Well it is three business days past the 120th business day of the serving of the fraudulent lawsuit and we have an order from the court.  Now we can show the whole sequence of events leading up to today so that you can understand that you are a subject slave and that your Bill of Rights has been unlawfully removed and that there is no law for the American nationals for the united States of the Americas.
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Got to thinking about the hundred mile drive to Medford and the back roads where there is no cell service.  Got to thinking about a man who had an appointment to meet a sheriff and was ambushed and murdered.  So I opted to do a whole bunch more work and file by certified mail with return receipt.
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Jon Rappoport

For months, I’ve been providing evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 virus has not been proven to exist.

Several recent objections to my analysis have been brought forward.

I’m not interested in mentioning names or getting into disputes with people who might otherwise be doing important work. Continue reading “The missing COVID virus—answering critics’ objections”

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ZDNet – by Catalin Cimpanu

Big changes are coming to Internet Explorer.

Starting next month, users trying to access certain websites will see IE refuse to load the URL and automatically open the site in Edge instead. Continue reading “Microsoft will forcibly open some websites in Edge instead of Internet Explorer”

Yahoo News

Almost 600 employees at the Remington Arms plant in Ilion, New York, were told Friday that they would be terminated effective Monday, the local union said.

The Remington Outdoor Company is also refusing to pay severance and accrued vacation benefits, according to a statement from the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA), the union that represents the workers. Continue reading “Remington Arms, oldest U.S. gunmaker, to lay off 585 employees in New York, union says”

Washington Free Beacon – by Alex Nexter

Seventy-four percent of MS-13 gang members charged by federal prosecutors between 2016 and 2020 were in the country illegally, according to a Wednesday Justice Department report.

The report details law enforcement agencies’ efforts to take down MS-13, one of the world’s most violent gangs, during President Donald Trump’s term. Continue reading “74 Percent of MS-13 Gang Members Charged Were In United States Illegally”

Anti-Empire – by Wolf Richter

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Natural News – by Lance D Johnson

The South Korean government is currently offering free flu vaccines to 19 million people across the country. The Korean Medical Association has deduced that the flu vaccine could potentially offset complications from covid-19, promising to keep people healthy and out of the hospital. This same theory (that a flu shot would stop covid-19) was peddled by the New York Times in March 2020.

Now the head of the Korean Medical Association is trying to halt the flu shot drive because twenty-five citizens were pronounced DEAD after taking the vaccine. The victims came from all age groups and include a 17-year-old boy and a man in his 70s. Because vaccine makers enjoy legal immunity, the human sacrifice ritual will go on and any problems will be swept under the rug and deemed “necessary” for the greater good. Continue reading “Another 25 citizens pronounced DEAD from the flu shot in Korea”

Daily Mail

Antipsychotic drugs branded ‘archaic and dangerous’ were given to dementia patients during the coronavirus lockdown to keep them sedated.

Experts say the medication carries risks of premature death and is used to treat behaviour and symptoms including aggression and agitation.

Until this year the the use of the drugs had fallen over fears over whether their dangers outweighed any benefits. Continue reading “Dementia patients ‘are being given “archaic and dangerous” anti-psychotic drugs to keep them sedated during lockdown”


President Donald Trump has fired his biggest broadside yet this week against a federal bureaucracy he has moved to remake with an executive order that would remove job security from an estimated tens of thousands of civil servants.

The directive, issued late Wednesday, strips long-held civil service protections from employees whose work involves policymaking, allowing them to be dismissed with little cause or recourse, much like the political appointees who come and go with each administration. Continue reading “Trump issues sweeping order stripping job protections from tens of thousands of federal employees”

Global Research – by Children’s Health Defense

Americans have been following COVID-19 vaccine trial developments for weeks, watching companies jockey for frontrunner status like contestants in a reality TV show. And though participants in some of the studies (by Moderna, Oxford, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer) have surfaced with reactions serious enough to pause several of the trials, market analysts remain “bullish” about the near-term prospects for approval of these liability-free products by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
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Becker’s Hospital Review – by Katie Adams

The chief of the White House task force to develop a COVID-19 vaccine told ABC News Oct. 21 that he thinks all Americans could be inoculated by June.

“It’s not a certainty, but the plan — and I feel pretty confident — should make it such that by June, everybody could have been immunized in the U.S.,” Moncef Slaoui, PhD, the head of Operation Warp Speed, told the station. Continue reading “All Americans should have COVID-19 vaccinations by June, Operation Warp Speed chief says”

Yahoo News

Throughout 2020, America has faced a global pandemic, civil unrest after the death of George Floyd and a contentious election. As a result, an influx of fear about the possibility of the invocation of martial law or unchecked military intervention is circulating around the internet among scholars and civilians alike.

“The fear is certainly understandable, because as I’m sure you know, martial law isn’t described or confined or limited, proscribed in any way by the Constitution or laws,” Bill Banks, a Syracuse professor with an expertise in constitutional and national security law, told Military Times. “If someone has declared martial law, they’re essentially saying that they are the law.” Continue reading “How the president could invoke martial law”

Yahoo News

Police say they are investigating an alleged plot to arrest Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine for tyranny, local news station WSYX reported.

The plot came to law enforcement’s attention when a man contacted them to say someone had tried to recruit him to the plan. The man who reported the plot said he had previously tried to have DeWine removed from office by filing charges of tyranny against him, but that he was not interested in operating outside the law. Continue reading “Police in Ohio are reportedly investigating a group that recruited for a plot to arrest Gov. Mike DeWine for tyranny”


EL PASO, Texas– For the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic began, El Paso is reporting its highest number of active cases – topping more than 6,000 residents. The concern is clear with city officials as the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths are all increasing daily.

“This is a very concerning situation, we have seen an increase in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths from Covid-19 that is not stopping,” Dr. Hector Ocaranza, the El Paso City/County Health Authority, said. Continue reading “El Paso officials threaten stricter restrictions and police response amid virus spike”

The Irish Sentinel

Historians have confirmed that Karl Marx was not only related to the Rothschilds, but was also employed as their agent in order to subvert democracy and corrupt the Socialist movement.

Karl Marx was born in a London squalor, and came from a long line of rabbis. Continue reading “Historians Confirm Karl Marx Was Employed By The Rothschilds”