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The coming EBT riots: What will happen when government entitlements stop?

Natural News – by Mike Adams

EBT cards are modern-day food stamps, except they’re electronic. In essence, they are government-issued debit cards that allow recipients to spend taxpayer money for their own groceries. But EBT cards aren’t merely good on food staples like beans and rice, they can be spent on processed junk food that promotes diabetes and obesity. That’s the “dirty little secret” of the EBT scheme: It encourages low-income Americans to become high-profit customers of the pharmaceutical industry by eating their way to obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

That’s why the food industry loves EBT cards, too: Most EBT users are low-education consumers who understand virtually nothing about nutrition. They tend to buy the most nutritionally-depleted processed foods available, and that equates to high-profit foods for the processed food industry. (The highest-profit foods are the ones with the least nutrition, it turns out.)

EBT stands for “Electronic Benefit Transfer,” and it means transferring money from the pockets of working taxpayers into the hands of those who, for one reason or another, are either not working at all or are living below the poverty requirements set by the government. This transference is done at gunpoint, essentially, through the enforcement of federal tax collection. EBT benefits havemore than doubled during the Obama administration’s last four years, creating tens of millions of new dependents who now vote based almost entirely on who gives them the most handouts.

The purchase of vitamins is specifically prohibited by the EBT program. This is done as a way to keep EBT recipients sick and diseased while suffering from nutritional deficiencies, which is precisely what the federal government wants.

EBT cards are also a form of corporate welfare

EBT cards create high-profit handouts to corporations, too: Pharmaceutical companies and the sick-care industry; Big Government which gets re-elected based on entitlement handouts; global banks which earn a percentage off every swipe; and even the processed junk food industry which preys upon nutritional ignorance of the poor.

In fact, for every dollar’s worth of food handed out to EBT recipients under the program, at least 50 cents is driven right into the profit coffers of wealthy corporations. That’s why EBT programs are allowed to exist: Not because they benefit the poor, but because they benefit the rich! Do you have any idea how much profit there is in a package of Oreo cookies?

The “EBT culture” of dependence, poverty and ignorance is perhaps best shown in the now-famous YouTube music video “My EBT”. There, a rapper brags about how he’s using taxpayer money to buy Oreos, chips, sandwiches, breakfast cereals, McDonald’s food and more. He sings about how he wishes he could use it to buy weed.

This article, however, isn’t about how welfare creates long-term dependence and poverty while destroying the dignity of many who come to depend on it. Rather, it’s about what’s going to happen when the EBT card system goes down and stays down.

EBT food stamp systems goes down for hours across multiple states

Yesterday, the EBT card system, which is managed by JP Morgan Chase, suffered a six-hour outage across ten states.

Wal-Mart, one of the favorite destinations of EBT card users, proceeded to run transactions manually and then batched them into the JP Morgan Chase processing system once the system came back online. But elsewhere, stores were met with growing frustration from EBT card holders who were angry that their government money cards suddenly stopped working.

In this case, the EBT outage only lasted less than one day. But given that they are tied into a globalist bank which looks almost certain to fail once the global debt collapse unfolds, the question of the day is this: What’s going to happen when the bank running all the EBT transactions goes belly up?

What happens when the free EBT money stops?

Remember how Obama supporters threatened to riot in the streets if Romney won the recent presidential election? There’s a huge class of Americans who have become so dependent on the system of government handouts that they have no ability to survive any other way. These people will riot when the free money is cut off.

As Ron Paul explained in his recent farewell speech, the entitlements must sooner or later come to an end:

The wealth we see today is based on debt and a foolish willingness on the part of foreigners to take our dollars for goods and services. They then loan them back to us to perpetuate our debt system. It’s amazing that it has worked for this long but the impasse in Washington, in solving our problems indicate that many are starting to understand the seriousness of the world -wide debt crisis and the dangers we face. The longer this process continues the harsher the outcome will be.

Many are now acknowledging that a financial crisis looms but few understand it’s, in reality, a moral crisis. It’s the moral crisis that has allowed our liberties to be undermined and permits the exponential growth of illegal government power. Without a clear understanding of the nature of the crisis it will be difficult to prevent a steady march toward tyranny and the poverty that will accompany it.

EBT card users are almost universally incapable of understanding the complex economics Ron Paul is describing. All they understand is that their next meal comes from a piece of plastic that “counts as money” at the local corner store. They do not grasp the long-term vulnerability of that system and how it is tied into a global debt scheme whose days are numbered. Furthermore, EBT card users almost universally have no backup plan. They live meal by meal, with no financial safety net, no financial planning, and absolutely zero savings. In fact, having any real savings disqualifies you from receiving an EBT card, which is another way that Big Government actually encourages financial dependence among EBT card recipients.

The EBT false flag riots

Why is all this important to understand? Because on the day the EBT cards are shut off, there will be mass riots of EBT card recipients who are suddenly thrust into an emergency.

In fact, shutting off the EBT cards is actually one way to initiate a false flag event in America. It works like this:

1) Purposely shut off all EBT cards. (Takes just two seconds at JP Morgan.)

2) Blame it on a cyber terrorist attack and use the crisis to institute harsh new police state controls over the internet. (“Never let a good crisis go to waste…”)

3) Allow the “EBT riots” to unfold. Keep the National Guard away for long enough to let things get out of control and have scary footage broadcast on the evening news.

4) Once things are bad enough, announce Martial Law and bring in the troops to turn America’s streets into a Nazi-style police state surveillance and enforcement system, complete with TSA-run checkpoints on all major roads.

What’s required to make this happen? Nothing more than turning off the EBT cards for 72 hours. That’s it! It’s just a single change to a single line of code at JP Morgan Chase, and it’s mission accomplished for the globalists.

Yesterday’s EBT outage, in fact, may have been a practice run for the real thing. When the globalists want riots to unfold, they now have the tool to make it happen.

Long term: All entitlements will be cut off or made worthless through currency debasement

The question of disappearing entitlements isn’t just an EBT card issue, by the way. The coming financial collapse of the U.S. government will end all entitlements, including social security, Medicare and federal workers’ retirement pension payments.

That’s the real kicker in all this: In a society where 50% or so are now largely dependent on the federal government for their very survival, the fact that the government is headed into a multi-trillion-dollar debt blowout should raise red alerts everywhere.

Obama has put the USA on a collision course with a debt implosion, adding more to the U.S. debt in the last four years than all the Presidents in the history of America — combined! And with government spending continuing to expand beyond all sanity, there is no stopping the coming debt blowout.

Consider the following U.S. national debt chart:

As you can see from the chart, we are now in a hyperbolic final blowout of debt that can only lead to a total economic implosion. Over the next four years, this chart will get even more insane as Obama spends trillions of dollars of money we don’t have, further accelerating America’s head-on collision with the financial apocalypse.

When that happens, all federal benefits immediately cease. If you thought the idea of tens of millions of angry EBT debt card users was bad, just consider what happens when all the former federal employees don’t get their pension funds anymore. Or if social security checks are eroded down to the point where they are essentially worthless. That’s when you’re going to see real social unrest across America, and that day is a finite number of weeks away. It will arrive as sure as the sun comes up, and when it does arrive, there’s going to be unprecedented chaos in the streets as all the suckers who lived their lives dependent on the federal government suddenly come to find out the whole thing was a Ponzi scheme.

Yep: A Ponzi scheme. The U.S. government is running the largest Ponzi scheme in the history of the world, and just like every Ponzi scheme that has ever existed, it will sooner or later collapse. When that day comes, you will want to make sure you have stored food, water, silver coins, ammo, emergency medicine and all the usual preparedness supplies.

And be prepared to defend your supplies from those who refused to prepare. Because if there’s one thing that EBT cards have taught tens of millions of America, it’s that “YOUR stuff belongs to THEM!”

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9 Responses to The coming EBT riots: What will happen when government entitlements stop?

  1. Where My Free Cellphone? says:

    When that happens President Hussein the Messiah will feed the masses with fishes and loaves.

  2. – I was interested in this piece on the Ponzi schemes known as Social Security and Medicare.

    – I agree with virtually everything stated in the essay, including points of economics and predestined math, as well as social policy and liberty.

    – However, the tone of the writing amused me, as I wonder where all that anger comes from, directed towards those of us simply old enough to be the demographic to be battered about on the sea-of-insolvency?

    – At the age of 49, I was diagnosed as having been genetically epileptic (obviously since birth), and in 2010 I inadvertently drove off a 200 foot cliff at 70 mph. Since I had been “disabled” my entire life, but was unaware of my status, prior to the diagnosis and accident, I managed to carve out a thirty-five year career around the world, and presumably “saved” the government from having to care for me in an immediate sense for over forty years.

    – Now, after three and a half decades of being forced to pay into an organization in which I’m supposed to have a “contractual arrangement”, after an entire career of not being asked to participate, but being forced to participate in SS, should I not expect the promised return on my “investment”?

    – Yet, people use phrases like “trough” to describe the flow of money from which my “forced investment” is derived…as though we forced customers of the Ponzi scheme had any choice? Some of us…some who agree and were smart enough to go out and “invest” in private pension and disability policies in order to guard against the defaulting federal government…even those of us smart enough to do that are going to get screwed out of our private investment, just as much as those getting screwed out of their government “investments”…?

    – The derogatory use of phrases such as “trough” make it appear that those of us who want what was taken from us, and promised to us, are somehow “pigs” and is a bit biased. I want what was owed me, after having taken my money for decades against my will…just as I want the private protection I purchased, to protect me from the fraudulent government promises that are going to be be stolen from me. But then the government will simply allow the private firm to collapse and my investment will no longer exist, thus I will no longer have a place at the “trough”.

    – The anger is very misplaced. It should be directed at the thieves who have stolen all of our investments, and people should be using their incredible intellect to suggest ways to ease our way out of the fascist Ponzi schemes that are illuminated so well…without defaulting on the poor souls who paid into, and now expect to receive the benefit of their forced plan.

    – Especially those of us who will never be able to work again outside the home, and appropriately expect and deserve to be cared for in their disabled, aging years. We paid for it, let the politicians figure out how to clean up after all the corrupt mis-management.


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

    • BentSpear says:

      “We paid for it, let the politicians figure out how to clean up after all the corrupt mis-management.”

      I think we’ll all reach our expiration date long before that happens. For SSI, they STOLE the money and put it into other coffers. Show me one government run program that’s NOT in the Red. It’s not mis-management, it’s criminal Embezzlement of Taxpayer funds.

  3. Karen says:

    No! EBT users are NOT all low income consumers! How dare you say! With almost 1/3 of America without jobs, how could you say that? I loved this site until I read that! People’s obesity is usually an indication of emotional upset . . . and sometimes covers a great sensitivity! It grounds you if you are quite sensitive. And EBT cards have not ”taught” any notion about what belongs to who! Until we have a fair and proper system of work for everyone, it is necessary! You must be a snob to talk like that . . . why don’t you rant on the 60 – 75% budget for DOD or the war that’s going to plague even the crops grown to eat! Everyone is at their own level of development . . . psychically or spiritually. You need to really think about what you’ve said …

    • Henry Shivley says:

      I agree with your analyses, but don’t blame the site for the articles brought here for discussion. The corporate theft of the EBT monies was also a part of that article.
      I was curious as to who you were responding to, evidently it was to the author of the article.
      We put up articles of interest for discussion here and you could have put forth your opinion on any part of the article without attacking the forum.

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      @ Karen: “No! EBT users are NOT all low income consumers!”
      Nowhere in this article is that statement made.

      “With almost 1/3 of America without jobs, how could you say that?”
      Would you please explain to me how someone who is unemployed could be considered anything BUT low income at this point? I’m not trying to be funny, I’d really like to know how that’s possible.

      “People’s obesity is usually an indication of emotional upset . . . ”

      This article isn’t about obesity, and in no way does it make fun of or denigrate obese people. Perhaps if you had paid closer attention to this particular paragraph, you might have gotten the main point of the article.>

      “This article, however, isn’t about how welfare creates long-term dependence and poverty while destroying the dignity of many who come to depend on it. Rather, it’s about what’s going to happen when the EBT card system goes down and stays down.”

      I posted this article to educate anyone still unaware of the corporate theft perpetrated by our so-called ‘government’.
      Granted, most that post here already know this, but probably not all the details involved.
      As Henry said, they’re here for discussion.

      Any comment on the main topic of discussion here?

      p.s. If you wish to comment directly to the author, here is the link: (it’s also at the top of the page, just below the title):

      Learn more:

    • BentSpear says:

      I believe the the statement of obesity is a loose reference to the former in-hand food stamp program where the type of food items purchased by the stamp user was limited to certain foodstuff items. The EBT system has no such restrictions according to what my local retailers inform me.

      Shooting the messengers has become a common event these days. Directing anger & action at the root cause is more productive than having a pile of dead messengers. Just a suggestion.

  4. NC says:

    When Bush Jr. was in office from 2001-2007, the debt went up to half a trillion dollars a year and then when Obama came into office in 2008, it has first went up to a trillion dollars a year and then after in 2009 and 2010 it has gone up to 2 trillion dollars a year and it is showing no real signs of slowing down (not sure what happened in 2011 though. It seemed to have slowed down a little.). Anyways, according to the chart, it’s speeding so fast, a traffic cop would be insane not to give it a ticket unless he was paid off by the government. It’s absolutely bonkers!

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