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Zombie Fears Drive Record Gun Sales! Smith & Wesson Announces 48% Surge In Gun Sales

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

Americans appear to be stocking up for a Zombie Apocalypse! According to a newly released report from Smith & Wesson, gun sales have surged dramatically since the re-election of Barack Obama and the Colorado theater shooting as Americans stock up on their favorite weapon of self-defense guaranteed to us by our Constitution. The KOMO4 news video below attributes the surge to a fear of Zombies. More of this story from Infowars.

With gun control becoming part of the national debate over the last week in the aftermath of NBC Sports anchor Bob Costas’ comments, Smith & Wesson have announced a 48% surge in firearms sales and a quarterly profit of $21.2 million dollars.

“Net sales from continuing operations for the second quarter were a record $136.6 million, up 48.0% from the second quarter last year,” states a press release by Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation.

The $21.2 million profit compares to a $1.6 million loss in the same quarter last year.

“The increase was led by continued strong sales across all of the company’s firearm product lines, including M&P™ branded products, such as pistols, modern sporting rifles, and the recently launched Shield™ pistol designed for concealed carry and personal protection,” adds the press release.

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2 Responses to Zombie Fears Drive Record Gun Sales! Smith & Wesson Announces 48% Surge In Gun Sales

  1. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

    The only “Zombies” that are driving gun sales,.. are the Obama-Zombies, seeking to turn this country into a 3rd world cess-pool,.. just like the one (Kenya) where our POS-NIC was actually born.

    JD – US Marines – Glad to see Americans at least arming themselves for the upcoming 2nd Revolutionary War.

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