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The War With China Begins On January 1st

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December 5, 2012: The government is moving its new warships (retired American frigates and coast guard cutters) to offshore areas that China claims. That won’t be enough because China already has many more warships and it is building over 40 new coast guard and navy patrol ships and boats. Plus, China has a growing number of navy patrol and combat aircraft. The Philippines needs a major ally, like the United States, to provide enough naval muscle to keep the Chinese from enforcing their new rules that will, starting January 1st, have Chinese naval patrols escorting, or expelling, foreign ships from most of the South China Sea. This includes offshore areas of the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Brunei, and Vietnam that international law does not recognize as Chinese. Happy New Year to you too.

China has also issued new passports, which have a new map of China showing the South China Sea as Chinese territory. The Philippines and Vietnam have refused to recognize this passport. Filipinos are also angry at how China has reneged on its agreement to withdraw its warships from Scarborough Shoal (which, according to international law, is Filipino). Both countries agreed to withdraw their warships from the shoal but three Chinese ships remain. The Chinese keep offering excuses of why the ships are still there and the ships show no sign of leaving.

While the MILF has a peace deal with the government, it has to get the assent of the non-Moslem people (mostly Christians) in the south. Without that cooperation the deal will not work. Therein lies the problem, because most southerners (both Moslem and otherwise) do not trust the MILF to run this new government. The MILF is seen by many as a bunch of corrupt warlords. This is largely true but it’s also true that this is all you’ve got in the south and all there has ever been. MILF has promised to stop fighting and try to govern honestly. That may be as good as it gets.

November 30, 2012: In the north (Catanduanes Island) two NPA rebels were killed during an encounter with an army patrol. Four weapons were recovered, indicating that additional NPA dead or wounded rebels were carried away.

November 26, 2012: In the south four MILF dissidents (from the BIFF) were wounded by two roadside bombs. It’s unclear who set off the bombs. The BIFF is supposed to have a peace deal with MILF and the government. But nothing is ever as it seems in the south.

November 23, 2012: Abu Sayyaf leader Walid Amping was captured in the south (outside Zamboanga City).

November 22, 2012: In the south police cornered and killed wanted Indonesian Islamic terrorists Ustadz Sanusi. He was a member of Jemaah Islamiyah and, like many wanted Indonesian terrorists, has been hiding out in the Philippines for at least six years. Sanusi’s most heinous crime was the 2005 murder and beheading of three Christian schoolgirls in Indonesia.

November 21, 2012: The army is investigating reports from army units that the leftist NPA rebels have three women, apparently European (because of their fair complexions and the long popularity of the NPA among Dutch leftists) operating with them. The women appear to be armed. This is the first ever incidence of foreigners fighting with the NPA. It’s not unusual for European leftists to join leftist rebels in Asia or South America but usually only briefly and as journalists or “researchers”. There is one confirmed case of a Dutch woman joining the Colombian leftist rebel group FARC.

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5 Responses to The War With China Begins On January 1st

  1. Cathleen says:

    I can remember when my late uncle (RIP) worked in the shipyards in Bremerton, WA … I’m thinkin’ 2 maybe 3 decades? He was working on a ship, and fell and injured his back really bad. He didn’t live too many years after that. Now all those jobs are gone!

  2. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “The Philippines needs a major ally, like the United States, to provide enough naval muscle to keep the Chinese from enforcing their new rules that will, starting January 1st, have Chinese naval patrols escorting, or expelling, foreign ships from most of the South China Sea.”

    Between the Persian Gulf and the South China Sea the U.S. navy is going to be stretched mighty thin.

  3. NC says:

    1. Where is this “MILF” reference coming from? It sounds like something perverted.

    2. Everyone better watch out because the new Chinese chairman Xi Jinping is going to be a war president who will be tough as nails and will not back down to the U.S. or any other countries in regards to China’s sovereignty and sea area. Hu Jintao was in charge of getting China’s military built up and ready for Xi Jinping when he becomes the new chairman of China. As you can see, it is already happening. The U.S was trying to infiltrate the Communist party from within by trying to break the party and put in their own Chinese puppet leader like they did in Egypt and Libya, but it didn’t work. The Communist party, which is not stupid by any means, smashed the dissent like they always do and now Xi Jinping is the new chairman as they had planned.

    If the U.S. and the Zionists want to defeat China, I think they have met their match as the Chinese are the trickiest SOB’s in the world when it comes to government and business. Why do you think the Triads are the #1 mafia in the world. They didn’t get that way by playing with fortune cookies. And with them rich Chinese factory owners and government people buying up land in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Canada and so on, it won’t be long until half the world is officially “Made in China”.

    As far as the U.S., Vietnam and the Philippines presence around China goes, I think the three countries are definitely biting off more than they can chew with China. Once the Chinese officially reveal their military to the world, I think the U.S. and company in the area will be nothing more than a skeleton crew to China. Remember, their ancestors wrote “The Art of War” (Sun Tzu) They know it better than anyone and this new chairman won’t be afraid to apply it.

    Maybe the U.S. military can ask for more DHS grants or ask TSA for help in transporting their ships around safely by molesting the Chinese sailors. I’m sure they would go for that and then if they don’t the U.S. will be stupid enough to say “they must be terrorists as we have received intelligence from unnamed sources that they are trying to sink our ships by ramming their boats and planes into ours like they did in Pearl Harbor”. Unfortunately, the sheeple, not knowing their history and the fact that it was Japan that did this in WII at Pearl Harbor and NOT China, will fall for this ridiculous propaganda and because they will think that all Asians are evil since they all look alike and then we’d have another Pacific war on our hands. God help this world. (I better stop giving the Zionists and the elite ideas. They are probably reading this right now. lol)

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