Since when in this country has there ever been a need that hasn’t been met?

The firearm, ammunition, powder, and primer manufacturers are not keeping up with demand, and haven’t been for over a year now. Continue reading “Where have all the guns, ammunition, and reloading supplies gone?”

Got to thinking about the hundred mile drive to Medford and the back roads where there is no cell service.  Got to thinking about a man who had an appointment to meet a sheriff and was ambushed and murdered.  So I opted to do a whole bunch more work and file by certified mail with return receipt.
Continue reading “The Common Law Writ for the Mandamus for the Response”

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WASHINGTON – The Biden administration dispatched a top State Department diplomat to the Middle East “immediately” to try to de-escalate the deadly conflict between Israel and Hamas, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced Wednesday.

President Joe Biden faces growing pressure to help stem the violence and heightened international alarm over the spiraling death toll. The United Nations’ special coordinator for the Middle East, Tor Wennesland, warned on Wednesday that the situation “is escalating toward full scale war.”   Continue reading “Amid warnings of a ‘full scale war,’ Biden administration dispatches envoy to Middle East”

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Farmers overrun by millions of mice have begged the government for help – only to be told there is no money left in the Budget.

Homes and farms across NSW have endured masses of rodents within the past few months leaving the majority of their stocks completely destroyed. Continue reading “It’s raining rodents! Revolting video shows mice pouring from a grain silo as Australia’s worst-ever mouse plague destroys crops and drives farmers insane”

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Incentivising the vaccine-hesitant in America has reached the fast food and ride-share industries.

Burger chain McDonald’s has announced it is partnering with the White House to promote vaccination information on its coffee cups.

Separately, Joe Biden announced on Tuesday a new program with Lyft and Uber which will offer free rides to anyone going to a vaccination site to get vaccinated. Continue reading “McDonald’s and Uber to help encourage vaccine-hesitant Americans”

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A group of more than 120 retired military officers have written to President Joe Biden to tell him his election was less than legitimate – while questioning his mental acuity.

The letter echoes former President Donald Trump‘s claims of widespread election fraud – which have not been borne out in the courts – and comes on a day when Rep. Liz Cheney ripped Trump for his claim that the election was ‘stolen.’  Continue reading “More than 120 retired generals and admirals sign open letter questioning Biden’s mental health and backing election fraud claims”

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Five vaccinated Ohioans will win $1 million each through a new lottery announced Wednesday, in one of the largest financial incentives announced by a state to combat declining demand for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Starting May 26, the state will award $1 million each week to an adult who has received at least the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, Gov. Mike DeWine said. There will be five total drawings. Continue reading “Ohio will give 5 people $1 million each in COVID-19 vaccine lottery”

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Costco (COST) could be on pace to have a big month of sales for May as its members along the East Coast hoard gas following the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline due to a ransomware cyberattack.

The warehouse giant is one of the country’s largest gasoline distributors, often under cutting competing gas stations on price to net a sale from its members (who are the only ones allowed to buy gas at Costco). Yahoo Finance analysis finds that Costco operates gas stations at about 88% of its 559 U.S. warehouses. Our analysis reveals roughly 21% of those gas stations are situated along the East Coast where the gas shortages because of the hacking incident have been the most pronounced.   Continue reading “Why Costco is secretly a winner from Colonial Pipeline shutdown fueled gas lines”

Children’s Health Defense – by Megan Redshaw

As more reports surface of breakthrough COVID cases, in and outside the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today said it will change how breakthrough cases are reported, effective May 14.

According to a statement on the CDC’s website, the agency said to help “maximize the quality of the data collected on cases of greatest clinical and public health importance” it will stop reporting weekly COVID breakthrough infections unless they result in hospitalization or death. Continue reading “CDC Changes Rules for Counting Breakthrough Cases, as More Fully Vaccinated People Test Positive”

America’s Frontline Doctors

The law is clear. An experimental vaccine cannot be mandated. We want you to be armed with resources to advocate for yourself and your loved ones. Here is a letter template to utilize related to your employer or school attempting to mandate the Covid-19 experimental vaccine candidates. Please edit the portion in red, specific to you, and distribute. Send to principals, superintendents, department of education officials, managers, corporate officers, etc. Put everyone on notice! Send on your own or unite with others’ signatures in support of your movement. Informed and united people are truly the greatest threat to tyranny!  Continue reading “Vaccines & The Law”

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The first tropical storm of the 2021 eastern Pacific hurricane season formed off the southwest coast of Mexico on Sunday.

Tropical Storm Andres is the earliest tropical storm to ever form during the satellite era in the eastern Pacific, surpassing Adrian in 2017. Andres also holds the distinction of developing before the official start of eastern Pacific hurricane season, which begins on May 15. Continue reading “Earliest tropical storm on record develops in the eastern Pacific”

Orlando Sentinel

A lightning strike caused a chunk of a Florida highway to fly through a truck’s windshield Monday morning, injuring two people inside the vehicle.

The incident happened at about 7:30 a.m. near mile marker 81 on eastbound Interstate 10, Walton County Fire Rescue said.

Continue reading “Lightning strike propels chunk of highway through Florida driver’s windshield”


New York (CNN Business)A growing number of gas stations along the East Coast are without fuel as nervous drivers aggressively fill up their tanks following a ransomware attack that shut down the Colonial Pipeline, a critical artery for gasoline.

The panic-buying threatens to exacerbate the supply shock. US gasoline demand climbed by 14% on Tuesday compared with the week before, according to GasBuddy, an app that tracks fuel prices and demand.  Continue reading “Why Americans are panic buying fuel — and why you shouldn’t”

Washington Post

Panic-buying has emptied 28 percent of North Carolina’s fuel stations and is exacerbating gasoline shortages across the Southeast, underscoring the real-world implications of a cyberattack that forced Colonial Pipeline offline last week.

More than 17 percent of the stations in Georgia and Virginia were dry Wednesday, according to GasBuddy, and states as far as West Virginia and Kentucky also are running out. Major metropolitan areas have been hit hardest by the shortages, with more than 70 percent of the stations out of gasoline in Charlotte, Raleigh and Greenville, as well as roughly 60 percent of those in Norfolk and Atlanta, according to Patrick De Haan, GasBuddy’s head oil analyst.

Continue reading “Gas shortages intensify in Southeast, with 28 percent of North Carolina stations now dry”