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TSA Detains 3-year-old in Wheelchair

TSA Detains 3-year-old in WheelchairFox News – by Todd Starnes

A Missouri couple is furious after the Transportation Security Administration detained their wheelchair-bound three-year-old daughter, took away her stuffed doll, and refused to allow them to videotape agents patting her down.

“They treated her like a criminal,” said Nathan Forck. “And by extension they were treating us as criminals.”

The TSA did not return phone calls or emails seeking comment.

The incident happened on Feb. 9th at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

Forck and his wife Annie, along with their three children were heading to Disney World for a family vacation. Lucy, their three-year-old, has Spina bifida and is confined to a wheelchair.

The family managed to make it through the TSA checkpoint without any problems. But as they prepared to walk to their gate, a TSA agent pulled aside Lucy for additional screening measures.

“They specifically told me that they were singling her out for this special treatment because she’s in a wheelchair,” he told Fox News. “They are specifically singling out disabled people for this special scrutiny. It’s rather offensive to me as a father of a disabled child.”

The agent said they needed to pat down Lucy and swab her wheelchair – even though both had already gone through the checkpoint.

Forck’s wife started filming the entire episode – over the objections of the TSA agent.

“You can’t do touch my daughter unless I record it,” she can be heard telling the agent.

The agent replied by telling the parents “It is illegal to do that.”

“The problem is, I don’t allow anyone to touch my little daughter,” Annie Forck said.

The Forcks refused to stop filming and soon, the young family was surrounded by TSA agents – one specifically assigned to guard Lucy.

“It’s your worst nightmare,” Forck said. “It’s bad enough they are demanding they want to pat down my child and didn’t want me to videotape it.”

Forck, who is an attorney, said he knew enough about the law to know it was perfectly legal to videotape.

“That set off alarm bells,” he said.

At some point the agents confiscated Lucy’s stuffed toy, “Lamby” – reducing the child to tears.

“She was crying for her stuffed animal which they wouldn’t let her have for the longest time,” he said. “It’s only about a half foot long. It’s a lamb down that talks – but she loves it.”

As TSA agents discussed what they were going to do, the video shows Lucy weeping uncontrollably.

“I don’t want to go Disney World,” she screamed as her parents tried to offer reassurances.

Forck said he could not understand why the TSA was so adamant about not allowing them to film their daughter’s pat-down.

“Just because you slap a TSA badge on – I don’t know this person – and they’re going to be putting their hands on my child,” he said.

He said if someone had done that outside the airport – they would be in jail.

“But you put a TSA badge on and now all of a sudden it’s okay,” he said.

Forck said they were not trying to make a scene at the airport. They only wanted to maintain the dignity of their daughter.

“We were going to stand our ground and state very clearly what they could and could not do to our child,” he said. “It was very disheartening. It broke my heart that Lucy had to go through that on the way to of all places Disney World.”

Forck said he understands that a certain level of security is needed at airports – but he believes what happened in St. Louis was not only inappropriate but may have been illegal.

“We are not unreasonable people,” he said. “But to say you are going to do a bodily search with no probable cause whatsoever – just because she is in a wheelchair – that was offensive.”

After 30 minutes, the Forck family was rescreened and allowed to continue on their trip. He said they had absolutely no problems getting through the TSA checkpoint in Orlando.

And Lucy was also reunited with Lamby.

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8 Responses to TSA Detains 3-year-old in Wheelchair

  1. Steve apple says:

    Just look at this precious little girl,she is so traumatized she doesnt even want to go to ratland.What a pack of gutless slaves we as a nation have become,I am more riled up than Mr H was on yesterdays show.THIS HAS TO STOP NO MORE IT HAS COME TO A HEAD THESE COWARDS ARE GONNA PAY DEARLY .

  2. diggerdan says:

    Here`s one for them molesters – If those damned drug/explosive detecting dogs are so good then why don`t they just use one of those dogs. Hell, I think that they want the personal pleasure of playing dirty with those that they think they have power over. Those dogs should be able to detect anything that they would be looking for.

    • Steve apple says:

      Maybe so but I wont be sniffed by a dog, a damn mangy cop dog, this is like those black and white “papers please ” scary movies I watched as a child.THE ONLY TERRORIZER THREAT WE FACE IS THOSE PRINTING MONEY AND LORDING IT OVER US there is no moooslum threat the enemy is in the gate.They use money and blackmail (bribes ,pedophilia, insider tradeing, dual citizen,(loyal to the tribe) etc etc over these selected sen/con thay have dirt on most/all of those serving isntreal.I can find no excuse for this “long train of abuses” and simply will not tolerate ANY of these assaults on my person. I have had a belly full of this SERVANT becoming master nonsense.


      • diggerdan says:

        And that is what I`m sayin` there Steve. I wouldn`t fly for any one nor would I subject myself being fondled much less my kids. What I`m sayin` is if them damned police dogs are so good at detecting drugs and explosives then why do they think they had to play around fondling people if they were not getting off on it. If you get what I`m saying there Steve apple. People don`t want to be fondled then stay the F out of places like that and don`t support the perverts.

        • Steve apple says:

          Hey DiggerDan ,No offense intended, I flew the last time on sept.28 2001(2 wks after the new “pearl harbor” PNAC memo 2000 also know as 911)from here to denver when they had just started this transformation,they had hudreds of non english speaking foreignors searching americans as I had witnessed the IMPLOSION of the “tradecenters” I could see the future bright and scary.So dont think for one instant that I would ever set foot in their airports again if I cant drive there Im not going.I did all my running in my youth and am now just a boring semi-old fart thats just wants to be left alone and they just wont do that,and thats why Im here cause we needs every last man that didnt fall for their ruse of total enslavement .

          • diggerdan says:

            No offence taken Steve. I was just thinking that a dog could smell drugs or explosives without touching anybody. Yea, I wouldn`t fly at all unless it was with my own plane or a good freinds plane and even then – I like to stay well grounded ya know. Yup Steve apple when ya see someone in a uniform/suit comeing towards ya and they are putting on the ol` rubber gloves it is time to stand and fight or turn and run cuz you know what comes next. lol

  3. Bullwinkle says:

    I hope that trip to Dizzyworld was worth the hassle.

  4. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Walt Disney was a 33rd degree Mason.

    There are three 6’s in his signature, which was created for him by someone else.

    If I had kids, I wouldn’t take them anywhere NEAR that place.

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