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The Frightening Truth About Germany’s PHYSICAL Gold Move Pours Out on CNBC

SGT Report

If the gravity of the recent move by the Bundesbank to demand a portion of its gold back from the NY Fed, and allof its gold back from the bank of France is lost on you, check this out.

The horrifying reality of the worldwide central banking monetary sham is beginning to cut through, even on CNBC. Although mockingbird host Melissa Lee tries her best to diffuse the outpouring of truth in this ‘Market Mystery’ segment, she fails miserably. Lee kicks off this must-watch clip by asking, “Why is Germany moving gold out of the United States? Why don’t they trust us any more?

CNBC’s Guy Adami goes on to break it down in a way that surely must have left Mr. Geithner and the Bernank reaching for their red direct-line phones to CNBC censors.

If you think Germany’s going to be the last, they’re not. People will line up and do this, and you talk about runs on banks? Well, this could potentially be exactly that because if everyone wants there metal back at once you better hope A.) that it’s THERE, and B.) that we’re able to do it. And I’m telling you, the act itself is not bullish gold necessarily but the act itself sends messages about what’s going on in the world.

At the conclusion of Adami’s rant, Lee sheepishly asks, “Is there maybe not enough gold in the bank?” To which the response is, “Yeah, potentially.” Lee responds, “You sound like a real conspiracy theorist.”

It’s too late for that nonsense Ms. Lee. The cat has been outta the bag for quite some time, and even CNBC’s brainwashed mainstream audience is beginning to see the truth now: The Western fiat banking system is mortally wounded, and this broken paradigm will soon come to an end.

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5 Responses to The Frightening Truth About Germany’s PHYSICAL Gold Move Pours Out on CNBC

  1. Joe in JT says:

    So Germany wants their gold back, which has been hypothicated 100 times over. What’s a superpower to do? Why invade Mali of course, the third richest African country in gold deposits. Now you know who really runs foriegn policy in the U.S. The banksters !

  2. Wondering says:

    Person A: “There’s a 300-year-old man outside, and he’s biting people on the neck and drinking thier blood.”

    Person B: ” You sound like one of those vampire theorists.”

  3. herbscornwafflesII says:

    The Germans will not be going home with New Jersey tungsten core gold leaf.

  4. Paul W of Stamford says:

    Look out, Mali!

  5. David V says:

    You can’t eat gold.

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