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TSA’s Highway Base System: The Next Step Of The Police State Unfolding

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

Warning to all Liberty loving Americans and to the entire human race; the ZIO-NAZI Police State of Amerikkka is taking the next step of its’ unfolding. According to this newly released story at, a reporter for the Dollar Vigilante has uncovered some very disturbing news about the TSA’s latest plans to implement a crackdown upon our nations highways. In what could only be considered a headlong rush into fascism, the TSA is planning to expand its’ authorities onto the nations highways.

Imagine your next full body search while going out for dinner with the wife and kids. Adolf Hitler would be quite proud of what the TSA and DHS have accomplished here in the once proud ‘land of the free, home of the brave’. TSA patdown and security measures, soon coming to highways and roadways near you. Sieg Heil . From

Wendy McElroy, writing for the Dollar Vigilante, has uncovered a TSA move to extend its airport Gestapo zone to the nation’s mass transit system and highways.

McElroy spotlights an application on page 71431 of Volume 77, Number 231 of the Federal Register that “constitutes a preliminary step toward systematically expanding TSA’s authority from airports to highways and almost every other means of public travel.”

The effort will eliminate the ability to travel anonymously around the country and remove “one of the last remaining differences between the US and a total police state,” McElroy writes. “The total police state you experience at airports wants to spill into roads and bus stops, to  subways and trains. Or, rather, the TSA wants to solidify and spread the fledgling and erratic presence it already has.”

Don’t think that it could happen here in America? Well, it already has…

Still don’t believe it’s possible, then please read this from the US govts own website :

Information Collection Requirement

Title: Highway Baseline Assessment for Security Enhancement (BASE)
Type of Request: New collection.
OMB Control Number: Not yet assigned.
Form(s): Highway Baseline Assessment for Security Enhancement
Affected Public: Highway transportation asset owners and operators.
Abstract: TSA’s Highway BASE program seeks to establish the current
state of security gaps and implemented countermeasures throughout the
highway mode of transportation by posing questions to major
transportation asset owners and operators. Data and results collected
through the Highway BASE program will inform TSA’s policy and program
initiatives and allow TSA to provide focused resources and tools to
enhance the overall security posture within the surface transportation
Number of Respondents: 750.
Estimated Annual Burden Hours: An estimated 3,000 hours annually.

Issued in Arlington, Virginia, on November 21, 2012. .
Susan L. Perkins,
TSA Paperwork Reduction Act Officer, Office of Information Technology.
[FR Doc. 2012-28997 Filed 11-29-12; 8:45 am] BILLING CODE 9110-05-P

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One Response to TSA’s Highway Base System: The Next Step Of The Police State Unfolding

  1. Jolly Roger says:

    Things like this do more to wake people up than anything we can tell them. Most people won’t say a word, because there aren’t many sensible actions anyone can take by themselves, but when the time comes, millions of people who are now silent will remain silent no longer.

    I think one of the most effective things people can do is organize small groups of neighbors. If they won’t join a militia group, let ’em join a sewing club, a weekly poker game, or any other group that brings neighbors back together, and they will fight together for their common survival once they realize what’s going on around them.

    Breaking the ice of isolation is the first, and most important step we can take, and there are millions of ways to do this WITHOUT mentioning politics. Get ’em together for a shooting match, birthday parties, picnics, or any other reason, but increasing neighborly communication and interaction is the first, and most important step we can take.

    People have been divided by media propaganda, and that was no accident, and this is a trend that we desperately need to reverse.

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