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Would You Support an Iran War If …

Washington’s Blog  Would you support a war against Iran if you knew that:

  • The CIA admits that the U.S. overthrew the moderate, suit-and-tie-wearing, Democratically-elected prime minister of Iran in 1953. He was overthrown because he had nationalized Iran’s oil, which had previously been controlled by BP and other Western oil companies. As part of that action, the CIAadmits that it hired Iranians to pose as Communists and stage bombings in Iran in order to turn the country against its prime minister
  • If the U.S. hadn’t overthrown the moderate Iranian government, the fundamentalist Mullahs would have never taken over. (Moreover, the U.S. has had a large hand in strengthening radical Islam in the Middle East by supporting radicals to fight the Soviets and others)
  • The U.S. armed and supported Iraq after it invaded Iran and engaged in a long, bloody war which included the use of chemical weapons. Here is former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld meeting with Saddam Hussein in the 1980′s, several months after Saddam had used chemical weapons in a massacre:
  • The U.S. helped fund Iran’s nuclear program

  • The U.S. has been actively planning regime change in Iran – and throughout the oil-rich Middle East and North Africa – for 20 years
  • The decision to threaten to bomb Iran was made before 9/11
  • Top American and Israeli military and intelligence officials say that – even if Iran did build a nuclear bomb – it would not be that dangerous, because Israel and America have so many more nukes. Andsee this
  • The people pushing for war against Iran are the same people who pushed for war against Iraq, and said it would be a “cakewalk”. See this and this
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0 Responses to Would You Support an Iran War If …

  1. carl hammel says:

    Would you support any nation over the people who live in that nation?Nations change,generally through war and by design.For instance,I don’t support the United States although I support the people of America,or anywhere else.People are pushed to war through poverty and lies.Nobody wins a war but those who promote it.The greatest thing any soldier can hope for is to get home alive with matters no worse than when he left.It’s the masters of war who promote it, profit from it,but never fight it.People don’t desire war,but peace and prosperity.It is only the masters who pick the fights,bankroll the armies and don’t give a shit who “wins” because it is the masters of war who always win.They win your government,your economy,your nation,your freedom and your soul.Which leads me to believe that people should really start standing against war in far greater numbers and I’m sure that is happening,although the fear of the ignorants’ leads them to believe that we should engage our armies in genocide to promote our own destruction.This somehow leaves them with a very false sense of security.Our hope is to know that ignorance is more easily overcome than armies,although at present more deeply entrenched.

  2. carl hammel says:

    It’s not the U.S.,so to speak,but the Rothschild controlled zionists,who have owned this country since its infancy.I’ll implore you to take a look at who is in Obama’s cabinet.Or Bush’s,Regan’s Carter’s,blah,blah,blah.Henry Kissinger is not a nice man and yet has orchestrated U.S. affairs under both fake parties for decades of failure for the U.S. and victory for the zionists.Your birth cirtificate is a stock,for Christ’s sake,since 1933 when Clinton’s hero,F.D.R., announced that the country was bankrupt and turned your lives over to his blue blooded banking family.Your birth certificate is a stock certificate,my friend.It is a fact.You are being traded like cattle.Don’t call me a fool before you check it out.

  3. Edward Frye says:

    I would not support war in any fashion except a direct attack on the United States,Mexico or Canada. Are neiboring countries are our stronghold. The wars of today are merely occupations designed for control of all resourses by the Corporate Whores. The people never see any good from these, only inflation, and suffering. The resources only are delivered at a higher cost due to control. Innocent people die for more inslavement in the name of Democracy. Money is controlled by the few that produce it and control it. What a world we live in, owned and controlled by psycopaths.

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