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What To Expect On Gun Control In The Coming Months

Gun Watch

We’ve discussed it many times, this proposed extended and expanded assault weapons ban proposed by Senator Dianne Feinstein. The new legislation may fail, but the White House has it’s own front in this war on firearms. But their own propaganda betrays a serious weakness in their approach.

“The White House is also developing strategies to navigate the rocky and emotionally fraught terrain of gun politics once final policy decisions are made. The administration is quietly talking with a diverse array of interest groups, including religious leaders, mental-health professionals and hunters, to build as broad a coalition as possible, those involved in the discussions said.The president is expected to face fierce opposition from the NRA and its allies in Congress, including most Republicans and some Democrats.

But Biden signaled to those involved in the policy discussions that the White House is not afraid of taking on the NRA, the nation’s largest gun rights group. At the Dec. 20 meeting, according to Stanek, when one law enforcement leader suggested focusing on only the most popular proposals, Biden responded: “Look, what I’m asking you for is your candid opinion and ideas about extreme gun violence. Leave the politics to the president. That’s our job with Congress.””

They want to turn hunters against the NRA and modern sporting rifles. Fat chance. That didn’t work out so well for David Petzal or Jerry Tsai. Their plans to divide and conquer the NRA will meet with disastrous results. Every minute spent on such a tactic is wasted, and thus we have to hope that they expend a lot of energy on it.

But the later part of the strategy, i.e., politics, is far more fearsome and they have proven very adept at that approach. Gun Owners of American (h/t Mike Vanderboegh) gives us an inside baseball look at the current tactics. In summary, John McCain is working against gun owners by pressing (along with the Democrats) for a rule change that would essentially be a work-around of the filibuster rule. Lindsey Graham has vowed to vote against new gun control measures, but since he is McCain’s lap dog, he may be looking for cover as he works silently behind the scenes to assist in Feinstein’s plans. Joe Manchin has backed off of his public calls for new gun control measures, but he may be playing the same game as McCain and Graham.

Currently in the Senate, Rand Paul is the only immovable champion of second amendment rights. If new laws pass the Senate, they must also pass the House before going to the President’s desk. It isn’t clear what the House will do. If history is any indication, they are in a weakened state, and lack any backbone anyway.

However, the Republicans stand warned. If – controlling the House of Representatives – they allow new gun control measures to pass to the President’s desk, the GOP will cease to exists as a viable political party. Voters are having difficulty finding differences between them and the Democrats anyway. Caving on gun control would seal the fate of the GOP as a historical relic rather than a future possibility.

If new gun control measures don’t pass the Senate and House, the game is far from over. The Obama administration is investigating the possibility of executive orders reclassifying semi-automatic firearms as title 2 weapons, thus doing by fiat what the legislative branch rejected. The fight will continue, just in a different locale than the Senate and House.

Finally, if new gun control measures pass to the President’s desk (in which case he will surely sign the measures into law), it means more than just new background checks. All semi-automatic firearms will be taxed, required to be submitted to the ATF for approval, controlled from crossing state lines, and prohibited from being bequeathed to your children or grandchildren in your wills. Violation of any of these rules will turn you into an instant felon. Of course, this would mean a resistance for which America isn’t prepared.

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7 Responses to What To Expect On Gun Control In The Coming Months

  1. CXJ says:

    The Fed has proven that they don’t have the power to enforce gun control. Their hope is that they can force the issue through politics and thus infringe liberty by fiat. Hah! Good luck…

    It ain’t gonna happen…. Executive Order is a FEAR TACTIC. Obama knows he is pissing up a rope. Americans are rapidly learning to ignore any federal laws.

    Fear tactics are all that the feds have left. Their scam is up. Watch out folks.

    At the end of the day, two things are going to happen.

    Number one: The feds will ban guns and the people will go ballistic.

    Number two: The feds don’t ban guns and the people go ballistic anyway.

    Since the fed has unwittingly painted itself into a corner what do you think the fed is going to do? They’re going to do what tyrants always do when they’re losing control. They crush the people. In the case of Americans, its the people that are going to do the crushing.

    Go ahead Barky do your communist duty. We “Freemen” will do ours.

    America’s Beacon of Liberty has been relit once again. Thanks you Mr. President for the match!

    Good day

  2. robertsgt40 says:

    Memo to Obama/Biden/Feinstein/Congress: Altering the 2nd Amendment isn’t up for discussion. Period. End of discussion. As a Vietnam vet, I took an oath to uphold the Constitution(the one that is being shredded) and defend my country fro foreign/DOMESTIC enemies. That oathe doesn’t have an expiration date!

  3. Jarheadusmc says:

    William Cooper wrote a book in 1991 that exposed the governments intent on orchestrating a “school shooting” or others with “drugged individuals” in order to push for the disarming of America.
    Obama, his mother, father, brother, step-father, grandmother and grandfather all worked for either or both the CIA and the KGB – fact and documented. Obama, while a senator and visiting Moscow was seen entering KGB headquarters.
    In the 1970’s, an undercover FBI informant was present at a meeting at Columbia University, present were a room full of Phd’s, who were planning the future Marxification of America; in that meeting they agreed that 10% of Americans would have to be “exterminated” those who would not succumb to a Marxist/Communist/Atheist State – present at that meeting was Bill Ayers, one of Obama’s mentors.

  4. Jolly Roger says:

    One think that might be worthwhile to remember is that any gun confiscations they’re hoping to accomplish will have to be completed before any economic or dollar collapse, or they won’t be able to pay anyone to help them. How many cops or mercenaries will risk their lives for money that doesn’t buy anything?

    That might be motivating them to push full speed ahead on this, and go for an all-out confiscation attempt, because they have nothing to lose by doing so. If they don’t disarm this population, they’re probably going to have to flee the country anyway, so why not give it a shot?

  5. Rick Costello says:

    Any/all ‘laws’ passed are without merit and should be ignored.

    The US Supreme Court has ruled: “Where rights (liberty) secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no legislation which would abrogate (abolish) them.“

    please read:

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