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Who Is This Woman?

Published on Jan 7, 2013 by TruthNeverTold

I was sent a video from one of my subscribers where a woman appears to be a mourning parent of a Sandy Hook Shooting Victim and another video of James Holmes’s lawyer from the Aurora Batman Shooting.

While I like to questions everything and a good conspiracy theory, after I looked through both of these videos and zoomed in and adjusted the videos, I do not think they are the same woman, but it sure looks close.

What do you think?

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2 Responses to Who Is This Woman?

  1. kiwicris says:

    Agree . . .it’s close – squared jaw, hair cut real similar but think it’s two different women. I saw something the other day where a bloke was looking at the bullet holes in the teachers car and the line of fire ( and they were questioning angle and lack of door/window glass at office – good question) but then tried to say the fat state police making all the statements WAS the actor John Goodman – Rosie Barrs hubby/ex/??- and someone else was from Saturday night Live who was a teacher or husband. . . so gotta look out for deliberate muddying of the waters by mixing guenuine anomilies in with things that are obvious batshit crap, there by making it all look like the ravings of some looney tune. Good spotting though. Worth a look – ya’d need more photos from different angles.


    Chris in ChCh

  2. moriyah says:

    My vote is:

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