with. Watch the 29 minute to 33 minute mark. Around the 32 minute mark, that almost sums up my stop and arrest.

  2. RT Hawk says:

    Whoa NC, so sorry to hear. It’s all about the money, they’re greedy and corrupt. Sending positive energy that things go in your favor. My best.

  3. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Despicable, NC. Unfortunately though, they’re pretty much interchangeable with the lowlife scumbags that pass for cops here.

    Their days of being able to commit such atrocities grow short.

    Then there’ll be hell to pay.


  4. ROBERT says:

    EVERYONE here in central tx knows about this cabal of criminals who are in control of a whole county.THESE Nazi’s have sent countless innocent men and women to prison for long and harsh sentances;one recently just came to light look up the name MICHEAL MORTON

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