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The Next American Civil War

Canada Free Press – by JD Longstreet

“Tyrants preserve themselves by sowing fear and mistrust among the citizens by means of spies, by distracting them with foreign wars, by eliminating men of spirit who might lead a revolution, by humbling the people, and making them incapable of decisive action…” … Aristotle

You’d think ole “Ari” might have been peering through some sort of cosmic window into modern day America some 2300 years ago with comments such as those above.

See, America is building a head of steam preparing to go to war with itself a second time at this very moment.  This is not unusual—not in America.  We have already had two revolutions.  You may recall the American Revolution against Great Britain and the second—the War for Southern Independence, often erroneously referred to as the American Civil War, or the War Between the States.There’s another way to look at it, as well.  One can grudgingly admit that the Greeks, of 2300 years ago, were smarter than modern Americans.  In my estimation—you’d be right.  So, I tend to go with the latter explanation.

Tensions are running high all across the country as citizens are rushing to arm themselves with the closest thing resembling combat weaponry they can possibly find. Ammunition of all calibers is disappearing from the shelves of gun shops and back orders at the manufacturing plants are piled high.

Look.  Nobody really knows how many guns are in the hands of private citizens in America.  Many have multiple weapons.  A few are even registered, but, my guess is—the vast majority are not registered anywhere for exactly the reason Americans feel they are being driven, herded, as it were,  to armed resistance.  Of the weapons known to be in the hands of private civilian Americans there are enough, according to some reports, to arm every man woman andchild in America today—well over three hundred million. Americans are preparing to dig-in.  In other words they are preparing for a fight.  They are preparing for the day when the words run out, as they surely will.  They will then have no other alternative than to turn—as their forefathers have done since the country was founded—to the gun.

That’s a lot of guns, but not nearly as many as there will be in 2013.  Manufacturers are finding it impossible to keep up with demand for their guns.

The old expression:  “Fools rush in”  is as apropos a word, or phrase, as I can conjure to describe the actions of the so-called “gun grabbers” in America in recent days.  Their propagandists and boosters in the press and the Mainstream Media added to the mental light weights already liberally salted throughout the US Congress and White House who are mindlessly fanning the flames of a conflagration that threatens to consume the country in another American war over the rights guaranteed by the US Constitution—including the Bill of Rights.  These are rights sacred to Americans.  These are the rights for which they have been willing to valiantly lay down their lives to protect since the birth of the nation. They are no less ready to put their lives on the line once again.  I do not think our current “masters” fully understand that.

Look.  Those who would disarm America seem oblivious to the buzz saw into which they are mindlessly running.  Their naivete is monumental, off the scale. When describing weapons they want banned, their description of such weapons makes it clear they haven’t the foggiest notion what they are talking about.  It is also clear they are operating from pure emotion with no reason mixed in.  They often describe weapons they want banned.  They don’t seem to know that those weapons have already been banned since the 1930s in America. They use the term “assault weapon” when there is actually no such weapon, only a political term to describe a weapon that is, well,  scary looking.

In their ignorance, they cannot grasp that even if a gun ban were successful, a black market in guns and ammunition will spring up, almost overnight, and will make Prohibition resemble a Sunday school picnic.  Gun owners and those familiar with guns know, already, that guns are fairly simple to make, many with off the shelf, readily available, parts.

The very first firefight between government agents and American private citizens will be the ignition point of an all consuming maelstrom that will inundate the nation and render null and void any chance that America might reconstitute itself into its former image afterwards.

To the folks on the left, the gun grabbers, if there is any doubt in your minds that Americans will defend their constitutional rights to the death, simply drive across the Lincoln Bridge and take a long look at row after row of white grave markers at ArlingtonNational Cemetery.  As you gaze upon that place of honor, remember, we are the sons, grandsons, and great-grand sons of the men lying there.  We are no less inspired than they to defend the constitution against all enemies—domestic and foreign.

For those of you who purportedly serve the public in your position within the Congress, understand that we are taking careful note of your maneuvering to deny us our constitutional rights and we will be working tirelessly to see that your political career is ended when next you stand for election.  That is a promise.

The idiots in the Mainstream Media still do not understand that freedom of the press , freedom of speech, is only viable so long as the right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed by the Second Amendment.  The job of the press is inextricably linked to the armed citizen. If the armed American goes, so does the independent, non-state-controlled press.  Freedom of the press, freedom of speech, will disappear.

It is such a simple thing—when thought through.  But that’s the problem.  They aren’t thinking.  They are reacting out of raw emotion—certainly NOT reason.  It is their handlers, however, who ARE reasoning. They reason, and rightfully so, that they cannot accomplish their agenda as long as the American citizen is armed.  And so the useful idiots of the Mainstream Media are trotted out to happily make fools of themselves in service to the political left, which will grind them into so much dust once their goals are realized.

It is such idiocy as this that brings men to grapple at each other’s throat.

And here we are again, preparing to do battle with each other, brother against brother, over an issue that was settled two and a half centuries ago.

At first glance it appears to be lunacy of the highest order—and yet—here we are on the cusp of violence to defend something the political left, an authoritarian cabal itself,  cannot abide, AT ALL:  personal freedom, individual freedom.

Remember that Aristotle said: “Tyrants preserve themselves by …  by eliminating men of spirit who might lead a revolution, by humbling the people, and making them incapable of decisive action… .”  Could this be why over a dozen of the US’s highest military officers have been hounded from service in recent months? Is it why this financial crises has dragged on and on … to keep us humble and incapable of decisive action?

And now they intend to disarm us.

Look.  There is so much pent-up anger in America today that if this argument over gun control ever gets beyond the talking stage it is reasonable to believe there will be violence on a scale not seen since the 1860’s in this country.

I would ask the political left if they understand that this is only a temporary argument over gun control?  Do they understand it will quickly become an argument over whether or not the country continues to exist as a single fifty state entity or breaks up into separate countries?  I don’t think they do.  Indeed, I don’t think most Americans understand that once this fight begins, in earnest, there will be no turning back and when it is ended—there will be no going back, either.

I don’t want a war in my homeland, either.  But, dear reader, THIS is exactly how they begin.

Longstreet is a conservative Southern American (A native sandlapper and an adopted Tar Heel) with a deep passion for the history, heritage, and culture of the southern states of America. At the same time he is a deeply loyal American believing strongly in “America First”.

He is a thirty-year veteran of the broadcasting business, as an “in the field” and “on-air” news reporter (contributing to radio, TV, and newspapers) and a conservative broadcast commentator.

Longstreet is a veteran of the US Army and US Army Reserve. He is a member of the American Legion and the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  A lifelong Christian, Longstreet subscribes to “old Lutheranism” to express and exercise his faith.

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24 Responses to The Next American Civil War

  1. TranceAm says:

    “Cusp” I like that word. See it pop-up on more and more places.

    Originated for me in “The Warriors of Spider”. The first book in the Spider Trilogy, written by W. Michael Gear

    A Cusp is nearing. For each and everyone of us. It ain’t going to ask whether we are ready for it. It just will be there on our paths, demanding us to make a choice of what path to follow into the future.

    Choose wisely. Only one of the choices can be walked, the other one can only be done on ones knees.

  2. Rachel says:

    Only disagreement I have is the statement about a free press. Our MSM is NOT a FREE press, they are CIA and are state run press. They are also run by special interest, big pharma and AIPAC. The only free press is internet and most free press is pro-constituion. So, I would not ever say that the main stream media is a FREE PRESS, they are NOT.

    • chris says:

      The mainstream talking heads are just as culpable in the crimes of those they enable. That’s why they are just as desperate as their paymasters to see us disarmed.


  3. Ken says:

    I believe ‘cusp’ is where they mean to keep us. A full blown armed conflict works against the NWO agenda. Mass chaos works for the average person as it will allow totally free market levers to operate. Growing food, making things, creating a totally free economy is natural and will gain support exponentially if all hell breaks loose. No, civil war and revolution is not what the aim is. A slow death through the #1 killer in war, starvation and malnutrition is the goal of the ‘depopulationists’ while maintaining their systems of control. Did you know the #1 killing event (In terms of total people dead) in the 20th century war the 1918 Spanish flu out break? Did you know that 99% of those who died were the one’s vaccinated against the flu? That leads to the conclusion that a century ago the NWO elite were working on population control.
    Eat organic and wild edibles and stay healthy.

    • TranceAm says:

      Snipped together from
      How Aspirin Caused 1918 Flu Deaths…

      The 1918 Flu ¦ How It Happened

      Humans have genetically developed a natural method to defeat viral
      infections called a fever. With a mild fever of 101 degrees the telomers on the ends of the RNA molecule cannot attach and the virus cannot reproduce itself, and the body’s white blood cells quickly destroy the invading virus. But the modern regular treatment for a fever from a cold or flu is to reduce the fever to ease the discomfort.

      In the 1890’s an American chemist made an improvement on an old home folk remedy called Willow or Aspen Tea. It seemed to relieve the pains of old-age gout, arthritis and other assorted pains. But the evil tasting tea containing acetylsalicylic acid was so strong that it caused many people to have nausea and vomiting, along with the pain relief if they could tolerate drinking the tea. This potion was later neutralized, synthesized and buffered, and then sold to the German Bayer company as a pain reliever.

      I have researched the source and history of the name Aspirin and found no reasonable explanation has ever been found. I have found, instead, that the German Bayer company, in order to sell to both the American and European markets, used a name familiar in both markets. In America the common folk remedy form was called “Aspen Tea” made from boiling willow bark from the Aspen tree family. In Europe, the same home remedy was called “Spirain Tea” made from boiling the leaves of the common European shrub Spirae.

      Both preparations were found to contain large amounts of natural
      acetylsalicylic acid, but unbuffered. Combining the common home-remedy folklore names Aspen and Spirain comes up with the Euro-American brand name Aspirin. My research is the sole source for the information about that unique derivation of the brand name.

      The reason for the deep confusion and lack of any clear history about the trade name is that for almost a decade from 1905 to about 1915, the use of the trade name, and the source of the name Aspirin, was tied up in international courts. In the late 1890’s when Aspirin became available as an easy to use “pop a pill” replacement to the sour tasting Aspen or Spirain Teas, many people used it to relieve the pain of joint arthritis. Many users also discovered, quite by accident, a unique side effect. If you had a fever when you took the Aspirin, it also made the fever suddenly go away. What a discovery! It appeared to be a cure for the the common cold and flu.

      By creating a fever, the viral infection is slowed down sufficiently so
      that the body’s T cells can find the swollen infected lung cells, surround them and metabolize (literally eat) the damaged cell with strong acids which also breaks down the RNA viruses into basic amino acids. This effectively “kills” the viruses so that they can’t reproduce. But viruses are not living things, and you can’t kill something that’s not alive. All the body can do is destroy or dissolve the RNA amino acid chain which makes up the virus.

      Not knowing this, most doctors treat the flu with aspirin or fever
      reducers, as a palliative treatment to ease the aches, pains, and delerium fever effects. The result is that within hours, the fever goes down and the patient feels much better. What neither the patient nor the doctor knows is that with only a normal 98.6F body temperature, the viruses are allowed to reproduce unchecked. Within 72 hours, the viruses have grown from one or two virus bodies to millions or billions. The body is now completely overwhelmed. But while taking aspirin or cold medications, there are no symptoms or warnings of what is yet to come.

      As a last resort the body tries to quickly flush the infection of
      billions of viruses from the lungs with massive amounts of T-cells, and
      fluid in the lungs to “cough out” the virus. This is called viral pneumonia. Soon within hours the patient is in the hospital. The doctors try to treat the now 105 degree fever with more anti-febril aspirins, or related medications to “treat the fever.” Then within another 24 hours the patient, suffocating and gasping for breath, is dead.

      Expect Miracles.

  4. Jolly Roger says:

    Maybe I’m misunderstanding the author, but I just don’t see any “brother against brother” kind of civil war starting. The “gun grabbers” amount to a small handful of Zionist Jews with a lot of media voice, but I don’t see anyone on their side that will do any fighting. Will the anti-gun crowd shoot at us?
    I only see an angry population that’s tired of tyranny, and a government that will probably flee the country, but the only way Americans seem divided is between those who still believe the Zionist media, and those who’ve realized they’re lying. (like I always say, “everyone who knows the truth is on our side”)
    There’s a possibility of foreign invasion, or foreign troops being brought here, but I don’t see the possibility of any kind of “civil war” unless the Zionist media is able to create one, and I’m sure they’d like to.

  5. carroll price says:

    “The very first firefight between government agents and American private citizens will be the ignition point of an all consuming maelstrom that will inundate the nation and render null and void any chance that America might reconstitute itself into its former image afterwards.”

    This statement is obviously not based on reality because government agent shootouts with American civilians has occurred many times in the past. Although it apparently escaped the author’s attention, this is exactly what occurred at Waco and Ruby Ridge, as well as the ambush and murder of Gordon Kahl in South Dakota by federal revenue agents. The only consequences in any of these cases of American civilians being murdered by Federal agents was that in several instances Federal agents who survived the shoot-outs were praised by congress and the president as national heroes, and awarded promotions. Far from rising up in rebellion and arms, hardly a peep of protest was ever heard from the average neutered American who has come to love and worship a central government he now looks upon as guardian and protector of his “freedoms”.

    • Henry Shivley says:

      Things are a little different now than they were back then, as a hundred million of our best people have been dispossessed, disenfranchised, and made civilly dead. These are the people that built the 21st century. They have lost everything they had and they are frying ass pissed. Having their work taken from them, they have taken the time to find out just what happened and who took their property. And now they are intent on taking their property back.
      Here is the best part. They are 110% in the right.
      Admittedly, there is a big job to be done, but we literally have an army of professionals in every field to do that job.
      It is real simple. We are fixing to enforce a couple of documents and through this act we will restore our Republic, our Constitution, and our Bill of Right, absolute.

      • NetRanger says:


        You are the man! “Frying Ass Pissed” … Never heard that term before but it is quite appropriate. Your vision is the same as mine.

        What people don’t understand is that it won’t be brother against brother. It will be brothers against the cabal while other brothers stand around with their heads in the sand or their thumbs up their butts.

  6. Sue Trimble says:

    I absolutely agree with 99% of what you said and I commend you for your courage in telling the truth. Although this illusion of the right or the left must be smashed if we are to understand what is happening to our country. The elite want us to fight between the two political party’s. This is what they want folks!! I used to be Republican until I studied and watched how the conservatives were actually voting. I regret to say, excluding Ron Paul, that both sides are bought and paid for. They will do as they’re told because they have been comprimised in some way. When I read the quote by Aristotle I thought it was made from a contemporary. I guess there’s nothing new under the sun. I have spoken with my husband, who is an avid hunter and a veteran about this gun grab, and he says unequivically, he will not give up his guns. He will not be fingerprinted, he will not register his guns. He will fight…. I will be by his side…. Long Live the Republic!!

  7. Eomer says:

    The lines are being drawn in the sand yet there are ao many people still plugged into the illusion. Everyone including the author has made excellent points. I guess my biggest fear is similar to what Carrol talked about. Standing up to tyranny and then quietly being smothered. We need the internet and communication. A real free press. As far as the “brother against brother” thing goes, I believe there is some merit to the term. I didn’t go to a certain party tonight because of certain anti-gun friends whom I’ve gotten along with on most terms until this last year. The point is, I feel as if there are many people out there who need to decide where they draw the line and who is to be trusted and ultimately who is friend or foe. It’s not so simple as black and white.

  8. vote for revenge comrade says:

    Good thing comrade chairman Hussein hit the fabulously successful reset button with Russia, they won’t attack the U.S. when Civil War versin 2.0 starts. Did you see where China demands the U.S. disarm? They want a cakewalk when they hit their reset button. Whew…good thing we have a cool marxist rockstar messiah comrade dear leader who has the midas touch.

  9. Anon Patriot says:

    Gun Control and Genocide

    A warning to gun grabbers and collectivist media: By calling for gun control, you are unleashing your own worst nightmare

    The 20th Cent. was the HOLOCAUST of the GENTILE (over 250 million people)(at 4:54 to 5:12 minutes into the video below)

    Prof Jay Fikes, Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin — “A Conversation about Mind Control”

    Q: What did the “Jews” (Khazars) do, once they gained power in Russia?
    A: The Hidden History of Jewish Bolshevism & Freemasonry

    Who is behind the fraudulent “War on Terror”? Who is behind the fraudulent “War on Drugs”? Who is behind the fraudulent “AGW”, or “Global Warming”, or “Gee, I-wonder-what-the-hell-they’re-going-to-call-it-next-Climate-Change?” Who is behind this drive to ban firearms, and your ability to defend yourself from government? Look no further, than the “Jew”-suits, the International Central Bankers, who own the so-called ‘Federal’ ‘Reserve’, their CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), their AIPAC, and all the dual Israeli-U.S. “citizens”, ZIO-NAZIS, that permeate our government agencies.

      • there were no so-called “Jews” in the Old Testament….

        curiously, the racist “God” who created the Races…

        also made a “Parasite” [VAMPYRE] race who have made a camo outfit called “Jews”…[See TALMUD]

        it is interesting that the Almighty who wrote the 10 Commandments
        put the 1st Commandment at the top of the list…

        the consequence for violating the 1st Commandment is BONDAGE….

        Jesus said to escape BOBDAGE one must KNOW THE TRUTH…..

        The History of the Children of Israel is not a “Jewish” narrative

        eliminating false information, and false conclusions is only accomplished by utilizing TRUE information…

        Both Greece & Rome had “many” gods…

        and were not Mongoloids or Negroids….

        and the word posterity in the preamble was not describing a “Jew” worshipping miasmatic multicultural moshpit…

        Washington admonished “Good Faith”…

        Jefferson eulogized Washington …”These are my opinions of General Washington, which I would vouch at the judgment seat of God, having been formed on an acquaintance of thirty years…

        I felt on his death, with my countrymen, that “verily a great man hath fallen this day in Israel.”

        -Thomas Jefferson, January 2, 1814

        Jefferson was not describing a ***GOG & MAGOG**** dung doodling stool sculpture deity cult compound in Palestine

        stupid will never change true…

        See OBADIAH & MATTHEW 13….

  10. Eddie Slovik says:

    Revolution — not civil war. I hope it’s like the French one with guillotines in the town square. And, let ‘er rip!!

  11. CXJ says:

    Thank you Mr. Longstreet. I woke up this morning with the reality of Civil War staring me square in the eyes. Coming face to face wih the apocolyptic four horsemen of war, famine, pestilence, death is a sobbering experience. However, my only fear is that we Americans may fail, but win, lose or draw we will fight. Even my daughters are prepared to fight. My 17 year old said to me Sunday in church, “Daddy, all I wanted to do in life was to fall in love, raise a family and at the end peacefully go home to Jesus. Was that asking for too much? Daddy you taught me about love and sacrafice. You instilled in me fortitude, perseverence and courage. I am like you Daddy. I will make the bastards pay for robbing me of my dreams. I love you daddy.” If I had any reservations about what I have to do my daughter’s words swept them away. Her words set ablaze a fury in me that I have never experienced and I am a man who is familar with war. American Patriots Bless God… Good day and good hunting.

    • NetRanger says:

      You tell your daughter that Uncle Nathan is rooting for her and will do anything to help. I’ve also got a 16 yo son with a black belt in karate and shoots golf balls at 50 yds with open sites. His attitude is the same. If it doesn’t happen in my lifetime, he’ll take command of my ship and sail it true.

      It won’t be a shoot out. It will be hunter-seeker and many NWO tools will die very silently never to be seen again. It will be much less like the War For Southern Independence (because geography plays almost no role) and more like the war for independence.

  12. Herb Scornwaffles says:

    Neutralize The City of London and all this money and 9-11, HAARP, Fukushima, Wall Street, DH oil well attacking activity will come to a screeching halt. Take the queen lizard’s jewels from London Tower for compensation. The domestic Anglophile groups include the corporate media’s ownership and management, and every last mewling vermin congress beast who has visited Israel to service the big obelisk in the basement of the World Court of the World. Israel hires out as mercenaries for England and The City of London. Nuking Fukushima PROVES beyond any shadow of a doubt that the genetic slag in charge must be replaced. ASAP.

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      I like Putin’s idea of turning Israhell into a glass ashtray better.

      THAT would solve a majority of the world’s present problems.

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