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USDA Secretary Validates Agenda 21, Says Rural America “Less and Less Relevant”

Occupy Corporatism – by Susan Posel

Last week Tom Vilsack, secretary of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), speaking at a forum sponsored by Farm Journal, claimed that rural America has become “less and less relevant.” Vilsack went on to say that “It’s time for us to have an adult conversation with folks in rural America. It’s time for a different thought process here, in my view.”

Vilsack asserts that with more and more Americans moving into urbanized city-centers, the farming communities in rural areas are not necessary in order to supply the US with food and other necessities. He believes that these areas of land would be better served without having to direct energy and resources to them. He is an advocate for Monsanto and genetically modified foods which would explain why Vilsack is against rural America and farming communities.

In fact, Vilsack stated that a farming policy that facilitated the reality of “rural America with a shrinking population is becoming less and less relevant to the politics of this country, and we had better recognize that and we better begin to reverse it.”

By eliminating the necessity of trucking food across the country, and growing food in the urbanized centers, the sprawl can be replaced with “greenhouses”. On rollers, and placed upon triangular buildings constructed in Sweden, harvesting is made easier because the sunlight can be tracked through the movement of the food planted upon the mobile platforms.

The concept of vertical farming promises to spare the environment from the nutrient depleting practice of agriculture, while providing the ability to cultivate animal and/or plant life on vertically lined surfaces – such as skyscrapers.

In Chicago, concepts for the Chicago Gateway will Americanize the concept of vertical farming by constructing a building that is esthetically pleasing as functional. Both as a residential skyscraper and communal food producing center combined. Plans for networks of connecting sky bridges will allow the public to access their hydroponic farm without using the ground levels of the city.

The USDA asserts that since 50% of rural communities have seen major population reduction since 2008 which have resulted in massive influxes into major cities across the nation.

Globalist-supported scientists are suggesting that humanity would be better off living in densely populated centers. “We certainly don’t want them strolling about the entire countryside. We want them to save land for nature by living closely [together].”

In 2010, experts were asserting the greater importance of urban populations against those in rural areas as it has been the plan of the global Elite to reduce rural resources including people and communities in lieu of promoting clean water, food, forest areas. Keeping rural areas impoverished and forcing people to move into urban centers has created a need for sustainable urbanization, say the eco-fascists.

The Obama administration has been integral in the destruction of rural America with propositions such as banning children who live on farms from doing chores for the benefit of the farm under claims of violation of child labor laws.

Obama empowered the Department of Labor (DoL) to finalize a federal rule that will apply child labor laws to children working on farms. A list of jobs they will no longer be allowed to preform will be amended to the rule. These will be jobs like, “in the storing, marketing and transporting of farm product raw materials.”

The DoL specifies that “prohibited places of employment include country grain elevators, grain bins, silos, feed lots, stockyards, livestock exchanges and livestock auctions.”

On August 31, 2012, the new regulations set forth by Obama and the DoL mandated government safety training and certification in classes will replace those once provided by rural institutions like the 4-H and the FFA.

The executive order National Defense Resources Preparedness specifies in Section 801:

“Farm equipment” means equipment, machinery, and repair parts manufactured for use on farms in connection with the production or preparation for market use of food resources.

“Food resources” means all commodities and products, (simple, mixed, or compound), or complements to such commodities or products, that are capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals, irrespective of other uses to which such commodities or products may be put, at all stages of processing from the raw commodity to the products thereof in vendible form for human or animal consumption. “Food resources” also means potable water packaged in commercially marketable containers, all starches, sugars, vegetable and animal or marine fats and oils, seed, cotton, hemp, and flax fiber, but does not mean any such material after it loses its identity as an agricultural commodity or agricultural product.

“Food resource facilities” means plants, machinery, vehicles (including on farm), and other facilities required for the production, processing, distribution, and storage (including cold storage) of food resources, and for the domestic distribution of farm equipment and fertilizer (excluding transportation thereof).

Under the Obama dictatorship, farming a commodity of the US government to be regulated at it sees fit.

The White House Rural Council is empowered to:

Coordinate and increase the effectiveness of Federal engagement with rural stakeholders, including agricultural organizations, small businesses, education and training institutions, health-care providers, telecommunications services providers, research and land grant institutions, law enforcement, State, local, and tribal governments, and nongovernmental organizations regarding the needs of rural America.

Through mandates by the Department of Transportation (DOT) Obama has placed stifling restrictions on farming equipment that has led to the bankruptcy of thousands of small farms across the nation.

Restrictions like forcing farmers to obtain a CDL to drive their tractors on public roads; as well as the reclassification of farm vehicles and implements to commercial motor vehicles (CMV).

While the Environmental Protection Agency is imposing fines on farmers for “farm dust” and the Food and Drug Administration sending swat teams to arrest farmers at the local seasonal farmer’s market for selling raw milk, the assault on an American tradition.

The Obama administration has made it clear that they will adopt UN Agenda 21 and force Americans to follow these regulations.

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11 Responses to USDA Secretary Validates Agenda 21, Says Rural America “Less and Less Relevant”

  1. BentSpear says:

    Looked over this at the linked site. From what I see, we’ll all be in good shape eating on vertical farm grown cartoon produce.

    These people have lost their f^cking minds.

    • diggerdan says:

      Just think of all the chemical fertilizers – ya`ll know they will have to use the chemicals ! Just think – this would be just like something that Monsanto would think up. Like we are not get enough hydroponic crappy food already. I guess though that these vertical guardens do work as I have done verticle guardens in the past, but they are very labor intensive though. Just think JOB CREATION I guess.

      • BentSpear says:

        I’ve seen vertical tomatoes in hothouses for commercial local production. Labor intensive, energy inefficient & costly. They used hydroponics for the nutrients. A regular seasonal garden is tough if you’re putting up for winter stores. Like you said, add the GMO frankencorps to the mix & it’s tough.

        Most people I know would not put so much labor into a self sustaining garden even for SHTF. Now if you got slave labor it might work, but you won’t be feeding the slaves off your garden. Feed them something like Soylent Green. This whole Agenda is about enslavement, period. Using food, medicine, water to control people. All this from Azzholes who can’t even control their own basic animal urges, but have no problem dictating to others how they must control theirs.

  2. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

    My Fellow Americans:

    Forge the specifics,.. at this point,.. its merely more noise.

    What Americans should recogonize is that this government is wholly and completely incompatable with the American lifestyle, wholly incompatible with the US Constitution, and is wholly illegal in virtually every aspect of its existence now.

    There is only ONE solution: It is time,.. it is time to abolish this treasonous and perfidious gov’t,.. before they take away the ability of Americans to do so.

    First comes the corruption – Check

    Then comes the usurpation of Soveriegn/Individual Rights – Check

    Then comes the ludicrous laws – Check

    Then comes the Internment Camps for dissenters – Check

    Then comes the Mass-Exterminations.

    Mankind has seen this recipe used dozens of times in modern history, from Hitler to Poe Pott and by dozens of dictators most people have not even heard of because they don’t know their history.

    Ignore what has happened before,.. and you will be subjected to it.

    YOUR time to stop this is now,.. or just accept your fate when YOU get shoved into a FEMA Camp and are forcibly injected with their “latest” vaccines,.. and then die.

    Its time to rally our forces.

    JD – US Marines – Are there any REAL Americans left in this country??

    (Note: On several occassions, I provided an email for someone who responded to a similar post, calling me out for a plan,.. but when I do, I do not hear from them,….with that kind of follow-up and comment level,… that is why we will lose.)

    • uninformedLuddite says:

      You are asking the wrong question. It is the same here in Australia. The question is ‘are there any real men left?’.

  3. oldvet says:

    Since it appears I was the last person to comment on your “plan” ,..Let me speak my mind if you will. One vet to another if I may.
    I was not interested then,nor am I now interested in YOUR PLAN….My interest and concern was in finding out if you were all hot air and bullshit like 95% of the “so called” Patriots who troll the internet. Or if you actually did indeed have a plan and just merely loved to toot your own horn. We have enough problems with our dying nation, as you so freely speak about, without the enemy playing “divide and conquer” games of entrapment.

    You see the “so called Patriots” those horn tooters i’m speaking, of surf sites such as this one looking for gullible folk like “petition signers” and “one bullet Barney” type lone wolves with much talk and no common friggin sense. Easily swayed individuals,..much like chatty old women,..weak mined spineless charlies who are easily controlled…..or in this case setup!!

    These “so called”s love to self aggrandize and constantly brag about who they are and what their qualification are, and also of how they are “Gods gift to the Republic” as they see their reflection in the looking glass
    They go on about how they have the only solution and all other thoughts or plans are futile…just so much useless dung in the trolls grand scheme of things. Delusions of grandeur are their constant companion.

    They love to tell how they are “being watched”,..and how they are under “close scrutiny” from the authorities. Their EVERY move watched and monitored.

    They often lay out a general guideline in understanding the problem that any person with a 5th grade reading ability who frequents the sites already knows and understands. Nothing new or useful is added.

    This hidden superior knowledge that only the “so called” knows,. is vague and smokey and normally of no substance, mere bull shit and horn blowing.
    Nothing of concrete value is ever offered. A challenge is offered up for “real” Amerikans to stand up and be counted…..even while the challenger remains hidden and obscure behind avatars,..screen names and mystery E-mail addresses . The screenplay of many Spy novels im sure.

    Honest Patriots who call on others to stand an be counted sign on with real names,..verifiable credentials,..and are as fearless over who may or may not be watching as they call out and require others to do in responding to them.

    Why? because if they were really being watched then does anyone believe that some e-mail address would somehow give them net anonymity to their identities and their dubious plans? ? Hardly!

    When none answer his call ,..He will then generally attack the other persons intellect and belittling their Man-hood,..or Patriotism. Childish in the least….and dangerous in the extreme.

    JD…I personally do not know you…nor do I run in the same social circles as you . So I cant speak with certainty about whether or not you are a Troll.( you do however fit many or the requirements)…..Horn tooter,…or Honest to GOD Patriot that just loves to hear himself talk.

    But if the latter is true…you may want to reevaluate your topic presentations you are sabre rattling a bit..and preaching to the choir.
    Many here indeed are real….many have plans…..many are group associated and are ready as can be for the coming storm…. it would be arrogant and childish to think otherwise.

    Good day sir.

    • leo bourne says:

      Thanks oldvet, I fall into this category …”Honest Patriots who call on others to stand an be counted sign on with real names,..verifiable credentials,..and are as fearless over who may or may not be watching …” Except I am not calling on anyone to do anything.

      I am not fearless though. Either through a lack of creativity or memory I have chosen to use my real name. I know that the government has the ability follow every keystroke, phone call and text message so what’s the point of hiding behind a fake name. They can find you either way.

      I wish there were a way of speaking in confidence. How about a plan on that? I don’t know of one other than face to face. It is a shame that surveillance has progressed this far.

  4. Jolly Roger says:

    “Honest Patriots who call on others to stand an be counted sign on with real names,..verifiable credentials.”

    As someone who uses a pseudonym, I take exception to this, and it sounds to me like you’re trying to induce people to use their real names so you can collect them. All we do here is talk, and EVERYONE on the internet is “all talk”, because that’s all we’re able to do here. And since our present existence is mere words, what difference does anyone’s name make? Our actions in the real world will define who we are, and there will be a name attached to every one of them. The impossibility of any action in this medium other than discussion makes names irrelevant.

    “Why? because if they were really being watched then does anyone believe that some e-mail address would somehow give them net anonymity to their identities and their dubious plans? ? Hardly!”

    Yes. I have anonymity on the internet, and I believe it’s the reason I HAVEN’T been harassed when so many others have been, despite me being around for a decade. And if you do sincerely believe that no one has anonymity on the internet, why don’t you tell me what my real name is, instead of crying about not hearing it?

    I’ve heard all of this before, and it sounds to me like you’re baiting people to give you their real names, probably because you’ve been unsuccessful at finding them out on your own, and their real names would only matter to a government spy. When I ask you to accept my personal check I”ll give you all the I.D. you want to see, but on the internet, my real name is the LEAST relevant of the words I write.

    “Jolly Roger” only belongs to anonymous e-mails addresses that can’t be traced to me, and I’m sure there are hundreds of others just like me. This fact has allowed me to contribute ideas and discussion that may have been stifled by my arrest or murder long ago had I used my real name. If we had the “freedom of speech” that we once did, I would use my real name, but I think the “OldVet” needs to wake up to what’s going on in the new world. My name is released on a “need to know” basis, and you certainly have no need to know it.

    • leo bourne says:

      How do you get an anonymous e-mails address? I guess you could if you were really good with a computer. I don’t think the average person knows how to set one up, I don’t know but I spend half my time on spell check. No matter what name you use, your IP address is the same, your IP provider is contacted and the company gives your name and home address. The whole process could be done in minutes. A computer hacker could probably find you without the above steps.

      In any case, I was not trying to pick a fight with anyone on this site. Sorry if I offended you, it was not my intention.

    • oldvet says:

      Im just saying if a man calls out another…then He should be the first to pony up and be honest and not seek identity from others when he himself wont divulge..the comment was never intended or meant to seek info or names and such….It was a mans desire for honesty to be met with the same respect….ya know?
      If you Had read all of JD’s and my correspondences you will see where I never insisted for personal info from him. or anyone for that matter….just honesty…if there is or was a problem between the two of us its our problem….nobody else s..I called him out,..he’s done me before… cool with all of it but needed my 2 pennies thrown out there so He and I knew where each other stood.

      BTW….ever seen me ask for peoples ID…dayum sure aint asked you….now have I? So why are you putting yourself in our business?

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