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TriHealth ‘fires’ workers without flu shots

NKY Cincinnati – by Cliff Peale

Health system TriHealth had a message for 150 employees Wednesday: We really mean it this time.

The 150 workers who didn’t get the required flu shots by the Nov. 16 deadline received termination notices the day before Thanksgiving.

To keep their jobs, they need a flu shot by Dec. 3.

“The flu vaccine still is the best way to protect our employees and our patients against the flu,” spokesman Joe Kelley said.

TriHealth required all 10,800 employees to get flu shots. This is the third year it’s issued terminations for failure to get vaccinations.

TriHealth operates Good Samaritan and Bethesda North hospitals, the Queen City Physicians and Group Health Associates doctors groups and Hospice of Cincinnati.

It has offered the shots for free since Oct. 1 and will continue to offer them through Dec. 3.

Several of the region’s biggest health systems also require flu shots. Insurers and employers often recommend them to fight off the flu, but health systems are increasingly adamant in an effort to protect patients.

Some have gone even further.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in previous years has restricted access to patient rooms for everyone except families during flu season.

One example was the 2009 outbreak of the H1N1 flu virus. 

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7 Responses to TriHealth ‘fires’ workers without flu shots

  1. Ben says:

    This should be unlawful.It’s not right to decimate someones life and lively hood over a vaccination.Evidently they do not have a heart for their employees.

  2. diggerdan says:

    I never get sick – much less the flu – and I haven`t been to a damned Dr. in 10 yr.s or so. This realy sounds like a discrimination law suit to me big time, and I hope that that is what this turns out to be. They have absolutly no right to demand a employee to get any kind of vacination unless it involves some out standing circumstances.

    • TranceAm says:

      Hehe 🙂
      That is how the urine Samples started. For “out standing circumstances”.

      Now, in order to get the job to clean the toilet bowl, above one fills their sample cup, you have to have your Urine sampled.

      • diggerdan says:

        And don`t ya know TranceAm that the health care workers, councelor/therapists and cops have the biggest percentages of drug users out there – at least they did the last time I have checked.

  3. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    The intended result from the “preventative” far outweighs the dangers of the flu infections themselves.

    So-called “health care” workers should be fairly high on the list of ‘acceptable’ targets once the SHTF, I’m thinking.

    Definitely the ones still attempting to “vaccinate” people, at the very least.

  4. Jolly Roger says:

    They give the flu shot for free because it will result in more costly illnesses later.
    If this trend isn’t nipped in the bud everyone will be required to get vaccinated if they want to be employed anywhere, and since there are so many people who can’t find find work right now, they’ll be able to sicken millions with their poisonous vaccines.

    “So-called “health care” workers should be fairly high on the list of ‘acceptable’ targets once the SHTF, I’m thinking.”

    I have to agree wholeheartedly with the #1 NWO Hatr . These doctors know they’re killing people, and destroying lives, but they continue to do so rather than ever speak up against their bosses and the insurance companies. They jab away at newborn babies fully knowing that these vaccines are destroying any chance they have at a healthy life.

    “I never get sick – much less the flu – and I haven`t been to a damned Dr. in 10 yr.s or so. ”

    The fact that you haven’t been to a doctor in 10 years is the reason you don’t get sick, Digger. I”m the same way. I haven’t taken any of their crazy meds in decades and I never get sick either, despite being exposed to some highly contagious illnesses. (measles for example — never had it as a child, and can’t seem to catch it as an adult, either) I took my last anti-biotics in the 70’s.

  5. Fullfreedom says:

    I work in health care, although not in Ohio. The reason they have become so adamant about this is because the new 2013 Medicare rules state that the hospitals will not be fully reimbursed unless they can get a certain percentage to take these loathsome shots. They have been corralling and training people for the last few years, because they knew it was coming. Back in 2009, when they got a bunch of people to take the phony H1N1 shot, I saw co-workers become sick, semi-paralyzed and fully paralyzed in one instance, although she recovered a week or two later. They then found a way to fire that particular employee, once she started telling others the reason for her paralysis. They sure kept that one quiet at my hospital, which just shows their level of evil. Here in Texas, they still give the option, at least for now, to exempt on religious grounds, but I don’t know how long it will last. I’m already weighing in my options of other ways of making a living. It is racketeering, plain and simple. It has nothing to do with protecting anyone, except Big Pharma profits, period. They can stick their shot where the sun does not shine.

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