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Senator Proposes Military Occupation of Schools in Wake of Sandy Hook Shooting

Inforwars – by Kurt Nimo

California Democrat Sen. Barbara Boxer has introduced legislation following the Sandy Hook school massacre that would allow military occupation of public schools.

Under the proposed law, state governors would have the authority to post National Guard troops at school doors or use them to perform administrative duties to free up police officers and sheriff’s deputies to safeguard schools, according to the Rancho Mirage Democrat.

Boxer claims posting soldiers at schools and having them perform administrative duties would not violate Posse Comitatus.

“The slaughter of the innocents must stop,” Boxer said during a news conference in Washington. “We have to do more than talk because we’ve talked before, we’ve cried before, we’ve lamented before. So we have to act.”

Boxer announced a related bill during the news conference. It would increase the number of security cameras and metal detectors in schools under the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) program administered by the Justice Department.

She urged Congress to include her proposals in any legislation that will be taken up by Congress in January in response to the Connecticut shooting. Boxer’s news conference on Wednesday preceded one held by Obama where he appointed vice president Joe Biden to oversee a national task force on rolling back the Second Amendment.

Many public education institutions in the United States now resemble locked down prisons with heavy police presence, impromptu drug searches (including strip searches), chainlink fences and security perimeters, real-time surveillance cameras (in the UK, cameras monitor bathrooms), and RFID badges.

In 2004, studies revealed that 60 percent of high school teachers reported armed police officers stationed at their schools, and in 2005 nearly 70 percent of public school students between the ages of 12 and 18 said police officers or security guards patrolled their hallways, according to the ACLU.

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7 Responses to Senator Proposes Military Occupation of Schools in Wake of Sandy Hook Shooting

  1. ….both Senators from California ….traitorous bitches…..impeach them….convict them of treason….and hang them……..


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  2. NC says:


    Do us all a favor and take out the trash in your senate offices. Both need to be put behind bars in the gates of Hell.

    Meanwhile, I’ll deal with Rick “the transvestite” Perry. lol

  3. REDHORSE says:

    Boy the bat shit crazy lib looneys are out in force now.I was hopeing for a peaceful new years but i guess thats what i get for wishing for something.This bi!*h needs to be thrown in a deep dark hole with no way out.

  4. Bleh says:

    The orchestrated reaction is not making any sense.

    Better to close all schools and remove all gun free zones.

  5. RobW says:

    She says, “Oh, goodie, another agenda we can push “. That being early indoctrination of children to life in the police state, with armed soldiers in battle gear at every portal. Those soldiers should be armed with tasers, as well, to discipline the kids that don’t do exactly what they are told.

  6. Thebes says:

    Why don’t we instead allow trained administrative staff to carry in a school?
    If we trust someone as a principal, why not let him or her have a gun?
    If we use Police to secure our schools they will grow bored and begin trying to find “crimes” amongst the students, locking them into the claws of the injustice system.
    If we use Military it desensitized to military policing and likely violates the posse comitatus act.
    If we use pre-embeded school staff, they already know who belongs, what goes on in the school’s daily operations, etc, and the only new expenses are for the arms and training- far cheaper than dedicated security staff which will only perform their actual job one in ten thousand times over their carreer.

  7. chris says:

    F#@king zionist

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