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Wall Street elites want to dump Obama, go for confrontation under Romney

Press TV  The public opinion pollsters are telling the world that the race for the White House between President Obama and the Republican Party candidate Willard “Mitt” Romney is still too close to call, but Obama has already lost the election when it comes to the elitist bankers and officials of the semi-secret Bilderberg Group.

Bilderberg held their annual meeting in Chantilly, Virginia at the end of May. Romney reportedly attended the meeting, but Obama did not. Events since then leave little doubt that a key sector of the ruling elite of the NATO countries now want Obama out, and Romney in. 

This development, if confirmed, is very ominous for world peace. Obama was the Bilderberg candidate of 2008, but the financiers now think he has outlived his usefulness. Many key groups in the Democratic Party have been antagonized by Obama’s repeated betrayals. Internationally, Obama’s trademark color revolutions have been stopped by the courageous resistance of Syria and its allies. Given Russian and Chinese refusal to approve aggression against Syria, the NATO elites want to go back to a Bush-Cheney confrontation policy.

Romney has been running as the biggest warmonger in either party, attacking the trigger-happy Obama as a weakling. Romney says that he wants to option of a sneak attack against Iran in his hands, and not just on the table, as Obama says. Romney also proclaims that Russia under Putin is the number one geopolitical enemy of the US. Romney has signaled that he would junk the latest START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) between the US and Russia – one of the few results of Obama’s “reset” – thus starting a new nuclear arms race. Romney is also calling for 100,000 more troops to be added to the Pentagon’s forces.

For his foreign policy advisors, Romney has turned overwhelmingly to pro-Israel neocons who are veterans of the catastrophic foreign policy of the Bush-Cheney years. Of 40 key advisors identified so far, over 70% are known Bush-Cheney warmongers. “More enemies, fewer friends” has, according to The Nation magazine, emerged as the slogan of this clique.

Romney’s list includes Robert Kagan of the infamous neocon family; his brother planned the Iraq surge of 2007. John Bolton is one of the most abrasive and aggressive of the neocon cabal. Eiiot Cohen was top counselor to Condi Rice at the State Department in 2007-2009. Most of these figures were part of the Project for a New American Century and its successor, William Kristol’s Foreign Policy Initiative. Another is Cofer Black of the CIA, who presided over so many intelligence failures but who is now again angling for a top job. Then there is Robert Joseph, who added the demonic 16 words to Bush’s State of the Union in 2003, falsely accusing Iraq of seeking nuclear materials in Niger. It is almost certain that not one of Romney’s foreign policy team considers the Iraq war to have been a mistake. 

As TheNew York Times reported in early April, Romney has been a close friend of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin “Bibi” Netanyahu since 1976, when both worked together at the Boston Consulting Group. Since then, Romney and Netanyahu have been joined at the hip, with Romney getting political advice from Bibi when he was Governor of Massachusetts, and Bibi calling Romney for financial expertise in designing sanctions and other economic warfare measures against Iran. Romney has not made a secret of this 36-year relationship: in one television debate he boasted that he would never do anything regarding the Middle East without getting approval from Netanyahu. As Romney advisor and neocon Dan Senor (who was the spokesman for the horrific US occupation of Iraq) tweeted recently, “Mitt-Bibi will be the new Reagan-Thatcher” This foreshadows even more ambitious US-Israeli operations against countries like Iran, in contrast to the mutual dislike between Obama and Bibi.

Some of the Bilderbergers began undercutting Obama as soon as their own gathering ended. Reactionary columnist Peggy Noonan wrote a column for the Washington Post announcing that the Obama regime was collapsing like a house of cards. Wall Street operative Steven Rattner, the car czar who had managed the bankruptcy of the US auto industry Obama, betrayed his old boss by telling a television audience that Obama’s approval is in free fall. Itamar Rabinowitz of Israel, another Bilderberg invitee, ranted that Obama should have attacked Syria long ago, so any loss of life there now would be due to White House inaction.

Bill Clinton, supposedly an Obama supporter, is doing everything possible to sink him. Bill and Hillary Clinton hate Obama because he robbed them of the White House in 2008. As long as Bilderberg was backing Obama, the Clintons had to bite their tongues. Now that Bilderberg has turned against Obama, the Clintons can act out their hatred to the utmost. Bill Clinton is saying that it is not right to criticize Romney because of his work as a Wall Street asset stripper, shutting down factories and destroying jobs, lives, and communities to gain huge profits. Clinton also says that the Bush-Cheney tax cuts for rich parasites must be continued. With this, two of Obama’s meager stock of talking points for the election have been undercut.

Numerous scandals and potential scandals against Obama have emerged. Reporters Jo Becker and Scott Shane of the New York Times, using leaks from top White House officials, on May 29 portrayed Obama’s “Terror Tuesdays,” when the President meets with his advisors to decide which alleged terrorists the CIA will kill without trial using drones over Pakistan, Yemen, and other countries. Obama signs the kill orders himself. Obama’s campaign slogan of 2008 may have morphed to “hope and change – and death warrants.” Sometimes the victims are US citizens. The article makes clear that Obama prefers killing his targets to capturing them, since sending them to Guantanamo Bay reminds voters that he broke his promise to shut down that infamous prison. Much the same story is told in David Klaidman’s new book Kill or Capture. Killing a US citizen without a court verdict constitutes extra-judicial murder under US law, so Obama is now vulnerable to charges – especially if his Attorney General Eric Holder is forced to resign, which may happen soon. 

Also using leaks, David Sanger of The New York Times has published Confront and Conceal, a book about Obama’s Operation Olympic Games, a joint US-Israeli campaign of cyber-warfare against Iran. This involved the creation of new and destructive computer viruses, some of which have supposedly escaped into the world wide web.

Revelations like these, coming from newspapers that were devoted to Obama in 2008, are doubly damaging to the White House. For Obama’s left-liberal antiwar base, they are a reminder that Obama is a more cynical aggressor than Bush and Cheney. For Republicans, they offer a chance to condemn Obama for deliberately leaking vital state secrets to make himself look like a strong leader and thus help his re-election campaign.

The campaign against Obama for leaking secret information to the press is being led by Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein of California. She says the leaks under Obama are the worst she has seen in her 11 years on the Senate Intelligence Committee. A few weeks earlier, Feinstein had embarrassed Obama by announcing that the Afghan Taliban were getting stronger – the opposite of what the White House claims.

Obama’s stock among Democratic voters has never been lower. When he was a candidate, Obama promised he would walk the picket lines himself to defend the rights of workers. But, in the recent attempt to oust the union-busting Governor Walker of Wisconsin (a relative of the Bush family), Obama never lifted a finger to help the workers. Many workers now say that Obama was not there for them, so they will not be there for Obama in the November election.

Reactionary reporters are now happy to take risks to insult Obama. A reporter for the Daily Caller interrupted the President’s press conference last week with heckling, preventing him from finishing his speech. The word is out: the wind has changed, and nobody needs to be afraid of lame duck Obama any more.

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8 Responses to Wall Street elites want to dump Obama, go for confrontation under Romney

  1. NC says:

    Afraid? Was anyone ever afraid of a Kenyan?

  2. Me says:

    While I hate Obama for everything he did in the last 4 years, I do think he’s the lesser of 2 evils if Adolf Romney is the only alternative.

    And there’s a slim hope that he has realized the Bilderbergers are not (anymore) his friends, so he might actually do something to take revenge on them if he gets the chance.

    I, for one, will hold my nose and support his reelection.

    • Henry Shivley says:

      The lessor of two evils is still evil and to think Obama would change in any way is ridiculous.
      Personally, I will vote for Ron Paul and then when I’m forced to fight I will do so with a clear conscience.

    • NC says:


      Don’t even start thinking about the “lesser of two evils” philosophy. The time for compromise is over. We get who WE THE PEOPLE want or we get NO ONE!! Instead of the “lesser of two evils” philosophy, why can’t we ever choose the “better of two goods” philosophy. Like say, Ron Paul or Jesse Ventura? Or Ron Paul or Gary Johnson? Or Superman or Spiderman? We do we have to suffer with the “lesser of two evils” philosophy. There’s no sane reason for it.

      • NC says:

        **That’s “Why do we have to suffer with the “lesser of two evils” philosophy” for the second last sentence. My mistake.

    • Sunfire says:

      No don’t “hold your nose”. If you cannot or will not vote for Ron Paul, then please don’t bother voting at all. The American people are sick and tired of paying the consequences of those who “voted for the lesser of two evils”.

  3. Jack 2 says:

    And you are surprised?

  4. #1 NWO Hatr says:

    What have you people got against Ron Paul? Judging by your posts I’ve seen in the past, I assumed you all realized the depth of evil we’re dealing with concerning the NWO. Even if by some miracle he were to get elected, I have absolutely no doubt that he’d never live long enough to be sworn in. These scum would never allow anyone or anything to stand in the way of their Satanic agenda.

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