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Who is this person? Individual seen walking on roof directly overhead as bomb goes off at Boston Marathon

Daily Mail

A picture posted on Twitter shows an individual walking on the roof directly overlooking one of the blasts at the Boston Marathon.

The picture of the mystery person was posted shortly after the terror attack and raises the eerily possibility that one of the perpetrators watched as the carnage was unleashed.

Law-enforcement sources told the New York Post that a 20-year-old Saudi man was detained at a Boston hospital.  

Who is this individual walking on the roof overlooking the blast? This picture posted to Twitter shows somebody standing directly above the scene of the carnageWho is this individual walking on the roof overlooking the blast? This picture posted to Twitter shows somebody standing directly above the scene of the carnage

Fox News reported that the suspect was badly burned.

He was taken into custody less than two hours after the 3pm blasts that have killed at least three people and injured more than 140.

It was not immediately clear whether the person on the roof had anything to do with the terror attack.

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22 Responses to Who is this person? Individual seen walking on roof directly overhead as bomb goes off at Boston Marathon

  1. NC says:

    Maybe it was someone just going for a rooftop stroll or maybe it was the cellphone bomber. Who knows. Worth looking into, though.

  2. David says:

    Maybe he was there to “document the event”…

  3. Jolly Roger says:

    There was a marathon going on. I’m surprised there wasn’t a crowd up there. Best seats in the house if you want to watch the event.

    • Whatever! says:

      Worth looking into.
      Only ONE “spectator” with so many higher-level vantage points. Also, his view is mostly the roofs below and the far half of the street. The best viewpoint would be the right edge of the building’s roof, not somewhere else.
      This is not to say there is something suspect, it is to say that the “just some spectator theory” is not very solid.

  4. Gregg I says:

    What else have they done?
    9/11, US and Israel:

  5. oldvet says:

    Or,..maybe he is just a building Maintenance man….possibilities are endless.

  6. Joe says:

    Looks like Bigfoot to me!

  7. NC says:

    NO! It was the ONE-ARMED MAN! lol

  8. Bruce Ross says:

    He’s the patsy….

  9. Cadavre says:

    Wow – these bombers were clever. They set the bombs at the finish line, and managed to evade all the security and sniffing dogs. And we can all rest assured that Massachusetts’ 130,000 security contractors that were guarding the the marathon with sniffer dogs, leashed and at the ready and all over that finish line, despite the fact MA;s disproportional share of 34 Billion bucks DHS has sharted out the FED’s counterfeit machine into New England coffers, is about to a big bite from a “sequester” shit sandwich, meaning those those 130,000 private security personnel will be looking for a job soon.

    Right …..

    Yep for sure they’ve delivered the security, above beyond and outside their terms of employment, not because of their overly generous 6 figure pay grade, and despite the fact they will be applying for 30K security guard jobs when the pink skips hit heir packet book doing their best to assure a “bomb free” (as can be) marathon without one though, or regret regarding their future prospects, did a pretty good job by American standards, only 2 of the 6 bombs found so far actually detonated.

    God bless em – they are diligent to the core!

    Remember when Cleveland attorney Ed Haskel, who boarded the X-mas Eve Pantie Bomb Party flight after Pantie Bomber Guy was removed from the no fly list by DoS official Patrick Kennedy, after “intelligence agencies” lobbyied the sh*t of of him 30 minutes before the flight departed Amsterdam, said; Pantie Guy got to skip the security check points cause he was walked through security checkpoints by a “sharp dressed man” (ZZ all the way – f*cking A!).

    Before the year was out, like within a week, our K-Street Kiddie Brothel Johnnies, brilliantly and predictably selected by the DieBold machines, to continue their acting careers as “sham wow carny barkers” on the longest running show on CSPAN, “The House” and “The Senate”, sent a PO to the prez for a 100 Million Bucks to buy Scanners. Fortunately those machines were already in production, and many were on the shipping docks, all thanks to the efforts of ex intelligence agency honcho, Mike Chertoff’s “Chertoff Group”, who, by a strange quirk of fate, and the commons’s good luck, had passed the one year limitation preventing him from lobbying the government on behalf private interests,

    Amazing – we are really a lucky country – the gray beard in the sky mall on high must think our political public service employees as exceptionally righteous.

    In other news, the day before the the Boston Marathon Reichstags B Movie flooded the lame stream, beach goers sunning on the sands of Cape Cod reported a guy with a long black beard, one eye missing, soaking wet and wearing an Islamic Clergy Uniform and Turban encrusted with barnacles and sea weed, carrying a pack back full of pressure cookers and box cutters, was asking Cape Cod sun worshipers for directions to the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

    How does one get a bomb through all those dogs and security surrounding the marathon’s finish line?. Well, according to Cleveland Attorney Ed Haskell’s statement to the FBI, all one needs to do is get a “sharp dressed man to escort them through all that security”.

    Word to your mother. The lamestream is now overflowing with appeals by homeland gestapo types asking the public to give them any videos of the finish line area before and during and after the boom booms.

    Don’t do it.

    If you were at the finish line when the boom booms were installed, and even if you can’t recall anything usual, your face is already on record.

    In either case, should you offer evidence of the boom booms being installed, or were caught by security media near the finish line when the security contractors, err, AL KADA Xtian Extremists set the bombs, get your ass out of Dodge. Otherwise, you maybe found note-less and blue with a rope around your neck in a wood shed, or shot point blank in the face as you try to board the “tube”.

    The security camera recordings of an alleged terror event are not used to identify the real perps. They are used to identify and eliminate witnesses. THAT’S ALL THEY ARE USED FOR.

    Look at the wake of made for TV deaths following Porter Goss’s rut with a DC call girl in the Watergate. Look at the wake of unwitnessed “accidental” deaths of flight and ground crew after a B-52 was illegally loaded with six nuke armed cruise missiles when it departed from Minot AFB and landed with only five a few hours later at Barksdale AFB. Our nuclear ordinance personnel are of the highest caliber – they are eagle scouts – they don’t make mistakes or die in accidents – and yet at least 13 did, including John Wheeler III.

    What are the odds that Massachusetts’s, whose major source of revenues is derived visa vi requests for federal security grants and and rigged no contest bids for Gestapo Security projects, that the sequester hit will be dead in the water before the sun setson Banana Americana?

    When 300 Million American Assholes shout in unison , “nuffs – znuff” and forced engage a less than 10K pack or treasonous genocidal murdering psychopaths and coup participant’s and low iodine body guards, in athe methods of plurality with extreme prejudice. who’s gonna prevail? Smart money is on the 300 Million strong Wolfs testing sharpness of canine with tips of their tongue and primed to deliver a good old fashion, old school disembowelment.

    • NC says:

      Well said there, Cadavre. Now tell us how you really feel. lol

      Seriously though, I saw right through that bullshit where they told anyone who had taken video footage before during and after the incident to turn it in. They just want to eliminate the witnesses and most importantly, the evidence. The police really think we were born yesterday. It’s pathetic.

      • Cadavre says:

        The rather thin pantie boom boom guy pile of bovine excrement got a fresh stinky clot of turd. That joyous eventhappened in just the last few weeks. Even lame stream cannot deny this fact and are reporting it.

        The pantie boom guy who DoS official Kennedy was slammed with demands under threat of demeaning consequences should he not play ball, and take Pantie Guy off the no fly list, so that Pantie Boomer Guy could be sharp dressed escorted through Amsterdam Airport (right to the cabin door) as offered to a couply of hard fact denying FBI guys, by Cleveland attorney Haskell, who happened to [also] be waiting to board that very same flight, is basically the story the facts show until about 2 weeks ago.

        After that f*cking comedy of incompetence error and really weak home grown psyop fiasco theater of the absurd, we now know that our very famous “Boom Boom My Balls Back to the Stone Ages Because I hate Americans for their Freedoms” the willing crotch pop and suffer a bad case of hemorrhoids”, the one, the only, Pantie Boom Boom Guy, was f*cking working for the CIA (guugle index).

        Why are we not surprised? Whoever ran this shtick was about 9 beers short a six-pack and way below his pay grade!

        If that ain’t gross incompetence, do ya wanna buy a package of instant water powder (just add water)? They should be called “unintelligent agencies” – sheesh – sure glad they’re a non-essential function – that way – when the future ends all useless, but expensive, agencies of depravity avarice tug-job-pimps and low iodine and low skills party line shills waste of our effort and assets, the commons won’t miss `em!

  10. NavyBrat says:

    Check out Operation Gladio.

    “The strategy of tension, (where you have to be really evil – Daniel Ganser underlines – because you kill civilians). You have to plant bombs in public places and kill civilians.”
    The event is then blamed on the target group or patsy.

    London 7/7 Bombing Re-Dux.

  11. ROSE KING says:

    THAT!….was brilliant…and funny!!!

  12. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    It looked an awful lot like Adam Lanza to me.

  13. escapefromobamastan says:

    It’s probably one of the Dancing Israelis arrested on 9-11 while celebrating the attack, then released by Israeli, Michael Chertoff, who then returned to Israel with his compatriots and proceeded to appear on Israeli TV and stated they were sent to the US to document the event, which indicated thwir foreknowledge of the event.

  14. blah says:

    oh him, yeah dont worry about him, ,thats just schlomo goldstein, the media tolds me that that was nothing , the fbi has already had a tip called in about him and they said its nothing

  15. anon says:

    the targeting of civillians like in sandy hook, is the work of mossad. matter of fact, all false flags attacks have the smellmof zionism.

    Didnt obama the closet zionist approve of assinations of americans by israeli nationals.

    Of course the zionist punks could not do this without the help of our government.

    Which explains why the bomb squad were there orgsnizing the entire event.

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