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To All Military and Law Enforcement – It is Time to Choose

Published on Jan 7, 2013 by Awakened citizen

This is a call to ALL of our distinguished men and women in the military and law enforcement….TIME TO CHOSE!!!! We, the people, your people, love you all and we ALL hope you love the freedom you are working so hard to protect enough to protect it from ALL enemies foreign AND domestic. Please educate yourselves and help to educate others who are not educated and get in the fight for the minds of american citizens. You are our strongest ally and we need you now more than ever in americas history to stand up and be counted.

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3 Responses to To All Military and Law Enforcement – It is Time to Choose

  1. Truthurts says:

    Awesome video. I’m sending to everyone.

  2. Robert says:

    Good video.

  3. lyre says:

    the denial inherent in such stupidly named pieces as this one is stunning.

    THEY HAVE MADE THEIR CHOICE- that is why we are presently in a police state- because they have made successive choices to do so for decades now.

    what is it about abuse and the repeated slap in the face that sheeple cant understand?

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