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TSA detains sick girl because she tested positive for explosives, mother says

Fox News

A 12-year-old girl who uses a wheelchair was detained for nearly an hour at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport by Transportation Security Administration agents who said they detected traces of bomb residue on her hands, according to her mother. reports that Shelbi Walser, who suffers from a genetic bone disorder, was traveling with her mother from Texas to Florida for medical treatment Dec. 8 when she was prevented from proceeding through a security checkpoint.

When a screener swabbed Shelbi’s hands and fingers, she tested positive for explosives, her mother, Tammy Daniels tells The wheelchair, she said, was never tested.

Daniels said a bomb specialist showed up and TSA agents prevented her from getting close to her crying daughter, according to

Other passengers reportedly spoke out in support of Shelbi, according to Daniels, who used her cell phone to record a video of the incident.

After nearly an hour, Daniels said agents suddenly told them they were free to leave, offering no explanation for the detention.

TSA responded in a statement to that reads in part, “TSA’s mission is to safely, efficiently and respectfully screen nearly two million passengers each day at airports nationwide. We are sensitive to the concerns of passengers who were not satisfied with their screening experience and we invite those individuals to provide feedback to TSA through a variety of channels.”

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8 Responses to TSA detains sick girl because she tested positive for explosives, mother says

  1. Ted Brown says:

    TSA needs to be renamed SFB (Shit for Brains).

  2. DreAmeoba says:

    Something called ‘infolinks’ keeps pre-empting the links on this page.
    (making them unfollowable)
    This has been going on with this site for a couple of days now.

  3. Whizerd67 says:

    Touch my child in this manner without my consent, permission and presence, you will go from whomever you think you are, and flown to a trauma center, where your name and number will be patient # 13045 in room number CCU 515. Period.
    I’d never go to an airport…but this should be the reaction for ANY parent.
    Enough is enough. I hate advocating violent intentions, but dammit, the truth is the truth.
    Precision violence it what it is gonna take for changes to this issue, and other more and less important issues. The key is that everyone needs to keep in mind that restoration and change is the goal…not destroy and start completely over. It may seem that everyone needs to just destroy everything in order for any good change to occur.
    When THAT(precision) begins to happen, THAT will be the fight. If that doesn’t happen, it will be the LAST fight for anyone.
    It all stems from big money. Period.
    And until the military presence is subsided, any fight against big money will not succeed. Not the way it should. Thats for domestic problems, as well as curbing some international atrocities that the citizens of their perspective lands can then get theirs back too.
    Common sense, that EVERYONE that is human, knows.
    The trick will be for all the individualities in humans, to do it right. If it’s not done right, it won’t get done without the agenda of tptb coming forth—-almost extinction for humans, worldwide. Hell, extinction of most organic life and resources on the planet really.
    (As much as I hate to say it…Iceland got most of it right-on…they started with the big money! It’s not going to be that easy for the U.S. people, and many other lands…but the consequences of not doing this in ‘powerful’ countries is slow death.)
    Did I go off-topic?
    Not really…it all stems from THAT.

    ~Blessed Be to all~

  4. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    This stretches the boundaries of “reasonable suspicion” far beyond the limits of credibility.

  5. escapefromobamastan says:

    The thing is the TSA exists because of a flse flag event. At some point we’re going to have to act to get our country back.

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