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Woman Gets Heart Attack After Being Tasered By California Cops

Published on Nov 20, 2012 by 

ENCINO, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — A 50-year-old woman who went into cardiac arrest after being Tasered by two California Highway Patrol officers is now planning to sue the agency.

Dash cam video captured the June 4 incident. It started when the officers noticed Angela Jones sitting in a car parked illegally on the side of a road in Encino.

They asked Jones to get out of the vehicle. She got out, but refused to put down her purse. The officer told her he needed to handcuff her, but she said she didn’t do anything wrong. Jones ran for her car and the tasing began.

Her loud, painful screams were soon replaced by silence and she was no longer responding. An officer was heard telling her that she needs to stand up. As backup officers arrived on scene, several tense minutes ticked by.

“Ma’am, come on, try and wake up,” one officer was heard saying.

Officers eventually pulled Jones from her car and began chest compressions. Jones’ attorney said her client suffered permanent brain injuries after losing oxygen to her brain for several minutes and she can’t even remember the incident.

Jones is now being criminally charged with failing to comply with a peace officer, resisting arrest, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. Jones’ attorney said her client passed a field sobriety test. She is due in court Dec. 7.

“These officers unnecessarily and unlawfully Tasered my client and she suffered a cardiac arrest. Now, she is the one being criminally charged. We look forward to trial where we are confident Ms. Jones will be acquitted of all misdemeanor charges. In fact, the evidence will show it was the officers who acted unlawfully. Their behavior here is downright criminal,” said Jones’ attorney, Maria Cavalluzzi.

The CHP initally had no comment for Eyewitness News, however on Tuesday, released this statement: “As in all use-of-force incidents, the California Highway Patrol has reviewed the application of the taser during the arrest of Ms. Jones. The use of the taser in this incident appears to be within CHP policy. Appropriate charges were filed against Ms. Jones subsequent to her arrest, and the case is currently working its way through the judicial system. Out of respect of that process and to avoid interfering with the successful prosecution of this case, we will not have further comment at this time.”

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10 Responses to Woman Gets Heart Attack After Being Tasered By California Cops

  1. Rafael Espericueta says:

    I hope she is able to collect millions in damages. Why don’t they give prospective officers psychological tests and eliminate the psychopaths? I’m convinced that the vast majority of our problems are caused by people who lack any sense of compassion. Such people should be detectable via brain scans, and such people should NEVER be allowed to hold ANY position of authority, period. For they always abuse authority, and always cause lots of unnecessary suffering. One example is war. All wars are ultimately caused by power-mad psychopaths. Let’s disempower psychopaths, once and for all!

    • diggerdan says:

      Rafael: Money doesn`t mean anything if you think about it. Money is superficial – make him pay with prison time and better yet- they should make his family members know what their daddy did for a living and make them also live at the expense of what daddy – the pig – did for a living!! A cops family maybe not be responsible for what daddy the cop/pig did for a living, but they can also see how untrustworthy a damn pig/cop is. Daddy supported his family at the expense of others so pig daddy could suport his family. Think about where they got their food on the table, etc. Make the pigs family know that daddy ruined other peoples lives so they could have food on the table. I am just guessing that the pig/cop had a family ya know.

    • It is I only says:

      Your question:Why don’t they give prospective officers psychological tests and eliminate the psychopaths?
      If they do those test, it will be to eliminate the NON psychopath.

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      “All wars are ultimately caused by power-mad psychopaths.”

      Wrong Rafael. Those are just the frontmen.

      All wars are ultimately caused by the international banksters – for money.

      • Whizerd67 says:

        Absolutely Hatr. It’s all about the big banks/reserves, and the ‘people’ thereof.

        I do however feel that there is a ‘psychopath’ involved, and those are the ones that took the order and implemented it …and claims it to be justified.

        ~Blessed Be to all~

  2. NC says:

    “As in all use-of-force incidents, the California Highway Patrol has reviewed the application of the taser during the arrest of Ms. Jones. The use of the taser in this incident appears to be within CHP policy.”

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ROLMFAO!!! I’m sorry, I just have to laugh every time I hear that official police disclaimer that comes out after a cop is issued a complaint by the victim or someone else before presenting the charges as always. Gotta protect their own, you know. It’s never the cops fault. OH NO!! Not a chance. Unflippingbelievable!!

    This is the same kind of “official disclaimer” that the Round Rock, TX police department gave me when they exonerated the officer that tased me because I simply wouldn’t keep quiet or respect his abusive authority over me.

    “failing to comply with a peace officer” – Is that the latest new made-up charge written into their Penis codes, I mean Penal codes playbook of the city police these days? Really? So saying no without doing anything wrong can get me arrested? So when a cop wants to molest me and I say no, I get arrested. Well, if it works for the TSA, I guess the police can now do it, too.

    Actually, I was just at a store today and an employee needed to see my ID. I had given him my old ID by accident and then gave him the new one. The bastard’s has the balls to tell me, “You know, you should throw that away quick because if you accidentally give that to a cop, he can give you a ticket for having a false ID.” I just looked at him and said, “One, it’s not a false ID. It’s an old ID and two, it is none of the cop’s business what the hell I have in my wallet if they pull me over, let alone whether I have an ID that is me but has my old address on it or not.” He just said, “True.” and left it at that.

    As a matter of fact, I had a cop pull me over one time years ago and had my old ID and said, “I’ve been meaning to throw that one out” and gave him my new one and he gave me attitude when he said, “Do you need this ID?” and I said, “No. I’ll throw it out later, though” and he said, “No, I’ll throw it out” and I said, “No, that’s ok, I can throw it out later. It’s no big deal.” and he just got all stern voice on me and said, “NO, I’ll throw it out, SIR!”. I then just said, “Ok, fine. Whatever.” and he just walked away disgusted. I never thought a cop would get so uptight over an old ID that I can just throw out. Talk about paranoid. I just like to keep old ID’s because I like to collect them like a stamp collection or something. I’m not going to sell them to some teenager to get into a bar or something. Talk about guilty until proven innocent. Anyways, luckily he didn’t give me a ticket back then, although he probably could have. Once again, to make a long story short, my point is that it is none of their business what ID’s I have in my wallet and to ticket me or someone else for it is as completely absurd as ticketing someone for peeing on their own lawn or for their grass being too high. I’m NOT hurting anyone!

    “Out of respect of that process and to avoid interfering with the successful prosecution of this case, we will not have further comment at this time.”

    Awww…how nice of them. We don’t want to interfere with the judges ruling since he gives us kickbacks all the time. We will just let him take his time and sweet talk him, so we can get our bonus after it is over.

  3. NC says:

    They practically tasered the women to death and then luckily brought her back to life, yet the police department says the cop was exonerated and was following police policy and procedure. So killing a 54 year old woman is considered police policy and procedure??? HOW THE F**K IS THIS POLICE POLICY AND PROCEDURE???!!! ARE THEY F**KING INSANE??? THE COP SHOULD BE F**KING FIRED AND PUT IN JAIL FOR ATTEMPTED MURDER, ASSAULT AND/OR MANSLAUGHTER. Is this the kind of procedure and policy that we want our tax dollars to be going to? This woman did absolutely NOTHING wrong and they tased her. She presented ZERO THREAT to anyone and they tasered her. There were two cops with one little 54 year old woman and THEY TASERED HER!!! HOW THE HELL CAN THIS BE FOLLOWING POLICE POLICY AND PROCEDURE!!!!!!???? WAKE THE F**K UP, PEOPLE!!!!

  4. Whizerd67 says:

    Do this to my wife, or any member of my family and circle of friends, and I guarantee you will be hunted down and hurt VERY badly. Might even knock you out and wait, while standing over-top of you, to knock you out again. I’d make sure there were visible, permanent marks on you so that you could be reminded of what an inhumane person you are everytime you look in a mirror, and others can see too. That way, others that see it may ask why it happened. You may not tell the truth about it to them, but you will relive it every single time.
    I would have several individuals willing and ready to back me up and participate too.
    That’s justice.
    To hell with a lawsuit.
    I hate having to advocate violence….but dammit…some things REQUIRE it.
    THIS is one of those things.

    ~Blessed Be to all~

  5. angela jones says:

    Hello, I was in the process of documenting what was going on around me, writing down times, locations, etc. as well as videoing as i seemed to be caught in the middle of some sort of surveillance as if I was some sort of threat to national security or being SET UP to look like one, when this happened. I was in appx. the second week of gathering evidence to prove what was going on. And I persisted. I had all of the evidence with me that night. Thank you all for your support. I love you all.

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      And the sad truth is, growing up here in CA, the CHP used to be the politest, most courteous cops I’ve met anywhere (in the U.S. – NOT Canada or overseas).

      That distinction is obviously extinct – gone the way of the dodo.

      I’m very glad you survived your encounter with them.

      Far too many are not so fortunate these days.


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