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Why Marijuana is illegal – Joe Rogan

Published on Nov 29, 2012 by 

This isn’t like my other videos but i decided to make this anyways.

Joe Rogan on The True Reason Pot is illegal
Anti Weed Commercial
Earth HD_ Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over _ NASA, ISS
Harper’s New Anti-Pot Ad Campaign
Jatropha Decorticator
Joe Rogan on Marijuana legalization – YouTube

Immediate Music – We Dissolve In Stars

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3 Responses to Why Marijuana is illegal – Joe Rogan

  1. diggerdan says:

    Just a thought, but I think that if/when pot is legalized the govt. would also have to admit that they were lieing all along about herb. Just look at all of the hundreds of thousands of lives that were ruined because of the laws against marijuana. After all, just look at all the drunks that we got in the govt. that are responsible for makeing these laws!!!

  2. TranceAm says:

    Yep the Government (If one can see a virtual being as something that exists and explained alike it is the wind) as a whole lies. As a matter of fact, they raise it to an art form and after so many years of upgrading and perfecting, there is only one thing that makes it recognisable.. It is still lies.
    (Aldous Huxley was wrong. 64,000 lies make a lie and 7 Billion people can be wrong.)

    They even have a official name for it.. It is called “policy”. It even guarantees a job to some of the lower echelons of the population as being “Policy Enforcers.” Also called “police”. I am puzzled by the word “lice” being part of the police… Maybe it is because of the delousing since they infect the population… (with fear.)

    They lie left, they lie right. They even lie crooked what is straight.
    They lie for your own good, but always it seems against your benefits.

    Now pot is a different story. According to some history I read, and saw on the internet, it was all started because Mexicans were smoking it. And politicians had to get something to hit them laid back wet backs with. Later it became the Negroes, or African Americans as they prefer to call themselves. (To me they are just Americans.) By forbidding Pot in a time that another of the great medicines of the 19th century came up, it guaranteed that Aspirin got a hold on the over the counter market against all that man dreaded. (Although the expect miracles has been dropped, its also possible I stopped seeing the commercials by lack of seeing television.) After that reefer madness, and the fear inducted in the population, the population was groomed to go with the government on the crusade against a weed. Harsher and Harsher policies, Attacks against the several amendments guaranteeing freedoms and several layers of respect from the government to the population were eroded. We are now in the middle of a drug war, where the population itself is targeted by law agencies that have no purpose beyond an unconstitutional drug war, or war on the population. (In spite of constitutional Guarantees.) The right to self medication against any illment has been taken away, and put into the hands of first Authorities, later them replaced by coorporations. The right to search and find happiness, has been defined in pools with graduations of legality, affordability and most times pending on job status.

    Being high is bad, but no one of the authorities can tell what being high exactly is? No one seems to have a clue. Everyone knows what it is to be stupid ass drunk, sick, reckless and name some other benefits of alcohol.

    Being high, feeling good in your body. Experiencing life in detail. Thinking with focus about things that make you say “duh?” that happen in society. Applying logic to what the government says, and then observe to see what it does.

    Noticing that America has deliberately dumbed down.. In its schooling system (Read the book.) The kind of jobs in the manufacturing plants that are so low in required thought processes that people would go bored if they would have to far evolved thought processes. A drug that makes people smart, cures several ailments, don’t stimulate consumerism has to be deprived of any usage unless it 1 Benefits the state in either restricting the population and its rights or 2 grow the state machine.

    All you need is people that start believing what Authority tells them. Without questioning. And not only tells them what to believe, but also how to judge heretics.

    Without ever questioning: But hey, what if that ain’t true?

    The state lies. And the population needs the lies. That is the worse part.
    The lies and the belief system guarantee, that no participation is needed to change anything.

    Anyone getting a feel why 911 -> DHS -> Patriot Act -> NDAA -> Brownshirts -> Bullets -> Gun Ban?
    Americans are wising up.. And the government don’t like it.. As a matter it is afraid.. Very Afraid, since once awaken, people refuse to go back to sleep to nursery rhymes, when they have seen the atrocities and the friendly laughing but evil faces responsible.

  3. Enbe says:

    It isn’t just big pharma that would lose billions of dollars in profits annually if MJ were legal, but also the Poppy (GHW) Bush cartel that would lose millions/billions of dollars they make annually from the drug trade, for which they use the CIA as the management company, as well as the bankster Four Horsemen that make billions annually from laundering all the money from the drug trade.

    The decision comes down to money every time, and if you uppity chattel could get that through your fluoridated brain, things would run much more smoothly for them on this planet that they usurped.

    (My brain is fluoridated, too, so would you please keep the security addition question down to single digits? Thank you.)

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