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Titanic The Shocking Truth 2012

Published on Mar 16, 2014 by documentarydefinitio

I was wondering if there was anyone else out there that saw the documentary Titanic The Shocking Truth. I just saw it and find it hard to believe. I’ve known about the supposed Olympic/Titanic for years and information contained in the documentary didn’t seem quite right to me that hopefully someone here can help to clarify.
In the documentary it said the Olympic’s keel was broken in the collision and as a result had a permenant list to port. I don’t remember reading any where that the Olympic had a broken keel. Also stated in the documentary was that Lawrence Beesly noticed the Titanic had a list to port when he boarded but I don’t recall any statement like that anywhere in all my reading.
The documentary claimed they used a propellor blade from the Titanic to fix Olympic after she dropped a blade after she struck an underwater obstruction off the Grand Banks and that’s why there is a 401 on the starboard propellor blade sticking out of the mud on the wreck. I thought that Olympic lost a port prop blade and that it was the starboard prop that was visible on the wreck. I don’t remember the source now but i thought I read somewhere the Titanic’s propellors were slightly larger so they couldn’t have interchanged propellor blades.
In The Shocking Truth it was claimed there were 18-22 rockets fired and they were red, white, and blue-don’t know how they came up with that. It was also claimed that in the 1986 expedition there was an M and a P photographed on the bow where the name was but I’ve never seen any proof of that.

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2 Responses to Titanic The Shocking Truth 2012

  1. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

    Hi My Fellow Americans:

    When I am taking a break from studying how the Zionist-jew scumbags have screwed the world,… I like to do some relaxing Forensics on other subject matters,.. like the Titanic.

    I do not know if all the “facts” that is offered in this to justify the claim that the Olympic was the ship actually sunk, as part of an insurance job, not the Titanic as depicted in the history books,… but if just HALF his facts are true,… then once again,… this was another Rothchild’s related “event”, since J.P. Morgan was the major share holder in both the I.M.M. and the White Star Line, and J.P. Morgan was nothing more than a front man for Rothchilds.

    Any one have any insight on the external “facts” given in this documentary, that helps prove this??

    Thx – JD

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