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The Word From the Trenches – March 6, 2017

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14 Responses to The Word From the Trenches – March 6, 2017

  1. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    38 now (31 w/c), 41 hi, 37 lo. Over 6 ins. of rain forecast over the next 6 days. Snowed yesterday morning, last night & this morning. Wet stuff… mostly melted right away. People here are surprised to see it snow in March. Apparently it’s fairly rare.


  2. mary in ND says:

    When you discover the lie you are obligated to spread the truth

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:


      But the communists/stinking jews have some serious cognitive dissonance working in their favor, mary.

      Damn t.v. ‘programming’!!! 😡

  3. Katie says:

    With the truth morality and principle rears it’s head, then people are faced with the decision to continue to receive the benefits or cut them off. Been things in our life that are no longer available due to the moral issue now involved, once the truth has been exposed. Borrowing money, putting children in day care/schools, veterans benefits in all forms, purchasing with credit/loans etc.

  4. Millard says:

    I feel no obligation towards those who signed up for service. They bought their ticket with their own stupidity.

    “Where are those commie sand-niggers, we’ll kill ’em all for God, mom, and apple pie.”

    As J.D. and Misty discussed, we’ve all been brainwashed our entire lives and, unless you find your way out of the maze, you’ll remain, as George said, “blissfully ignorant of that big red, white, and blue dildo being jammed up your arse everyday.”

    Excellent broadcast today Henry.

    • Katie says:

      There are NO safety nets outside the maze, it’s do it yourself or it doesn’t get done. Scary for some folks, so they stay in that matrix.

      We’re all going to die, why not die in reality, it is much more enjoyable and it’s right.

  5. Misty says:

    With all that was said above and at the end of the show, it shouldn’t be just limited to the .Mil folks who fulfilled a contract between one entity to another. So everyone on disability, SSI, EBT etc should give it up because I OWE NOBODY ANYTHING. If your hungry you should have planted a garden. If your grandma receives meals on wheels well lets just stop that benny. Child disabled? Too bad so sad I don’t owe them anything so lets cut off the benny for the possible discount on the special van. Why should I have to pay for these programs. We are in a socialist system. Its in our face everyday. As a nation we are blind to this fact. We on this board see this but until the Bill of rights are restored this is what we are dealing with. Now, who is going to throw that first punch or fire the first shot and more important who will stand with them. Lots of self righteousness going on. I will agree to disagree, I love all the folks here and pray for all.

    • Henry Shivley says:

      Misty, you are not thinking about this the right way.
      End the theft of our resources. End needless wars. End foreign aid. Throw everybody out of here that came as an act of fraud, then it won’t matter if you are ex-military, old, young, short, tall, red, yellow, black, or white. The country is yours again. You are filthy rich and that is every American national, by right of inheritance.
      We do not need socialism to manage our wealth for us. We need our property returned to us, then we would ALL have the best of everything, and to be dependent, thus answerable, to no one but ourselves and one another as individuals through the common law.
      When collective groups accept the scraps from the table as any kind of reward, this removes us from the reality that the table and everything on it belongs to all of us and we are all screwed by the few.
      Just take the $20 trillion owed to us by what we believe is our debt, the $10 trillion, stolen by the Pentagon, and another $10 trillion spent on wars since 1913, $5.5 trillion in nuclear armaments, the trillions we paid into Social Security since the bankruptcy. If these monies were divided up between the 250 million people that actually have a right to the riches of this country, none of us would need anything from anybody.
      Food for thought. 🙂

      • Angel-NYC says:

        Thank you, Henry.

      • Misty says:

        I agree 100% and pray our children/grandchildren can live this reality in the near future.

        Adressing my statement above the Vets fulifelled a contract. Painting them as “benny” hungrey freeloaders seems to me a bit self righteous. While some might not agree that they should receive a retirement and such, it is a fact of their contract. The truth is we do have a socialist system and until our country is returned in full it will remain that. When people want to point a finger at a Vet maybe they need to turn it around. How many have family on SS, disability, Medicare ect. Socialism all the way around but some did in fact have a contract to fulfill ….others didn’t.
        My food for thought.

  6. KOYOTE says:

    you did a fine job miss misty, as a daughter of the republic…………………… thank you…………

  7. flee says:

    Break the deal….
    Spin the wheel.
    Thunderdome…..Mad Max.
    Let’s hear it for the ladies.
    I really hate… to say this.
    In my gut feeling….
    Women are going to solve these problems.
    Not men…

    • Katie says:

      This will take much more than talking and sharing feelings which women are expert at. This will take fire power of which many women are and will be capable of, but I guarantee the ladies will be out numbered in solving the problems by our men who by nature are built to protect and ward off danger.

      I’ll admit I am a bit critical of my own sex because one to many in my experience have done their share of men bashing, their husbands included, which to me is about as low as they can go as well as very dangerous.

      The only reason females can act in such a way is because of the “safe” infrastructure that was erected by mostly men. When the infrastructure folds these women will cling to their man for sheer protection.

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