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US Government – Persona Non Grata

“We, The People”, are now at a pivotal moment in history where we will decide to either let ourselves be openly murdered, disarmed and enslaved by this perfidious filth called the US Federal Government, OR, realize it is time to declare the US Fed government is wholly treasonous, is “Persona Non Grata” (unwelcome person(s)),… then abolish it!

Although this epistle short, it is to question our willingness to acknowledge that the US Fed Government is now wholly incompatible with our existence.



The Treasonous US Fed Government has clearly decided to go “all-in” in trying to create gun-fear in order to get the public support for “Legislative-Disarmament” of the masses.

Americans should damn well expect to see the frequency, intensity, variation of location, and sheer horror of these kinds of staged events to increase, they NEED to keep the momentum going! and growing! to achieve their true goals of disarmament, then enslavement.

Our treasonous government is completely desperate to disarm America in order to move onto the final phase of “Total-Enslavement”.

Our Treasonous Government has now committed themselves to, “COMPLETE & UN-RESTRICTED WARFARE ON AMERICANS, INCLUDING OUR CHILDREN.”

We have a complete fraud sitting in the Whitehouse that was put there by what can only be described as the most laughable excuse for a sham election in American history, and even by the most ridiculous excuses for governments in the rest of the world, Obama’s “election” is an endless source of comic relief, and inspiration for all current, and would-be dictators.

The US Fed Government has stolen the Presidency, destroyed our economy, debased our currency, gave our banking system to criminal bankster, destroyed New York City, attacked the Pentagon, killed innocent people and children overseas, is now openly executing Americans, and exterminating OUR children, and that’s just the first nine of their immeasurable number of crimes.



At what point do we say, enough?


JD – US Marines – Our Fed Government Is Going “All-In” to Kill, Disarm & Enslave Us, Are we going to allow it?

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28 Responses to US Government – Persona Non Grata

  1. Brent says:

    Average person doesn’t have access to the power players, so why doesn’t a guy like Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy order one of his generals to carry out a “clean house” mission to remove perhaps 2000 of the most evil men on the planet??

  2. LD says:

    People are naturally pathologically subdued by shock and awe and collective punishment. You’ll notice Newtown took to prayer vigils and increasing press for gun control in the wake of seeing their own children murdered by these sociopaths. What can be done if the victims themselves won’t fight back and leadership won’t loft militia?

  3. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    The only way I can see to “abolish” this traitorous so-called ‘government’, is with guns and ropes, JD.

    These treacherous, murderous, lying, thieving thugs will NEVER willingly give up their positions of power any other way.

    They’ve left us no other choice than this “final solution”.

    I’m good with that.

    • LD says:

      Not without a well regulated militia, my friend. Your Remington and duck blind will fail miserably against a predator drone and the myriad of police whose misguided understanding of the rule of law has been dictated to them by bosses who kowtow to the NSC.

      • Henry Shivley says:

        We already had a well regulated militia. It was turned into the National Guard and now is nothing more than another arm of the corporate enforcement beast.
        We the people are the militia, and we are not going to be herded up to die in mass engagements. We will fight as guerrillas.
        Your assertion is horse shit as this awesome military technology was is not even sufficient to capture a country like Afghanistan. And that has been ten years of trying.
        My Remington shotgun will work just fine in dealing with these drones as the majority of them are nothing more than toys.
        If you want to push this “everybody group up and get slaughtered bullshit, maybe you better go over to the comment section at infowars.

        • LD says:

          I’m felling your sentiment. When Obama took out Newtown and that community collapsed into prayer vigils they set a precedence for the entire US. People aren’t willing to fight this. The NMA is a well regulated militia, but it’s competition is Hollywood organization, Oathkeepers, which the latter works for people, because they don’t actually have to do anything outside of using their imagination to fight an imaginary foe via a joystick. They get popcorn and a nifty logo to put on their wall, safe and tucked away from the bad guys, which in this case is 90% of the population. The war of independence was fought by 3% of the people, and those were made up mostly of very determined group of protestants, the Presbyterians. Today’s motly fighters attend the church of entertainment, and their weapon of choice is their own ego gratification directed at nude pictures of once 5 year old images Brittany Spears. People today aren’t fighters. They’re McDonald’s junkies, Alex Jones included. I was banned from Prison Planet, BTW, when I chased down an abduction perp on that site. Believe it or not, Alex Jones is Knight’s of Malta, and he cavorts with black mass practitioners. Pastor Steven Anderson and Ben Swann are black mass products. Are we talking the same language here, or what? These are monsters. People don’t believe it, yet, and when they do they will be screaming for people like you and I to save them. You wan to to do that? I don’t. Stupidity is it’s own reward. People need to go through this to wake them up at the core, otherwise they will not sustain this fight to preserve themselves. Alicia Jurman documented this phenomenon well. Ordered to do so, people will line up grave side to be gunned down and do nothing to prevent this. They’re lazy. They want a savior to do it for them. Go ahead and get crucified for them. It means nothing. What DOES have meaning is the NMA. Want to join? Let me know.

          Here’s a link to the project, albeit Alex Jones, formerly invited to preside, never responded to the call, for obvious reasons. His affiliates are the Khazar, Yiddish Jews and city of London.

          I’ll be waiting for your response.

          • LD says:


            http colon //wp dot me/p1GpdK dash K5

          • US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

            Hi LD,

            Perhaps you would be kind enough to tell us,.. at least me, what “NMA” is?

            I looked it up, and found everything from “National Meatpackers Association” to myriad of other organzations, but not what I believe you intended.

            I also tried the link you suggested, and all it did was take me to a general WordPress.Com site.

            I would also like to address what has been a common point of contention of the “Individual Fighter” (or guerilla fighter or anything along those lines) vs. “Organized Resistance”.

            In realty, it is NOT about WHICH one will work,… BOTH are necassary.

            BOTH have strengths and weakness.

            BOTH require different approaches, strategy’s & Tactics.

            BOTH will fail if used exclusively,.. as history as shown time and time again.

            The REAL solution will REQUIRE BOTH to be used, sometimes independently of each other, sometimes one supporting the other,.. sometimes one or the other exclusively.

            Tactical situation, personalities, capablities, and sheer intergroup willingness will dictate those aspects.

            IF,.. and I do use the word,, IF, strongly,.. IF both groups have the same objective in mind,.. which is the abolishment of our Treasonous Gov’t,… AND… the Re-Institution of the US Constitution as our basis of gov’t,… then it would be physically impossible for one or the other to NOT be useful to that end.

            Both structures have certain dangers and risks, both structures have certain strengths and capabilities that is absent from the other,.. but BOTH will be needed for such a monumental task in proportion to given considerations/capabilities.

            It’s really a question of how YOU feel you can best serve one, the other, or both structures in our attempt to save our country from what is now,.. immienent destruction and despotism.

            I use to fight Mr. Shivley on this point,. and then, after careful consideration of his many fine words on the subject, began to trully appreciate the necassity of his sentiments/approach,…as well as the other.

            If we are all on the same side, if we are all looking to stop the complete and utter destruction of our once great country,.. if we are all looking to NOT become slaves in the NWO,.. then by-God,.. WE ARE ON THE SAME SIDE,.. and let us use that notion to the greatest benefit of our efforts, and to the greatest detriment of the those who are seeking to enslave us by destroying our country, and our sense of unity.

            Lets work together as best we can,.. as both approaches are valid for the’re own reasons.

            Thank you – JD – US Marines – For the love of our country,… the love of our freedoms,… the love of our children and their future…..

          • LD says:

            try this

            (NMA), occult protocol, wordpress

          • LD says:

            Here’s the deal. People have ideas. They don’t have courage. Give them reality and they figure every excuse in the book to avoid it until it comes down to them personally and they have to defend their front yard. Even then they will capitulate. I watched a YTV of a Palestinian woman SYG against two Israeli soldiers firing on her housing project at innocent women and children. THAT’S courage. Newtown went candlelight prayer vigil and invited the perp, a satanic high priest, to visit his crime scene, he having signed Di, for Princes Di the day before. Why’s that? Because Newtown was commemorative on the assassination of Princes Diana. When are you personally going to fight back? Join the NMA. What do you have to lose. you can be president if you like, eh? There’s no militancy there. All legal. not even any gun’s allow until your certified militia.

          • US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

            Hi LD,

            I still don’t know what NMA stands for even after reading the article on the link you provided above,.. nor did I see a way to “join” anything on that webpage.

            In your immediate posting above, you mention YTV & SYG.

            What are those?

            If your going to use acronyms or abbreviations,.. please put in parenthesis what it means the first time you use it for us that may not know, or have forgotten.

            If you can provide a link to your NMA home page,.. I would appreciate it.

            Thx – JD

          • LD says:

            Copy and paste entire line to Google browser. Either way you are going to get an education. Read as much as you can handle. NMA curriculum is a lot simpler.

            (NMA) national militia association, occult protocol, wordpress

          • LD says:

            (NMA) national militia association, occult protocol, wordpress

            YTV= youtube video
            NMA= National Militia Association

            You’ll find an invitation to assert yourself beyond ideology at the link “HERE” following the remarks about Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, and Alex Jones.

            Go for it.

    • antoine says:

      All in due time. Enough is enough. Everything has a beginning and an end. No tyrant stays in power indefinitely.

      • LD says:

        Someone take this and do an end run:

        December 17, 2012


        This petition seeks justice and termination in perpetuity of all US involvement in occult rendition involving the harvesting of US citizens as products to resource human ritual sacrifice and BDSM/pedophilia for entertainment for the economic elite and US politicians who are a party to the Globalist city state inclusive of the Vatican, City of London, Washington DC and relations with outlier countries who are participating in this macabre enterprise.

        A situation presents which contravenes the rights of citizens under certain regulatory, judicial and philosophical precepts principled on liberty and freedom, in abeyance of morality and ethics ordinarily preserved by the people and which outright and arrogantly assumes that individuals thus understood to be US citizens are the property of international corporations to do with them as they please what ultimate impact on the people is usurpation of free will.

        Relief is needed in the form of meaningful intervention which can be asserted both in the current state of affairs and posthumously prescriptive of oversight and justice, timely follow through and corrective action to secure prevention, re-occurrence and heightened and sustained education to the need to remain vigilant to and in anticipation of any form of occult rendition herein described.

        This petition seeks a constellation of remedies prescriptive of enforcement of existing laws and expansion of those that are currently vague regarding occult rendition and the use of individuals regarded as “human products” to resource occult rendition and such horrific activities as commemorative ritual human sacrifice and sacrifice for entertainment in all of it’s forms and which in the current state of affairs is practiced by US politicians SSO pledged to legislative sedition, treason and pleasure seeking under the guise of Noble Knights, which is otherwise criminal engagement in racketeering kidnapping for torture of children and adults alike.

        Whereas the people of the United State of America are aware of the presence of occult involvement in the affairs of state, what activities are directed at producing a sustained death fall in abeyance of the rule of law described in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of rights, we demand immediately:

        1 – all kidnapping for eugenics, torture, rape, sacrifice, entertainment, consumption or any other use by individuals who are charged with governmental policy making and enforcement immediately cease,

        2 – individuals known to be party to occult rendition in connection with UK inspired SSO activity be relieved of duty, detained for investigation for as long as it takes to bring these individuals to justice, both alive and posthumous, and

        3 – remains, artifacts, eugenics, DNA and virtually ALL other materials in connection with occult rendition promoted by organizations in affiliation with the perp individuals, more commonly understood to be a party to National Social Corporatism (NSC), including any non-political entities, be returned to the victims families and those individuals compensated for their losses, in perpetuity.

        Issues represented in this petition are all occult events occurring since Mountain Meadows, September 11, 1857, through Newtown, December 14, 2012, and all black mass renditions in connection with the Mormon church which serves as an asset for the British monarchy and what leadership practices the abduction of females as breeding stock what pregnancies are terminated with the females sacrifice BEFORE the fetus is delivered thus assuring a soulless entity birth, according to the occult from which this practice issues.

        Example given is the Laurie Partridge abduction, one of many of Spencer Kimball’s known victims. The operating system is Atramental Lodge 23 which is the same organization that perped Mary Ann Nichols August 31, 1888. We understand Nichols was a black mass shock an awe embed what fetus was delivered curbside, handed off to adoptive parents and raised TE Lawrence.

        XI-U, your delta Region abduction project which claimed the lives of eight female victims Crystal Hall, Brittanee Drexel, Megan Maxwell, Paige Johnson, Holly Bobo, Lauren Spierer, Katelyn Markham and Karen Swift, is an example of occult rendition where you engineered these abductions on a calendar with anti terror legislation culminating in NDAA 1867.1021 which permits same against all human rationale with a bold presentation of indifference for the innocent lives you claimed in these horrific circumstances.

        There have been literally thousands of these renditions in the US since 1888 with every politician in the Iron Triangle having full knowledge of this, many of them a party to the black mass, the child sacrifice debauchery ritual and wholesale slaughter of children in events such as Waco and Newtown.

        We demand immediate attention to this petition.

        Newtown was a gun control scheme.

  4. Kim says:

    Nostradamus said that World War III begins when Mabus dies a sudden death.

  5. Richard Braverman says:

    The US has always been at war with itself. It was created by financial elites but populated by people who sought freedom. Its growth was fueled by the genocide of the indigenous population, the enslavement of Africans and, in successive stages, the exploitation of poor Europeans, Asians, Latin Americans and Africans. This dichotomy has resulted in an empire which needs to constantly manipulate and deceive its population in order to keep the great game on track. Yet, in 2012, we must admit that the financial elite are ascendant. They own America. They own the American people and they want total domination of the world.

    However, there is a solution. It is based on numbers, allegiance and arrogance. In one word the solution is FEAR.

    Firstly, and currently, the ultimate elite fear nothing. They are drunk with power and are confident that they can crush any cockroach that opposes them. Their arrogance makes them stupid and vulnerable.

    Secondly, the ultimate elite are few. Their numbers are small. One million world wide? They must hire thugs and lackeys to enforce their vile programs.

    Money, sex and power may purchase short term allegiance but how long will that glue hold? What makes a lackey stay on-board and what makes a lackey jump ship?

    Fear must be introduced into the equation. Currently, the ultimate elite do not look over their shoulders. They do not hesitate when walking past dark alleys. They do not question whether to attend a party, restaurant or club. Again, fear must be introduced into the equation.

    Random elimination of the ultimate elite will produce the necessary fear. One lone wolf with an odd list of names would be innocuous. One hundred lone wolfs, acting independent of each other, would be a nuisance. One thousand lone wolfs, acting independently, would produce a tidal wave. The specter of invincibility would be shattered. The ability to reach out and touch someone one gangster style would be evident for all the world to see.

    Fear would be reintroduced into the equation. The ultimate elite would not know who to trust. Their supposed iron-grip on the planet would be exposed as a weak and trembling grasp. The ultimate elite would soon turn on each other. Internecine wars would decimate their ranks. The bought and sold lackeys would reassess their positions and jump ship while they still had their loot and their lives.

    Soon, the odds would return to our favor. A 7 billion strong angry mob would be opposed to a crumbling collection of decrepit, egotistical, half wits who only thrived based on their connections, heritage and bloodlines.

    At this point, only total eradication will be sufficient; in order to prevent this scourge from ever reappearing on this planet.

    • Restless Kegs says:

      The elite are absolutely fearful. Petrified, in fact.
      If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be conducting gladio-style mass murders of small, innocent children in schoolrooms in Connecticut to be immediately followed by President Crocodrilio and his feigned tears and Wall Street White Collar criminal and an unindicted co-conspirator of 911 (Michael Bloomerg) corruptly and despicably pushing the emotional buttons of those unable to understand the overriding themes to steal the guns before their economic house of cards comes crashing down.
      No, they’re scared shitless.

    • leo bourne says:

      I agree with Richard.

      • LD says:

        A matrix cell is composed of a field aspect director, handler, asset and felon. It’s likely this boy was walked into this hand led by an asset and once in proximity gunned down by the real killer who fled. there are no living witnesses to corroborate the alleged shooter was in fact the assassin. This is a typical transnational strike team. Breivik used the same approach, albeit his handler let him live probably taking a risk getting caught. It is highly likely the accomplice is a female.

  6. Proposal says:

    We really pray for what is left of this Republic that Obama is neither corrupt enough nor stupid enough to try to abrogate the second amendment through an Executive Order. Especially after this staged crap and crocodile tears after a gladio-style mass murder.
    Our advice- please just continue to use your corrupt media and communication to try and convince the wholly stupid that your position is correct. By all means, put Hillary front and center as your spokesperson. That will calm the population. Not.
    And the alternative media will continue to point out the criminality and corruption that characterizes this administration and all of the establishment institutions that have been taken down a rathole.
    And the population will become educated,
    And you’ll keep the peace.

  7. Anon Patriot says:

    All this evil WILL, eventually, come to an end – just as did the evil of the Roman Empire. Question is: HOW MANY MORE INNOCENT LIVES will be shattered or lost, due to the greed, arrogant self-righteousness, and sickeningly grotesque, and fundamentally evil PSYCHOPATHIC nature, of our so-called “leaders”, at Goldman Sachs, and their minions in the District of Criminals?

  8. Julie T. says:

    These people are evil satanic worshipers who may not even be human. They are responsible for the majority of child abductions and then use these innocent souls for their Satanic rituals, so….how do you get more people to wake up to how really bad this is? We are at a pivotal point to where they have had access to all kinds of “way out there” technology and full access to our military to use these mind control and DARPA DNA crap/mind control things to create Emotionless KILLER Super Soldiers and Unmanned killer Machines. We aren’t dealing with any rationality anymore, if we ever were. The only solution I can see is to get those in the military who haven’t been suicided or are not so lost in the military mind control program, and align with them. *** However, this will require that at least 10% of Americans get this campaign going and then, we MUST do something so these brave men/women CAN LEAVE the 3rd Arm of the Vatican, the military, because they CAN FINANCIALLY SUPPORT THEIR FAMILIES. And, if that means that that 10% of us bravely STOP paying our ILLEGAL Federal Income tax and PASS THOSE ILLEGAL FED INCOME TAXES onto our BRAVE Troops who are WILLING TO BREAK FREE from the evil and align with us, then that we MUST do. This will require effort and sacrifice for those 1-% of Americans who are AWAKE and finally with the program and realize that you cannot expect these military men/women to just leave their post without any way to feed and shelter their families…and it will take FIAT money or other resources (food/water/shelter) to support these heroes when they desert this death machine called the US armed services. This is it folks. There comes a time when the writing is on the wall and if one cannot see what that writing is and wants to continue existing in this controlled matrix, well, then we might as well just give up now.

    I run a fascistbook page called, that I started a mere 7 months ago. It’s growing and by the end of today, I hope to be at 80,000 subscribers. I know that is not a whole lot, but I also have contacts with admins of many, many other larger facebook pages through groups I belong to.

    We need an ACTION plan, and we need it NOW. We can still continue to wake up the brain washed masses, but the time for talk is over. We have NO future anymore ….unless you don’t mind being a slave or tortured or starved or eventually murdered. Neither do your kids if you have them. Can you think of any other ways to stop what’s been in full motion for eons, but is now at critical mass? Do you have another solution and if you do, are you willing to put 190% of a commitment into it?

    If you are in, let me know. I am just one humble servant, but with many of us we CAN change this eventual train wreak. I am NOT afraid, hence why all my information is public. I will NOT hide or be silenced.

    Facebook: Julie Crory Telgenhofff or
    Cell: (916) 517-8587

  9. LD says:

    Newtown was a false flag domestic domestic terrorism event. The Newtown threat is give up your arms; our children will be slaughtered in your own homes if you do not. The correct response to this macabre is a petition contravening the city state’s press to capitualte.

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