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TSA creating all new watch list for Americans

RT News

Being absent from a federal no-fly list might not mean you won’t be hassled the next time you enter an US airport. The Transportation and Security Administration is constructing a new list of known “low risk” passengers.

According to the November 19 Federal Register newsletter put out by the US government, the TSA is trying to put together a new roster of airport patrons who may be a cause for concern but not necessarily dangerous enough to be added to the no-fly list that contains suspected terrorists and other persons of interest.

The news comes as the TSA is still trying to figure out how to operate its PreCheck program, a project that lets frequent-flyers bypass the stringent security screenings that other passengers who put through while boarding flights in the US.

“As part of the effort to identify individuals that are low risk, TSA also is creating and maintaining a watch list of individuals who are disqualified from eligibility from TSA Pre[check]TM, for some period of time or permanently, because they have been involved in violations of security regulations of sufficient severity or frequency,” reads an excerpt from the Federal Register.

“Disqualifying violations of aviation security regulations may involve violations at the airport or on board aircraft, such as a loaded firearm that is discovered in carry-on baggage at the checkpoint, or a threat to use a destructive device against a transportation conveyance, facilities or personnel,” the bulletin continues, noting that the TSA Pre[check]TM Disqualification List “will be generated by TSA’s Performance and Results Information System (PARIS).”

In February, the Associated Press revealed that the number of names included on the federal no-fly list created after the September 11 terrorist attacks has doubled in size in just 12 months. While around 10,000 individuals were barred from flying in 2011, information made available to the AP in February of this year suggested that the number of persons unable to board planes now amounts to roughly 21,000.

“The news that the list is growing tells us that more people’s rights are being violated,” Nusrat Choudhury of the American Civil Liberties Union told the AP for their report. “It’s a secret list, and the government puts people on it without any explanation. Citizens have been stranded abroad.”

In October, a Louisiana man was told he was added to the federal no-fly list while awaiting a connecting flight in Hawaii. He had managed to fly from the mainland US to the Pacific island with no problem, but once arriving in Oahu was told he would be prohibited from boarding another plane.

“I was very, very vocal about the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and I did contact my representative” about it, Wade E. Hicks, Jr told radio host Doug Hamann of the incident. “I do believe that this is tied in some way to my free speech and my political view.”

While criticism of the government was never fully considered a good enough reason to remove someone’s air travel privileges, the development of a new “low risk” roster could classify a whole new group of persons who would have otherwise been left off the no-fly list.

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11 Responses to TSA creating all new watch list for Americans

  1. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

    My Next T-Shirt:

    T reasonus
    S cumbags &
    A ssholes

    Gee,.. I wonder if that will get me “on their list”??

    TSA – Modeled after the Nazi Gestapo.

    If you dumbass Americans allow them to molest you, your family, your kids, especially your daughters,.. then you deserve it.

    JD – US Marines – Disgusted with the average Americans willingness to tolerate these lowlife TSA douchbags.

  2. NC says:

    I’m still curious as to why people still fly after all of this. I have never flown since coming back from China and that was well over a year ago and I refuse to fly unless I have to leave this country again. People who are stupid enough to go along with all of this TSA bullshit in order to fly, deserves to get molested and tortured.

    Every time I hear a person say, “I am flying to such and such place”, I just look at them and say, “Aren’t you bothered that you have to be felt up by TSA and go through the scanners and be treated like a prisoner? Why don’t you just drive or take the bus or something?” and they just look at me and shrug and say, “Oh it’s not that bad. Just do what they tell you and you won’t have a problem.” Words spoken by a true slave. I just shake my head in disgust. Sheeple!

    • diggerdan says:

      NC, them types that say that probobly are just haveing a fantasy about being so wanted that they are getting gropped by a stranger. Heck, they probobly going through multiple time just to have a stranger play around with them – ya think there is any moanin` and groaning going on in that line? LOL

    • US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

      Hi NC,

      The worse part is,.. the slaves don’t even realize (or are programmed to believe they “don’t care”) they are doing EXACTLY as their overlords have trained them to do!

      As you stated so eloquently: “Spoken like a true slave.”

      I have had the same experience all to often now where I basically say the same thing to people who fly as you do,… the’re response is almost identical to the one you stated you receive!

      This is the manifestation of Manchurian Charactistics (behaviors contrary to ones own self-interests) that were instilled into the dumb, blind, unwashed masses via Bernaysian Conditioning (programming via the Ministry-Of-Propaganda, aka: our “Mass Media”).

      The clever part of this conditioning is, even when you bring it to their attention,.. their conditioning has them programmed to deny it,.. to the point they will ARGUE with you that they are NOT programmed or conditioned! (….How f’n brilliant is that??)

      I have found many of these people are the same kind that would stand on the stern of the Titanic and argue its not going to sink,.. the stern being out of the water is PROOF that “they” will not get wet! Most of these Matix-Loving, Short-Sighted, Cud-Chewing Cattle can not be saved from themselves,.. so lets concentrate on the 5% – 10% that can be, and will be around to help rebuild after the real collapse wipes out the dumb sheep.

      JD – US Marines – Those to deep in the Matix can not be saved, so don’t waste your time on them.

      • diggerdan says:

        They realy tried to condition me JD but they can only contition ya if you let them. I`m talkin` Mk ultra ya know – back in the 60`s. Screwed me up ya know, but they never got to me. Ya got to be vulnerable to be brainwashed ya know!!!

  3. NC says:

    “The Transportation and Security Administration is constructing a new list of known “low risk” passengers.”

    Oh! A new list of “low risk” passengers as well as “high risk” passengers. We’ll give you a free pass with our new option, but if you are a “low risk” passenger, we can’t exempt you. So basically, they give you the option, but in the end, no one will be able to get on it. It’s like saying, “Sure you have the right to choose an option, but you will still be in trouble if we say you are.” How is that any different?

    This “low risk” thing reminds me of another kind of police state tactic used by traffic cops. For example, if you are going to fast and above the speed limit on the road, you are a “high risk” driver. But if you are going to slow and below the speed limit on the road, you are a “low risk” driver. So basically, there’s no difference. You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  4. Jolly Roger says:

    I got your list…..right here.

    That girl in the picture is cute. They better strip search her. All the terrorists are trying to look cute these days.

  5. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Apparently they already have quite a list of potentially dangerous 3-8 year olds with ‘disarming smiles’.

  6. Throckmorton says:

    Just because you’re there and have to comply to their wishes, doesn’t mean that you become as sheep. I fly overseas frequently and I always opt out. I have even switched air carriers so that I go through the Touch Some Ass checkpoint only one time. Yes the travel time is longer but I would rather have it that way. TSA is a joke to other countries. Even following the US Government’s guidelines, They can load a 747 in 1/3rd the time. 30 minutes from front door to seat on the plane. That is after going through two other checkpoints as well. If only there were a road over the pond, I would drive myself, however it would only be a matter of time before the DHS/TSA put a checkpoint in to search vehicles trying to cross the bridge.

    I’m reminded of a quote so often spoken by Benjamin Franklin; “Those who will give up freedom for security, deserve neither freedom nor security.”

    Freedom has been preserved by the blood of hero’s. Too bad they don’t teach that in school anymore. They would rather teach what a bad country the USA was for dropping two Atomic boms (deliberate misspelling) on the poor Japanese. Not the fact that the Japanese would have never stopped until they realized they truly had “awakened the sleeping giant.”

    It is sad the spirit of patriotism in the USA isn’t what it use to be. As I have heard said before, “Our framers of our great nation must be rolling over in their graves.”
    Peace: Throckmorton.

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