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The “Post Conviction” fight for Charles Dyer aka “July 4 Patriot!”

Published on Nov 26, 2012 by Deborah Swan

My statement on the update of Charles Dyer’s post conviction status. Charles Dyer’s support team has “pushed the eject” button” which is the exact statement that Charles said to me the other evening on the phone. I hope that those of you who have been following this, can see the actions of his “support team” his support team, and understand that they have done nothing to help him fight for the fair trial he still has not received. I tried to warn the Dyer family of this evil group, and unfortunately Charles was never told about what this group was actually doing to his support this entire time. Charles was told lies about what I have honestly been attempting to do and about the support I attempted to raise for him. I knew this was how this would turn out due to the enemy’s that have been involved up until his conviction. I have been demonized and ridiculed for my constant attempts to warn the family about what was happening and the actions of this evil group. After 4 trials, Stephens County Oklahoma finally got the guilty verdict and Rick Light, Amelia Foxwell, Darren Wilburn, Shane Shollick, jim Stackowick, Travis aka Illchemist, Stewart Rhodes, who either helped to destroy my credibility, and all the others who hijacked the support around the Dyer family, all have done ZERO to help reverse this UNLAWFUL conviction. These people WASTED all the gifts and donations that came from the real supporters out there who sent in money. The support team are the ones who is responsible for wasting all the money donated, and connecting the worst attorney in the history of criminal defense! All the good supporters who pitched in and sent real money to the Dyer family deserve a explanation about why this attorney was chosen! The US Observer who I thought would help expose all the corruption, all they have done is commit fraud by playing Mrs. Dyer against my help, while adding to the denomination and has now played me out as the reason why they cant do anything to help get Charles out of this conviction. Ed Snook, the owner of the US Observer has walked away with $26,000.00 total. The supporter Chris who I brought forward to the family put in $10,000.00 and then the Dyer family paid an additional $16,000.00. Ed Snook, the owner of the US Observer played off the emotions of Mrs. Dyer, and used me as his escape goat, while doing NOTHING to fight for Charles. All Ed Snook has done was go spend a few days in Lawton Oklahoma, (by the way is where the office of Agent Ken Western is located) and fool the Dyer family by claiming they had some “plan of action” so the Dyer family would pay out more money to them. Ed Snook attempted to turn Edogz and Chris against me, which of course did not work. When Chris contacted me and told me of the slander Ed Snook said to him about me, I knew immediately this was turning into a bad situation. I contacted the Dyer family and warned them about the Us Observer being compromised. I told them NOT to pay them any money and I explained that they were going to blame all this on me in the end. I tried to get Mrs. Dyer to not fall for their evil scam but Mrs. Dyer once again refused to listen to my warnings. Janet Dyer paid an additional $16,000.00 to the US Observer. There is so much that has gone on with this and all anyone has to do to see the evil involved, is look at the actions and put the pieces together! So this leaves those of us who are not afraid to step up, and to expose this ourselves. This is not over yet! Once the evidence is put on the table, and put in a format to be easily understood, then the truth is right in front of your face! Who will step up and join the real Patriots? This is what MUST be done! Think about how much a difference we will make for the entire
Patriot Community? Get in touch with me at the following address:

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One Response to The “Post Conviction” fight for Charles Dyer aka “July 4 Patriot!”

  1. Rebel420 says:

    I think about Charles all the time. Thank you so much for this update. As the collision between the gun-grabbing globalists and the patriots draws closer, I fear for Charles and all of those incarcerated. I think we all realize that there will be no justice for Charles from this corrupted system. Everyday I think about Veterans, and Patriots being locked up, “suicided”, drugged or shipped off to Africa to fight for the banks. We must find alternate methods for liberating our people. Trying to work within the system will be as futile as trying to get a fair election for Dr. Paul. The establishment is absolutely saturated with evil and corruption. And they will cheat and manipulate the system to get their way. We can not hope to beat them at their own game. I am not saying not to try, but I am saying time is getting short before the fireworks start flying. And who knows what these evil bastards will do to those locked up when they do. Especially those considered trained resistance.

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