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Senator Brian Nieves on Gun Laws

Eureka-Wildwood Patch

Will we pass a truly Free America on to our Posterity? No, really, I’m serious about that question! I have actual worry in my heart, and a heavy burden for this Great Republic. Why?? Let me explain…

Since the Connecticut Tragedy, I have had people who are typically reasonably minded folks tell me we should allow further restrictions on weapons that are specifically designed to hold lots of rounds or have a military like function.

I’ve had people tell me we should “Give in” just a Little Bit or maybe just compromise a bit concerning gun control. Listen, I’m not saying I’ve heard this from liberals – No, these comments and suggestions come from folks who are usually reasonable minded citizens! One suggestion was to limit each family or household to ONE or maybe just TWO “Assault Rifles” because there would really never be any reason for any law abiding family to have more than that! After I took seven or eight deep breaths, reminded myself I was talking to someone I love and respect, this is what I said:

I want my neighbors and everyone in my subdivision, city, state, and nation to have and own as many guns as they decide they would like to own! Why? Simple – Our Founding fathers were so very very clear about why they wanted us to have weapons. If we, as a nation, would collectively take a few short minutes, maybe even an hour, to actually research what our Founding Fathers said, in their own words, about gun ownership and gun control, we would see that what we arbitrarily refer to as “Assault Rifles” would fit squarely with what they wanted us to have! Keep in mind they had just escaped tyranny and knew, first hand, what a power hungry government becomes. They knew that unarmed people become “subjects” while people who are free to protect themselves are “Citizens.” They knew that government, by it’s very nature, will seek more and more power and that government has an insatiable hunger, almost a lust, for more of our money and our liberty! They wanted American Citizens to be free to protect themselves from, God Forbid, a tyrannical government. Am I afraid our government will become full blown tyrants in my lifetime? No, but I do understand the very nature of government and just like our Founding Fathers, I believe it would someday be possible! We must, as a people, guard today what we want tomorrow and therefor we can NEVER allow government to take even one more tiny little baby step in the direction of gun control over our citizens.

You might say, “Brian, that is an OLD Argument that doesn’t apply to modern times,” and even though I strongly disagree, I’ll give you a more “modern” reason to consider….

You may or may not be familiar with the absolute Financial Crisis, no, EMERGENCY, our country is in but I’m acutely aware! We are living in a time where it is possible for the American Dollar to lose its standing as the international medium of exchange. As it stand right now, countries have to buy and sell on the international market using U.S. Dollars – this means when countries buy oil from OPEC Nations, they do it with U.S. Dollars. I will not take the time, in this writing, to explain all the details of how America, as we know it, could literally cease to exist if we lose the coveted position the U.S. Dollar currently holds as the international medium of exchange but let me summarize by saying this… The America you are accustomed to would no longer be in existence and it would be possible, even likely, that we would be weakened to the point of inviting an invading army! If that were to ever happen, and I pray it doesn’t, I want an AR-15 in every closet of every house in America!

I know, I know, some of you will say, “Oh Brian, none of what you’ve written about will ever happen” and I fervently pray that you are right and that 35yrs from now people are literally laughing at this writing! BUT, hoping you are correct does not give me the degree of comfort that an armed citizenry does.

Increased gun control only empowers government and criminals. Gun control laws empower government by making the people weak and empower criminals because they have no regard for what the law says anyway. Gun control laws only disarm the innocent and weaken those who follow the law. I want all of you to know, Friends – Family – Constituents and fellow Citizens… I will NEVER give even one little inch on the subject of gun control and will fight any measure that further restricts our God Given Right to defend ourselves and the 2nd Amendment that ensures that right to American Citizens!

Gun control is NOT about Guns…it’s about Control.

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2 Responses to Senator Brian Nieves on Gun Laws

  1. Thomas Rice says:

    I would rather give up everything else in my life and also my life than allow the government that cant even draw up a budget tell me what flavor my taste in firearms can be,

    Liberty or death, you step on my toes one more time and see where this goes

  2. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    This guy actually sounds sane.

    Why is he in the Senate?

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