4 thoughts on “Thank you to the heroes, I still remember.

  1. You’re welcome. I defied from the very beginning. Ignored the city ordinance and every sign on every business about wearing a mask. Walked in like I owned the joint and told those that ran after me with a box of masks to basically shove your mask.

      1. Hello, Jamal, Great real and sincere video. Keep truckin brother. I respect all the big trucks on the highway, we need you. May our faith keep us strong, we know the truth and we will win in the end. Bless you.

    1. Katie, I am with you on this. It was not easy at first to be the defiant one! I wasnt sure at times if someone might hit me or scream obscenities.But, each time I went into a store I said a prayer. And I never had anyone say crap to me, and I felt empowered, because I knew the real truth about the plandemic. And I even talked some out if wearing the face diaper. What a victory. So, keep the faith the real fight is coming.

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