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States Introduce Legislation to Nullify Federal Gun Grab

Occupy Corporatism – by Susanne Posel

In Madison County, Ohio, Sheriff Roy Klingler saidpublically that he is opposed to gun control legislation. Klingler said: “I think these states passing laws are out of control” – referencing New York’s new stifling restrictions on gun ownership. Klinger explained: “There’s always red flags. Every time we go back and look at it, we’re missing the red flags.”

When asked about gun control and mental health, Klingler replied: “That kind of legislation I would be in favor of, anything that will help and untie these healthcare professionals’ hands.”

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg claims that “constituents really want” a ban on assault weapons. Bloomberg said: “People really want this done. I always thought that you should address issues when they’re on the public’s conscience, while they’re being covered by the press, and you should try to do a complete job so you don’t have to go back again and again and again.”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced strict gun laws that have banned high capacity magazines for citizens and police officers alike. The president of the Patrolman’s Benevolent Association (PBA) responded to the new law by stating: “The PBA is actively working to enact changes to this law that will provide the appropriate exemptions from the law for active and retired law enforcement officers.”

The Board of Commissioners in Beaufort County, North Carolina has legallynullified the unconstitutional federal mandates appropriated by President Obama last week through executive orders and presidential mandates. Commissioner Hood Richardson confirmed that the resolution was adopted and enacted on Friday of last week.

According to the resolution: “The Beaufort County Board of Commissioners calls upon the Governor and General Assembly of the State of North Carolina to immediately pass an act to nullify the implementation within the State of North Carolina of any Federal law, executive order or regulations restricting the right to keep and bear arms . . . BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, the County Manager be directed to see that no county paid staff participate in nor allow any county resources be used in the implementation of any Federal law, executive order or executive directive that infringe on the right to keep and bear arms.”

As a whole Beaufort County recognizes that they will not support the Obama administration’s restrictions on the 2nd Amendment.

armalite-rifle-thomas-cooper-getty-imagesTennessee State Representative Joe Carrsaid that he will not stand for Obama’s attack on American’s Constitutional rights. Carr explained: “It’s our attempt to push back on the federal government’s ever increasing encroachment, not only on our personal liberties but on our state sovereignty, and this is what we’re going to do. “We’ve had enough and enough is enough. We’re tired of cheap political antics, cheap props using children as bait to gin up emotional attachment for an issue that, quite honesty, doesn’t solve the problem.”

In Missouri, State Representative Casey Guernsey has introduced the “Second Amendment Preservation Act” that will nullify any and all federal legislation, acts, orders, statutes, rules or regulations that would limit or restrict access to firearms, accessories and ammunition. Should federal agencies try to enforce Obama’s proposed gun control mandates; those individuals would be charged with a class D felony and face 4 years in prison.

At an organized rally for “Guns Across America” at the state capital in South Carolina, State Representative Tom Davis told the crowd that Obamacare will be deemed illegal in his state. Davis said: “My objective over the next four years, every day I walk into that Senate chamber, is to find another way I can thwart federal encroachment.”

Wyoming lawmakers have resolved to introduce a bill that will ban the federal government from enacting firearms restrictions in an effort to “take the 2nd Amendment seriously.” Federal agents who try to enforce federal mandates could face 1 – 5 years in prison and $5000 in fines.

The bill reads, any “public servant … or dealer selling any firearm in this state” from enforcing “any act, law, statute, rule or regulation of the United States government relating to a personal firearm, firearm accessory or ammunition that is owned or manufactured commercially or privately in Wyoming and that remains exclusively within the borders of Wyoming.”

Senator Nathan Dahm filed 3 proposals in the Oklahoma legislature to protect the 2nd Amendment. Dahm said: “Oklahomans understand that the right to keep and bear arms is intrinsic to our cultural identity. Our nation’s founders intended the Second Amendment to protect the right of individuals to own guns, and it is critical for lawmakers to be diligent in our protection of that right. This legislation furthers our efforts to protect Oklahomans from federal overreach.”

Those bills are:

• SB 548 The 2nd Amendment Preservation Act
• SB 401 Closing the Gun Free School Zones loophole
• SB 552 Constitutional Carry in Vehicles

In the 1990s, when former president Bill Clinton had the assault weapons ban pushed through Congress after Columbine, Richard Mack, former sheriff in Graham County, Arizona joined forces with former sheriff of Ravalli County Jay Printz to sue the federal government. The lawsuit was a success and proves that local sheriffs can make a difference against the federal government. Mack explained: “Gun control is illegal and it’s against the Constitution. What people don’t realize is that the Second Amendment was designed to protect us from the power of the federal government.”

Mack believes in the “unrestricted right of the people as individuals ‘to keep and bear arms’ is essential to the preservation of both individual liberty and domestic tranquility.”

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One Response to States Introduce Legislation to Nullify Federal Gun Grab

  1. Jolly Roger says:

    In his public statement, Klinger appears to be a proponent of the second amendment, but this sentence reveals his traitorous designs:

    “That kind of legislation I would be in favor of, anything that will help and untie these healthcare professionals’ hands.”

    One present scheme to disarm Americans involves employing the fraudulent psychiatric profession as arbiters of our inalienable rights, and that’s what Klinger is supporting here. “Keeping guns out of the hands of lunatics” seems on the surface to be a “sensible” effort, but when everyone who disagrees with King Obama is branded a “lunatic”, it becomes obvious that this is just another tyrannical attempt to leave us at the mercy of those who would kill us all.

    We cannot tolerate ANY more infringements on our second amendment rights, regardless of how “sensible” or “reasonable” they sound on the surface, because swimming just below the surface, are their plans to disarm and kill every last one of us that doesn’t bow to the new king. Don’t be fooled, and do not ever surrender or register a firearm.

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