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South Carolina Christian Militia Declaration

The cretins which are at work within our Republic can pass any illegal law they want.

They WILL eventually be arrested, held for trial, and punished!

The ONLY thing that matters, is what OUR Constitution says, as our Founders wrote it.

Anything that violates Our Founding Principles, will be considered Treason, and an ACT of war upon the American Republic!

Everyone who participates in any, Illegal Action, will be held accountable for ALL their transgressions against this Republic.

Regardless who they think they are!

Those who Attack the citizens of this Republic will be put down HARD WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE!

Regardless of where their country of origin is.

We consider Illegal Laws (all attempts to deprive Americans of ANY of their rights) to be ABSOLUTE treason.

They WILL be dealt with, accordingly!

This is NOT a threat, This is a PROMISE!


South Carolina CHRISTIAN Militia –

Palmetto Volunteers – S.C.C.M.

Regimental Headquarters

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20 Responses to South Carolina Christian Militia Declaration

  1. European American says:

    An inspiring declaration, indeed. Does anyone know where this information came from? Would like to verify and validate the source, other than another website that posted the same exact words. Does this particular organization, i.e. S.C.C.M. exist today?

  2. Throb says:

    It depends on the definition of christian.

    Some christian groups. like Haggie’s (hag fish?) are CUFI (citizens united for israel) droids. The truth about Israel is that is is nothing more than a marketing loss leader for US genocide industries. Israel is a cheap product to seduce Americans and false christians into the genocide campaign marketed by the US Domestic Security and Foreign Genocide Industry.

    Some christians think “God” is the name of some supernatural force. That is not true. “God” is a word, a noun, ascribing any supernatural or spiritual force.

    Iranians call god Allah. Doesn’t matter what parish an Iranian subscribes to. Iranian Rabbis refer to god as “Allah”. Note: the third largest population of Jews live in Iran – they are the diaspora created by the UN Security Council’s first official act in 1948, the chartering of the state of “Israel”, whereby a world governing council allocated lands and assets belonging to Palestine based on Eastern Europeans’ claims that Abraham cut a deal with “god” and gave Israel to the Ashkenazi. We need to understand that the granting of Palestinian assets to Hungarians into a nation state called “Israel” was part of a deal London Shadow Bankers (the WZO, or World Zionist Organization) demanded in 1914 to finance American entry into WWI, thus extending WWI by millions of deaths and several years. This information is presented by Benjamin Freedman at SweetLiberty.Org:

    Iranian Christian churches refer to god as “Allah”. Spanish speaking christian churches refer to god as “DIos”.

    Another false christian deceit, and probably the reason most false christians are “cool” with Islamic genocide is that they are ignorant of the fact that Allah is also the god of Abraham.

    It depends on what one considers christian before one considers the value to the future of the republic in care of a so called Christian Militia.

    Just because someone claims christianity as faith, doesn’t neccessarily make it so.

    Kind of like the United States Institute of Peace -all they want is war with Iran and the re-installation of the Shah’s murderous kin. Peace ain’t got nothing to do with their agenda one bit.

    • jamindc says:

      Their website appears to be nonsectarian. Nonetheless, you provided an outstanding summation of a true history ignored by the mainstream media. Personally, I couldn’t see myself joining any group with the word “Christian” in the title unless push comes to shove and their enemy becomes my enemy. I believe that only in a free secular republic can one make his own way unmolested! And thank you for unmasking the Zionists!

    • S.C.C.M. says:

      The definition of “Christian” is one who places their faith in
      .Jesus Christ as their Lord AND Saviour.
      True Biblical faith is a confident obedience to God’s word in spite of circumstances and consequences.
      For your daily Bible lesson, as follows:
      “What faith does and how it works” –
      God speaks through His written word.
      God moves men through the power of The Holy Spirit.
      True believers trust and act upon the written word.
      The object of our faith is God.
      Faith is our response to God’s revealed word.
      Faith IS the Christians foundation, the “substance” which gives us the support we need to act upon God’s written word.
      Further definition of faith is found in 1 Peter Chapter 1
      The nature and fruits of faith can be found in Hebrews Chapter 11.
      As for needing a web site to be “real”….think again.
      We don’t advertise !
      But we’re here all the same.
      Web sites DON’T make anything, or anyone real.
      S.C.C.M. has no need for a web site.
      When all hits the fan, you’ll be glad we’re here.
      There is no starting anything here ….we’re just here to finish it.
      Strictly DEFENSIVE, until all bets are off…………
      Then only God, will have mercy on “THEIR” souls.

  3. oldranger68 says:

    Actuually, unless I’m mistaken, it is the South Carolina ‘Civilian’ Militia. I didn’t see anything about Christian Militia there.

  4. Eomer says:

    The headline reads the South Carolina Christian Militia Declaration and it says it at the end too. Just saying.

  5. CXJ says:

    The best thing is let feds run their course. As horrific as it will be there are a lot good people in the government just like you and I. The good people out number the bad guys and eventually they will have had their fill of the injustices. What they will do for the plight of the people remains to be seen. Justice will be served if not in this life surely in the next. The FBI and the other alphabet soups are working overtime trying to track and identify actual threats. Iam sure they think I one of the nut cakes. If the feds want to fnd the bad guys should begin with 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Bill Ayers and wife set off some kind of explosive devise at the Capitol Building during the 60’s. He is now working on Obamas White house staff. Whats up with that?! So it comes down to who has the biggest stick and who is willing to use it. You and I both know Uncle Sam has the big stick. UGH….! Iam not long for this world and I feel so sorry my girls who have to live in a State whose soul purpose is to have total control.
    My heart is broken.

    • diggerdan says:

      Sounds like you gave up CXJ or you are a damned sheeple or a supporter of the F`n NWO. I`n any case, WHY DOES IT SOUND LIKE YOU ARE, AND ENCOURIGING OTHERS TO GIVE UP LIKE YOU SEEM TO BE GIVEING UP AS YOU SEEM TO BE DOING?

    • Nicholas Parisi says:

      Me too my brother. I am a grand-father and I love them dearly and I fear for their safety in all of this and I am a 30 year vet (USAF Flt. RN) and I will not give up nor give in to any of this crapolla. Stay safe and may almighty God have mercy on US, amen.

  6. Eomer says:

    Unless you’re talking about the link which I’m assuming you are. I didn’t notice it there. My mistake.

  7. It is I only says:

    But please. Give them a “fair trial” & then only hang them!

  8. suezz says:

    they can start with their own senator miss lindsay graham please someone get him out of washington.

    • S.C.C.M. says:

      “Limpy” grahm has been an embarrassment to the Palmetto State.
      The current dialogue is that most everyone will vote against him.
      He’ll not be re-elected the next time around.

  9. Eomer says:

    Yeah man, you need to shake off the despondency. It can be depressing at times but you’ve got to realize that the game is far from over. It really hasn’t started for most people. Some are going to snap out of it at the last minute and it’s going to be devastating for them. Obviously they still have some fear of us and they’re going to start throwing all kinds of shit at us to throw us off our game and stir us up with fear. If they weren’t afraid of us the game would already be over. I always say this but you’ve got to get inspired by the people who you and I and all of us look up to. Just think of what people thought when Great Britain, the most powerful military force in the world at that time, was bullying and oppressing the colonists. I bet there were a bunch of people ho-humming and feeling hopeless. There’s always hope and I’m not talking about Barry’s hope that you can live in a cookie cutter unionized society of droids. Think big and remember that you’re living in a terrible yet incredible time and there just might be a reason for that.

  10. Elyag Reed says:

    Speaking as a Vet of which we are legion, it is time to realise what the training was all about. If a Father shows his soon how to do something, in later years the Son can and will show his own. It’s time for those with the training to show those without. Part of that training is organisation, from platoon to company to batalion and up.

    Each neighborhood, town, village and city must get organised and the inplace vets can do this. Not just the ones you see living next door or down the street. This must include those you do not see or have not wanted to see. They are sleeping in that doorway or under that bridge, Go now and start to revive them back into society – Food – Shelter and kindness and the reward for this – New strength in numbers. Strength in attitude; they will not fail you if all is made right, let any statis come in the night and they will be waiting ever so silently for them.

    Government people understand they can go up against Mr and Mrs. Public but will revolt or balk at coming against the Unknown – known. The trained vet.

    You have a Full Army of Vet’s idle that can be cost effectively Put To Work

    Welcome to a New Hell Mr. Housebreaker or Black Suited Invader under color of government. Most houses have on average a minimun of (3) weapons according to the gross count. Now you will have another pair of hands to properly Clean and ready them for whayever comes of all this Rot.

    Yes, we are Legion

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