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This Is Why EVERYTHING Is Illegal

Published on Nov 18, 2012 by 

The Proliferation of Federal Crimes

The Constitution established four federal crimes. Today the experts can’t even agree on how many federal crimes are now on the books — they number into the thousands. No one person can comprehend the enormity of the legal system — especially the tax code. Due to the ill-advised drug war and the endless federal expansion of the criminal code we have over 6 million people under correctional suspension, more than the Soviets ever had, and more than any other nation today, including China. I don’t understand the complacency of the Congress and the willingness to continue their obsession with passing more Federal laws.

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6 Responses to This Is Why EVERYTHING Is Illegal

  1. mel says:

    My guess is the rampant corruption. Its the only thing that even makes sense.

  2. Ken says:

    Why is everything illegal?!?!? It is obvious to me, greed and corruption, the political class is the most evil, useless and wasteful people ever put upon this earth. They are bought, hook, line and sinker by international bankers and large corporate interests.
    Want the truth? Tens of thousands of laws govern the people in the US more or less dependent on the state in which you live. Even Jesus Christ knew which direction the law should move in, when asked by his disciples, concerning the ten commandments, how many laws should there be, he replied, “Two, love God and love your neighbor”. Apparently the world has no idea what love is!
    That or there are truly very few Christians on the planet.

  3. David2 says:

    The laws are there to protect those that write the laws, corporations have no limit on their campaign donations and the prison system is basically in private corporate hands as are SCOTUS and all branches of Government.

    There can be no simplicity or justice for the people. Conspiracy, Conflict and Control rely on having multiple distractions.

    Ken liked your beautiful simple quote from Christ, too many have been indoctrinated into finding it cool to reject all spirituality and this suits the zionist agenda as they want power and will weaken morality to break the spirit of common sense.

  4. NC says:

    Haha! I always like hearing the fast-talking side effects of taking something. How they can get away with saying all of that all the time is beyond me. Sheeple. That’s all I have to say.

  5. georgew says:

    Its simple really.
    “They” do not like the American Middle class anymore. We have given them all we can through the “Old World Order” slave system and now its time to start up the NWO slave system.
    So, generate an astronomical increase in laws, regulations, rules and then build a domestic army to spy on you and arrest you for breaking some teeny law. They drag you to court, then apply the lawyers to take the money you do not have. You are in jail and get re-habilitated, if that goes well you get out with an EBT card.
    Sounds like a real success story.
    Really, I cannot believe how insane it is getting.

  6. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    The short answer? The lunatics have taken over the asylum.

    Insanity abounds.

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