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Video: Cop Lands Helicopter to Harass Woman

Infowars – by Paul Joseph Watson

Ridiculous waste of police resources caught on camera

A San Bernardino police officer piloting a helicopter was caught on camera circling a lone woman in the desert, before landing the chopper and then proceeding to harass her in a ridiculous example of how police resources are being wasted to shake down innocent people.

The clip begins with the police helicopter making numerous over flights of the woman as she films the chopper.

The helicopter then shines a light in the direction of the woman as it hovers lower and prepares to land. The chopper lands and the pilot, an officer with the San Bernardino Sheriff’s office, approaches the woman and asks her what she is doing.

“Just exploring and picking up rocks,” the woman responds.

The cop then demands the woman’s ID to which she responds she doesn’t have any. When the woman asks why he is questioning her, the cop responds, “We’re investigating something right now.”

The police officer then proceeds to take the woman’s name and date of birth in order to perform a criminal background check via his walkie-talkie.

After he gets a response from police headquarters, the cop asks the woman if she has any weapons, orders her, “don’t put your hands in your pockets,” and then proceeds to perform an unconstitutional search of her person.

“I know you’re doing your job but I don’t consent to a search,” says the woman as the cop continues to rifle through her belongings.

The cop eventually walks back to the helicopter having nullified whatever threat a woman out in the middle of the desert posed to the safety of San Bernardino residents.

The incident took place on January 24, before the shootings that led to the manhunt for Christopher Dorner.

With many police departments across the country going broke and telling citizens they will no longer be able to respond to crimes like criminal damage and burglaries, the officer’s actions during this incident represent a ludicrous waste of police resources.

It costs well over $2,000 dollars an hour to fuel a police helicopter. The video footage lasts ten minutes, and even after the cop lands the chopper, he keeps the rotator blades switched on during the entire incident.

At the start of the clip, the woman indicates the helicopter made several low passes before landing. Given that the duration of the incident probably ran to about half an hour, this absurd event cost taxpayers about a thousand dollars – all for the purpose of pointlessly violating an innocent woman’s 4th amendment right.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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5 Responses to Video: Cop Lands Helicopter to Harass Woman

  1. ChowardNewsis says:

    If I had a helicopter with all the gas I could swill, I would do charity flights and be orderly, I promise. I would not need to harass women and girls. I would find somebody to harass though. ZOOOOM. Then to avoid prison, I would give the helicopter to Children’s Orthopedic Hospital in Seattle.

  2. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Isn’t it obvious?

    The old pervert just wanted to feel her up.

    Freakin’ puke!

  3. Norman says:

    This is why they hate cameras so much. Accountability for “public servants” is sooo last century.

  4. lee davis says:

    I’m sure the mentally ill bastard wanted to project his power over a defenseless lady. (erection?) Between the steroids, the fact that law enforcement departments are looking for low IQ aggressive sociopaths to train as soldiers against the freedoms of the citizenry, law enforcement is now degraded to third world like thugs and criminals. Anyone that hates the freedoms guaranteed by the constitution is a treasonous bastard.
    Our constitution and the freedom of the people is what made this country great. Not gestapo control over the people. This traitor should be arrested. But he won’t.

  5. LoPhatt says:

    Porky the pilot. Can’t leave anybody alone, even in the dessert. Boils on the ass of time, the lot of ’em.

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