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The Word From the Trenches – March 9, 2017

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Archive: TWFTT 3-9-17

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6 Responses to The Word From the Trenches – March 9, 2017

  1. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    50 now (46 w/c), 55 hi, 50 lo (nice!). Rain today, looks like a break from it tomorrow, then again Sat.

  2. KOYOTE says:


  3. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Don’t know if it was your end or mine, Henry, (probably mine) but you kept cutting out during the last 10 mins.

  4. flee says:

    I just thought of a great reality series.
    It’s called The “Real World Sri Lanka”
    The premise is….
    We put all deities in a house to see if they can live together.
    Budda, Jesus, Mohammed, Vishnu, Krishna…etc…Lucifer.
    Heck we’ll even throw Joseph Smith in there too.
    The first season highlight is when Mohammed calls Jesus a cracker.
    Then Buddha asks Mohammed to turn his nigger rap music down at night while he tries to meditate.
    Then the Pope tries to mediate….with no avail..
    Then the pranking starts…..
    Buddha turns Mohammed into a baked turd.
    Mohammed turns Jesus into…
    Vanilla Ice.

    I better stop…..
    Spoiler alert.

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