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Sell-Out Point Man?

War on Guns – by David Codrea

“What I hope we can do is get a bill passed out of the Judiciary,” Mr. Reid said. “It may not be everything everyone wants, but I hope it has some stuff in there that’s really important.” [More]

It will have nothing that will do anything but further infringe on the law-abiding and further empower the feds. Nothing.  He knows it and so do we.
What’s the bill of goods some argued as an excuse not to pay Reid back for his confirmation betrayals? That we need him in that spot because he will keep bills from getting to the floor?

This is sweet. Now he can do his new master’s bidding, as well as his old.  Expect him to push forward  preemptive surrender legislation already agreed to by self-interested deal-makers, under the excuse that it will help keep really, really BAD things from happening. And he’s already greasing the skids.

If, instead, what was being pushed was the message that we will not be scapegoated, that the effort needs to be on ending gun free zones, and that any politician who betrays us will be targeted for removal, the House wouldn’t dare pass firearm and magazine bans, so what happened in Reid’s Senate wouldn’t matter.

So why would the gun community/industry “leadership” give in onuniversal registration and blanket mental health dragnets? It’s because the well-heeled and connected believe we need to toss the circling jackals a scrap of flesh so they can act like they’ve won something.  The understanding also evidently precludes embarrassing the Republican establishment — it’s not like Old Yellowstain’s balls are anywhere but in his hand, and it’s not like his Senate counterparts aren’t overcome by the vapors.

Obama’s played and won at chicken with this group enough times to know their mettle.  He also knows that scrap will work in politics just like it does in nature.

It’s up to us to head all that off.

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One Response to Sell-Out Point Man?

  1. NC says:

    Little old Harry Reid needs to take his senile, sorry ass out back so I can give him a good old fashion ass-whippin’.

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