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We Don’t Trust You, Barack And You’ll Not Have Our Guns

Photo credit: SS&SS Western Journalism – by Doug Book

The Newtown killings had anti-gunners licking their chops from CNN to Capitol Hill. Years of working to undermine the right to keep and bear arms had come virtually to naught for gun confiscationists; but they knew the deaths of 20 children could be manipulated any way they liked, allowing them to make the most asinine and unsupportable claims imaginable about the evils of gun ownership. Call it a benefit of owning the national media.  

So Barack and friends spent months dancing on the graves of 20 sons and daughters while cooking up Senate bills and executive “actions” advocating every conceivable violation of 2nd Amendment rights.

But rather than intimidate Americans into disposing of firearms, every new assault on gun rights and every announced scheme to ban the purchase and ownership of weapons only accelerated public demand, especially for guns the political ruling class had threatened to confiscate!

Gun sales went through the proverbial roof. And today, even firearms no one particularly wanted 6 months ago are in such short supply that replacements might not be available for a year or more. And all of this took place in spite of gun control forces holding what many believed to be a “pat hand” at the beginning of the year.

So what happened to derail the left’s dreams of gun bans and national registration? After all, the killing of 20 children at Sandy Hook had provided the gut-wrenching scene of carnage that gun grabbers across the U.S. have dreamed of for decades.

First of all, the left badly underestimated the importance an informed American people place on their 2nd Amendment rights. According to a poll taken less than a month after the Newtown killings, “two-out-of-three Americans recognize[d] that their constitutional right to own a gun was intended to ensure their freedom.” Seventy two percent of those with a gun in their home and 57% of those without told pollsters that they “…regard the 2nd Amendment as a protection against tyranny.” All of the deliberately misleading, liberal chatter about hunting being the real reason for the 2nd Amendment has fooled no one.

And gun control advocates also failed to appreciate the extent to which the people distrust Barack Obama. His contempt for the United States and the American public have been returned in spades by a people who recognize his lies and insatiable appetite for power as serious threats to their well-being and liberty.

In short, Americans know that being armed is vital to remaining a free people. And they don’t trust the intentions of a corrupt, self-important usurper and would-be dictator.

Barack and Co were beaten before they started. New, unconstitutional gun control legislation would have been ignored throughout the nation and its proponents roundly defeated in 2014 because Americans don’t trust the ruling elite. To drive that point home, millions have armed themselves with guns that will only be surrendered by force and possibly only “from cold, dead hands.”

I sure wouldn’t want the job of collecting them.

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4 Responses to We Don’t Trust You, Barack And You’ll Not Have Our Guns

  1. REDHORSE says:

    “Sandy Hook had provided the gut-wrenching scene of carnage”Really? I’ve never seen any gut-wrenching carnage.No bodys,shell casings,bullit holes or come to think of it any proof that it even happened the way it was reported.The gun grabbers must have seen diffrent pictures than i did.Maybe it was all green screened.

    • NC says:

      Haha! I know. I saw nothing. Where are the bodies? Who are they talking about? What children? What carnage? WHAT THE HELL EVEN HAPPENED??? lol

  2. Alberet says:

    The “True Colors” of Barack Hussein Obama came gushing into public view as he seethed about the defeat of his cherished gun-control. His carefully concealed Racist Bigotry against all things White Christian Male ( ‘They cling to guns or religion’) was “in your face”. His long planned “trophy” for his Spiritual mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright crashed to the floor, and all these years of carefully concealed hatred burst forth in his face and words.

  3. Leester says:

    It ain’t over yet, this is a fanatical devotion to an ideology that hates firearms and the people who own them. Their goal is disarmament at any cost and they will be back, you can count on it. And if we let them have their way future generations will curse the day we were born.

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