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Texas prepares to nullify TSA, NDAA in showdown of state liberty versus federal tyranny

Natural News – by J. D. Heyes

Dissatisfaction is spreading rapidly throughout a very divided nation in the wake of the Nov. 6 elections, as citizens in nearly every state have begun petitioning the federal government to leave the union.

The secession effort is being led by the independence-minded citizens of Texas, with more than 111,000 residents having signed an online petition requesting secession as of this writing.

Lawmakers in Texas are set to respond to a growing wave of discontent with federal authority, as they look set to consider a pair of bills that will set the state on a collision course with Washington.

Let the nullification begin

According to the Tenth Amendment Center, “a national think tank that works to preserve and protect the principles of strictly limited government through information, education, and activism,” the state legislature will consider a pair of bills aimed at protecting some basic civil liberties for citizens.

Earlier this week, Rep. David Simpson, R-Longwood, pre-filed a measure called “The Texas Travel Freedom Act,” or H.B. 80, which would make it a criminal act to intentionally touch “the anus, breast, buttocks, or sexual organ of the other person, including touching through clothing,” without probable cause, in the process of allowing someone access to public transportation.

In other words, the bill is aimed at ending pointless, embarrassing and invasive pat downs of travelers by the federal Transportation Security Administration, among others.

The measure also forbids removing a child under the age of 18 from the physical custody or control of a parent or guardian.

“If you walk up to somebody and grab their crotch out on the street, it will land you in jail. Blue uniforms and federal badges don’t grant some goon the power to sexually assault you, or at least they shouldn’t. A person doesn’t forfeit her or his personal dignity or Fourth Amendment protections with the purchase of an airline ticket,” said Tenth Amendment Center communications director Mike Maharrey.

In addition, state lawmakers will consider a separate measure that would block any attempt to indefinitely detain people in Texas under sections of the National Defense Authorization Act. That measure, known as H.B. 149, has been pre-filed by Rep. Lyle Larson, R-San Antonio. It states:

It is the policy of this state to refuse to provide material support for or to participate in any way with the implementation within this state of Sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (Pub. L. No. 112-81). Any act to enforce or attempt to enforce those laws is in violation of this subchapter.

‘Our last hope is to stand up and nullify’

The latter bill also provides for criminal penalties against any outside authority attempting to detain persons within the boundaries of Texas without due process under the NDAA. If passed, the bill would effectively nullify indefinite federal detention in the state of Texas, the center said, noting that the bills appear to be aimed at the Obama administration in particular.

“With four more years of the man who not only signed ‘federal kidnapping’ into law, but has vigorously defended it in court, there is absolutely zero chance for repeal in Washington D.C. Our last hope is to stand up and nullify,” said the center’s executive director, Michael Boldin. “While Representative Larson will likely be derided by the establishment, if you live in Texas, he deserves your praise. And other state legislators need to follow suit.”

“When enough states stand up and say, ‘No!’ to unconstitutional federal acts, there’s not much that Obama and his gang can do about it. The Constitution and your liberty will win,” Boldin continued.

The center said both pieces of legislation appear to be modeled after examples set by Thomas Jefferson, when he drafted the Kentucky Resolutions of 1798, in response to the Alien and Sedition Acts, arguing that nullification is “the rightful remedy” of federal government usurpation:

The several States composing, the United States of America, are not united on the principle of unlimited submission to their general government; but that, by a compact under the style and title of a Constitution for the United States, and of amendments thereto, they constituted a general government for special purposes – delegated to that government certain definite powers, reserving, each State to itself, the residuary mass of right to their own self-government; and that whensoever the general government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force.

Other states are engaging in nullification, of sorts, regarding Obamacare. Many are opting out of creating state health insurance exchanges, as called for by the law, while others have held referendums to simply opt out of participating in the law altogether.

“Because of how the policy is structured, the road to ObamaCare leads straight through the governors’ desks. Based on the Supreme Court’s decision, the federal government has to implement the President’s program, but it cannot force states to run it,” said Family Research Council chief Tony Perkins.

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12 Responses to Texas prepares to nullify TSA, NDAA in showdown of state liberty versus federal tyranny

  1. fred says:

    Good for Texas, I wish my state had stones like this.

  2. NC says:

    God Bless, Texas! As they say down here in Austin, TX, “Don’t mess with Texas”.

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      You know I posted this with you in mind, NC.

      Outstanding!!! Lately, I’m liking Texas more and more all the time.

      This states sucks!!!

  3. Pringle says:

    Yes, eradicate TSA – it is not a legitimate entity in any respect. You will not touch my balls, you will not stick your hands down the underwear of my wife and children – god damn you to hell for even trying – you psychopathic, malevolent bastards. (but at least I’m not bitter)

  4. ToM says:

    I would venture to say, as with all their chess moves, controlled opposition will find its way into any idea that will threaten their agenda.
    The federal criminal government has proven over and over again, that they have the last word when it comes to these matters…like medicinal marijuana or educational standards.
    They use the law to justify their criminal behavior….
    When people keep recognizing this government, as if its legit…it keeps the perception of their power alive.
    Fast and Furious, the Benghazi Attack and the presidential election…should be enough to convince every American to wake up and start paying attention.
    When the oval office, launched their worldwide war on terror – based on a treasonous event in which they killed large numbers of their own people – They betrayed every dream of freedom anybody ever had anywhere, not just in the US.
    When it comes to our empire…Americans have given up defending true freedom around the world, and the day will soon come when they will have to defend their own freedom against the very monster they have created by their own selfish indifference.
    The corporate banksters, the Wall Street insiders, destroy freedom around the world-with their fiat money…now the iron glove of tyranny is coming to America itself, only this time in the open.. and since Americans, who have decided to forget how to defend true freedom around the world, have no idea how to defend their own.
    looks like this is a good start at getting that passion back, when it comes to freedom…

  5. NobodysaysBOO says:

    Nothing will happen here just more REPUGNANT REPUBLICANS blowing BULL SHIT! as THEY let another MILLION MEXICAN NATIONALS into what is left of TEXAS/MEXAS!

    WILL they REALLY elect KARL ROVE as the next GOVERNOR of TEXAS/MEXAS?

    • NC says:

      True about the “letting in another milllion Mexican Nationals” part. You can thank Rick Perry for that one and the rest of the Federal Government.

      Living in Texas, I fear that we may be in worse shape than other states as we will be attacked by two fronts. The ones coming from our own federal government from the North and the ones coming from the Mexican drug cartels from the South.

      We have lots of guns and gunowners in Texas, but I can tell you, we will have our hands full when the time comes. Don’t think it will be easy. We will definitely be attacked from within and from without, but rest assure, we won’t back down even when it comes to the last man standing.

  6. Ken says:

    I don’t live in Texas, but you can call me a Texan now, I’ll be fighting for them too!

  7. Larry Robsoan says:

    We all have to stand up and say no at some point. The time is now. If you don’t stand by your constitution NOW you will lose your liberty and your self respect. I am from the UK. We are all in the same boat. The right to secede is in your constitution but why not demand President Obama stands down as a condition of you staying in the union? He has produced a provenly false birth certificate and should he be forced to go all legislation that he has signed would be null and void. Please, please, don’t seek salvation in Romney or anyone like him. Had he been elected we would have been in a 3rd world war by now led by a psychopath called Netanyahu.

    • NC says:

      Thanks for your support Larry. We understand your situation in Europe as well and support your fight against the corrupt Queen, parliament and prime minister David Cameron and so on. Don’t give up and don’t give in. FIGHT!! Remember “V for Vendetta”!! Never forget Guy Fawkes’ sacrifice. This is a World War and a war on every country’s sovereignty, peace and their very existence. Never back down. Fight for what’s right and fight for your freedom! We the people of the U.S. and our freedom fighting patriots will back you and any other patriotic individuals around the world in spirit, at this point in time, as I’m sure we hope you will do the same for us. God Bless!

  8. d moore says:

    TX should create a income tax for federal workers of TSA. If TSA workers have to pay a thirty percent income tax, it would be hard find anyone wanting to work for them in TX.

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