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Walt Disney’s Johnny Tremain, “The Sons of Liberty” (1957)

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One Response to Walt Disney’s Johnny Tremain, “The Sons of Liberty” (1957)

  1. levi harrod says:

    Plant the seed in our homeland, boys.
    Let it grow where all can see.
    Feed it with our devotion, boys.
    Call it the Liberty Tree.

    CHORUS; It’s a tall old tree and a strong old tree, and we are the sons, yes we are the sons, the Sons of Liberty.

    Save it from the storm, boys.
    Water down its roots with tea;
    And the sun will always shine
    On the old Liberty Tree… CHORUS…

    March along with the piper, boys.
    We were born forever free.
    We will pay the piper, boys.
    Beneath the Liberty Tree… CHORUS…

    Pay the price their asking, boys.
    Always pay the tyrants fee.
    Never give up the struggle, boys.
    Fight for the Liberty Tree… CHORUS…

    Stand for the rights of Man, boys.
    Stand against all tyranny.
    Hang the light of freedom, boys.
    High on the Liberty Tree… CHORUS…

    It will grow as we grow, boys.
    It will be as strong as we.
    We must cling to our faith, boys.
    Faith in the Liberty Tree… CHORUS…

    (Tom Blackburn and George Bruns 1956)

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