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The True Source of Random and Mass Shootings and Violence

Published on Jul 23, 2012 by ConnectTheBlots

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Find out why Dr. Ron Paul is crusading to STOP mandatory mental screening and forced drugging of our children. This video highlights the link between psychiatric drugs and acts of senseless violence, including nearly all recent mass-shootings and school shootings.
Discover more truth about Psychiatry’s evil reign as the true shadow governments that have a chokehold on all sectors of society, visit our page at:
Connect the blots…

This video is an chapter from the full documentary “Psychiatry’s Prescription for Violence” which was originally produced and released by CCHR, the worlds leading watchdog on mental health. For more videos by CCHR visit

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3 Responses to The True Source of Random and Mass Shootings and Violence

  1. Pat says:

    Yep. Nobody on the lamestream newz calling for “medication control”…alot of their advertising dollars come from the pharm whores.

  2. # 1 NWO Hatr says:


    The serial killer / mass murderer’s new drug of choice.

  3. Paul West says:

    This drugging of our kids so they settle down in school and study, has been going on since the early 70s… I support those brave people who have chosen to go up against these insatiable monsters who think in terms of kickbacks and large cash payouts… Psychiatrist’s believe that they are the only sane people on this planet, all the rest of us are just plan crazy man…

    OK, Mr.or Mrs. psychiatrist where did these drugs come from? Who’s responsible for the creation of these mind altering chemicals? Kinda in the dark hey! Well, don’t blame the pharmaceutical industry because I’ll tell you who is behind this diabolical plan to control us all eventually? Its our own government who is solely responsible for all the research and that evil development of these mind-numbing brain destroying chemicals…

    “Anyone remember a 60 Minutes segment about a tobacco industry whistle-blower researching scientist Jeffrey Wigand who exposed the Lorillard Tobacco Company’s top brass as criminals for deliberately spiking cigarette related products with these dangerous mind altering chemicals, to make them more addictive…?”

    Well many years ago I knew a scientist who worked for the government too… He also possessed a conscience too… This man had some startling revelations in relation to a top-secret research project he was involved in that would later be declassified…

    In the mid-1970s researchers at a top governmental facility developed a mind transferring drug… That’s right! a drug capable of transferring thought patterns from one species to another…? Or person-to-person, brain-to-brain This sinister concoction was developed quite accidentally, like most great inventions, this to was due too chance…

    This groundbreaking research required a dozen mice trained to navigate a multilevel and most difficult maze… It took 3-5 weeks to train these mice to go from point a to point b… After each of them had completed this intricate maze thus, memorizing every curve and shortcut they were all killed and dissected…

    Researchers removed the brains and placed them in a subterfuge device were certain chemical elements would be separated using gravity via G-forces… Now after separation these apprentice genetic scientists created a blue chemical that was generously injected into 12 other mice who had not been trained to go through this intricate maze…

    A short time later everyone of these untrained mice navigated that maze like they had completed it a thousand times before…Thus,memory transfer had been successfully accomplished for the first time ever… Now it was off to the next phase? “Memory Implant, Control and Eraser > M.I.C.E

    That was back in the 1970s no doubt this research would be considered obsolete today but, it did opened some doors for this the next generation of gifted Frankenstein s who using this godlike genetic research have surpassed the capability’s of this one mind altering drug with yet another one that can be easily injected into any individual turning him or her into a mindless killing machine > Injected would be assassin Chapman hearing voices (programed auditory perimeters) to assassinate ex-beatle Lennon then turned that same gun on himself erasing all suspicions henceforth…

    Unfortunately, this particular murder weapon was already empty when this loser who was probably injected with this experimental mind altering drug by some well-trained CIA agents while vacationing in Hawaii was unable to carry out his final mission… He pointed this now empty gun at his left temple pulled the trigger just hear a loud click as police arrived to arrest what they instantly called, “the local area screwball…?” Thank you officer Murphy for helping Mark Chapman, beat the system with an insane plea defense that was never really challenge once…

    Obviously, (they like to cover up their tracks when something goes terribly wrong?) back in the hands of the authorities (psychiatrist with access to lots of mind altering drugs) injected this now famous test subject with an eraser drug, were all memory’s of his involvement with the CIA would be erased… They couldn’t kill him outright for they were fearful of what an autopsy might reveal? (strange unidentified chemical substance in Chapman’s brain?)

    You think I’m not a conspiracy nut? Guess again!

    I was bogging out my highly controversial opinions about a 911 false flag coverup conspiracy, the very next day….

    Does anybody remember an article some years back about a renegade who unfortunately for the evil individuals behind his conspiracy possess a conscience… His convictions became stronger than his position as head scientific researcher for the Phil Morrison cigarette company… which compelled him to expose big tobacco for what they truly more doing to the average consumer who smoke cigarettes…

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