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The Republic Must Be Rebuilt As There Is No Other Alternative

Free North Carolina – by Brock Townsend

We lost the republic long ago. Within Remus’s lifetime, loyal constitutionalist patriots have gone from the majority to a tolerated minority to a designated hate group and now, presumed terrorists. Meanwhile, the collectivists—the Democrat Republican Progressive establishment—are openly consolidating their power, strutting on the national stage like Mussolini in front of a mirror, their witless minions shouting down deviations from DC’s two party one-party line.

DC has taken on the classic structure of totalitarianism: feuding official fiefdoms with fuzzy and overlapping authorities, all burrowing into the formerly private lives of the populace, legal cover provided by a Byzantine tangle of laws and impenetrable codes, a form of lawlessness in itself, as it’s meant to be. In this pervasive fog and fear they needn’t be lawful other than by their own calculations.

Socialists cannot be and never have been bound by law, or said another way, under socialism the legality of an act is determined by its compliance with collectivist theory, retroactively where convenient, and not by a body of law that can be known in advance. The citizen is quantified, society is qualified, i.e., the citizen’s actions are measured against the putative good of the “masses”. In the republic now gone, society was measured in terms of the good of the citizen. The republic’s sole purpose was to guarantee the citizen’s liberty against all enemies, foreign and domestic. This was the Constitutional basis of the legal system, the reason for equality under the law, and the only justification for war.

But this is in the past, we are well into the collectivist ‘personality cult’ phase. There’s no longer a question of retrieving the republic, it must be rebuilt. What lies between now and then can’t be known. What is known is this: collectivists can mount an insurgency like no other, ruthless, patient and unwavering, but once successful they remain insurgents and without exception descend into a Darwinian orgy of power lust, visiting excesses on each other and the populace until the nightmare consumes the realm.

There’s no need for ol’ Remus to flog the best among us to do this or that in response, even if he knew what to do. Besides, they aren’t the best because of what they do, they’re the best because of what they are. What needs to be done flows from that so it’s enough that they are what they are. They’re an anonymous and nameless and timeless meritocracy with a provenance that predates the republic—they need the internet like Jefferson needed the newsreel—and they shall rise among us, the republic shall flourish anew. Just how, ol’ Remus hasn’t a clue, but he doesn’t have to, Thomas Paines and Benjamin Franklins and Thomas Jeffersons have ever walked among us. Their time has come again.

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One Response to The Republic Must Be Rebuilt As There Is No Other Alternative

  1. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

    My fellow Americans:

    Time to abolish and replace what cannot be repaired????

    Gee,… I wish I had said that!

    JD – US Marines – Smedly Butler is alive an well.

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