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‘War’ word origin is ‘confusion’: how 1% wage war on 99%, how to end war

Examiner – by Carl Herman

Imagine this:

  • Political and media 1% proclaim they “see something” to the 99%.
  • The 1% also claim that the naive, weak, and stupid will not “see it.”
  • The 99% do not have access to the facts, at first, and trust their “leaders.”

The 99% eventually look to see the naked facts, and in growing voices easily refute the 1% with concise truth:

“The emperor has no clothes.”

This allegory is the status of our real-world political and media 1% in their “war on terror” that they claim to see and only the naive do not. Importantly, the 99%’s growing voices are easily refuting the 1%’s claims as naked lies for unlawful Wars of AggressionThe last missing step is critical mass ignition from the 99% to refuse the lies and wars, and either arrest or accept the surrender of the 1% War Criminals.

The word “war” has its origin as meaning “confusion.”

US Wars of Aggression were only possible from public confusion of the facts; especially the fact of war law:

  • After two world wars and all our families’ sacrifices, the US led the creation of two treaties that limit armed attack on another nation only if attacked by another nation’s government. The law is just that simple.
  • US armed attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq, all drone-targeted nations, and support for Israel armed attacks on Palestinians are therefore Orwellian unlawful. They are Wars of Aggression, the most egregious crime a nation can commit, and how Nazi leaders were prosecuted.
  • Importantly, all reasons for war with Afghanistan, Iraq, and possible war with Iran are all now proved as lies known to be false as they were/are told.

US public and military’s confusion over these facts is ending. The 99% is turning from these lies and crimes that kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions of our dollars. Indeed, the US has killed 20-30 million in such wars since WW2, and has a long history of lie-began and treaty-violating wars that 1% criminal-complicit corporate media intentionally lie in omission.

“Turning around” is the Latin origin of another important word: revolution.

The 2nd American Revolution (and here) that ends these war-murders is peaceful, lawful, and ends “emperor has no clothes” obvious crimes of the 1% centering in war and money. Truth and Reconciliation (T&R; also here) is a strategy several of us recommend to encourage the 1%’s minions to embrace “Scrooge conversions,” reclaim their hearts, and help reveal the full scale of facts for the 1%’s final surrender.

As I’ve offered for years, I am willing to immediately help the 1% negotiate T&R by explaining it to the 99% on the 1%’s media as the most effective policy to end the crimes, suffering, and looting. Because the economic breakthroughs available right now are so literally abundantly rich, I recommend facilitating the 1%’s surrender from power with pensions to live the rest of their relatively short lives in comfort. Those among the 1% who are interested would be welcomed by academia to help the 99% understand how they dominated the planet, and the lessons for all of us to learn from their tyranny.

Reader: would you like to help end the physical and economic wars so we may realize our bright future?

It’s easy. See for yourself:

  • Command the facts on at least the immediate life-and-death issue of simple war law, and whatever other issues you wish. Start here for my brief (my background includes 18 years helping brief members of Congress).
  • Add your voice to explain the objective facts of the 1%’s lies for war-murders, and demand their arrests or surrender for War Crimes.
  • Do what you see best to evolve beyond these tragic-comic crimes into the brightest future you can imagine.

You appear to have one of two choices:

  1. Intellectual integrity, moral courage, and love for humanity to apply your education and intelligence in the real world.
  2. Stupor, indolence, and heartlessness to deserve the 2,500 year-old Greek insult for those who do not participate in community/politicsidiot.

This 6-minute video of The Draw Shop artistically makes several of these points.

“The people — the people — are the rightful masters of both Congresses, and courts — not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it.” – “Abraham Lincoln, [September 16-17, 1859] (Notes for Speech in Kansas and Ohio),” Page 2.

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3 Responses to ‘War’ word origin is ‘confusion’: how 1% wage war on 99%, how to end war

  1. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “The last missing step is critical mass ignition from the 99% to refuse the lies and wars, and either arrest or accept the surrender of the 1% War Criminals.”

    The last step is also the hardest one to complete.

  2. no_way says:

    Even though I can appreciate what the author is trying to do, I cannot agree to allow those who have done these evils to live as free “persons”, once guilt has been established. (in many cases it already has)

    We have a prison infrastructure, and I suggest we utilize it for those “people” who commit atrocities, and certainly release any non violent (read: drug convictions w/o weapons) types from prison. Further, the new prisoners will be put to work for pennies a day.

    If they don’t come out/give up willingly, then they may as well go hide for the rest of their lives somewhere far away, and they can say hello to Ray Gricar while they’re there. 😉 -Just don’t ever come back, you will not be welcome.

  3. Smilardog says:

    “a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step” – (some old wise Chinese dude said that)

    Let’s get moving, boys!

    “Steady boy’s…Wait til you see the whites of their eyes” – (some old wise patriot dude said that)

    Let’s get moving boys!

    and the last word I heard from the trenches was… “Praise the Lord, and Pass the Ammo, Please”

    Let’s get moving boys!

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