Lawyer Higbee has once again violated the lawful order for the Mandamus by sending another complaint for damages and injunctive relief to the United States District Court in Medford, Oregon.

The Mandamus is absolutely correct and the authority invoked therein is based in the superior ratified law for the united States of the Americas.  The Mandamus is a writ from a superior authority.  It cannot be dismissed by an inferior authority.  Either the writ is obeyed or disobeyed.  If disobeyed, the law cited for the order is disobeyed, which in this case equates to sedition and treason, both by Mr. Higbee and the corporate actor who joined with him for the violation of the laws.  Continue reading “The Second Attack”

Well it is three business days past the 120th business day of the serving of the fraudulent lawsuit and we have an order from the court.  Now we can show the whole sequence of events leading up to today so that you can understand that you are a subject slave and that your Bill of Rights has been unlawfully removed and that there is no law for the American nationals for the united States of the Americas.
Continue reading “Order for the Copyright Lawsuit”

Got to thinking about the hundred mile drive to Medford and the back roads where there is no cell service.  Got to thinking about a man who had an appointment to meet a sheriff and was ambushed and murdered.  So I opted to do a whole bunch more work and file by certified mail with return receipt.
Continue reading “The Common Law Writ for the Mandamus for the Response”

And the winners are:

  • Pocket Watch: $35 Gretchen
  • Enemies Foreign and Domestic by Matthew Bracken: $12 Bob
  • Bill of Rights Bracelet: $21 Galen
  • TG Tactical Torch: $20 John
  • 20 One Ounce 2nd Article Copper Coins: $35 Zed
  • Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare by Michael A Hoffman II: $5 Robert K
  • Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth by Elana Freeland: $10 John W.
  • Under an Ionized Sky – From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown by Elana Freeland: $5 John
  • Silver Bullion Bullet .45 Caliber: $60 Zed
  • Vaxxed – From Cover-Up to Catastrophe DVD: $25 Bruce

Thank you to all who participated, we do appreciate you.  Continue reading “February Auction for From the Trenches”

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Fox News

Attorney General William Barr on Thursday gave a strong message of support to the country’s police officers, calling for Americans to respect cops and push back against an anti-cop attitude that sees resisting police as acceptable.

“Being a police officer is more difficult than it’s ever been before,” Barr said at an International Association of Chiefs of Police event in Miami. “One reason is the emergence of a deeply troubling attitude towards police in some parts of our society. Far from respecting the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect us, it is becoming common in some quarters to scapegoat the police … and disparage the vital role played by law enforcement in our society.”  Continue reading “Barr sounds call to push back against anti-cop attitudes, adopt ‘zero tolerance’ to resisting police”

SHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo

Democrat Michael Bloomberg has been caught saying he will drone those who disagree with him and protect the big banks. The hypocritical guy who backs and funds his own anti-gun campaign now wants the power to drone his critics.  Continue reading “[Leaked Audio] Bloomberg Says He’ll “Drone” His Critics & Protect The Banks”

Daily Mail

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread across the world, thousands of people are buying face masks to protect themselves.

Some local stores in cities like New York, Houston and San Francisco have told that supplies are running low and, while major retailers like CVS and Walgreens haven’t yet run out online or at the national level, shortages are starting to crop up.  Continue reading “Mask mania: US government is stockpiling 300 MILLION coronavirus face masks”

Information Liberation – by Chris Menahan

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan “opened the gates” and began flooding Europe with migrants on Friday after a Syrian government airstrike killed 33 Turkish soldiers in Syria’s northwestern Idlib province.  Continue reading “Erdogan ‘Opens The Gates’ And Begins Flooding EU With Migrants After Syrian Army Airstrike Kills 33 Turks”

Continue reading “CHILLING report on Coronavirus fears in USA! Conversation w/ Law enforcement Police in Houston”

Daily Mail

The White House sought Thursday to gain control over an undisciplined communication response to the coronavirus – requiring even top government health experts to run all media appearances through Vice President Mike Pence‘s office.

The move comes hours after President Donald Trump put Pence in charge of the nation’s coronavirus response, drawing immediate attacks from Democrats who scrutinized his record dealing with the spread of AIDS in his home state of Indiana. Continue reading “White House GAGS government health experts from speaking about coronavirus”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Yesterday, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the CDC’s infectious disease unit, affirmed that even though Gilead and Moderna might be ready, or almost ready, for Phase 1 trials, the US likely won’t have a workable vaccine for another year to 18 months.

And on Thursday, a team of Israeli scientists one-upped the US, boasting that they could have a vaccine ready “in a few weeks.” Continue reading “Israeli Scientists Say They Will Have Coronavirus Vaccine “In A Few Weeks””

End of the American Dream – by Michael Snyder

We have already seen it happen all over the globe.  In China it is becoming increasingly difficult for ordinary citizens to get essential supplies, there have been very long lines to buy face masks in Hong Kong and elsewhere, and in Italy crazed residents have stripped store shelves empty of pasta and other staples in recent days.  As the number of confirmed cases continues to rise at a very frightening pace, the “panic buying” that we have been witnessing is going to get even worse.  Meanwhile, global supply chains are becoming increasingly strained due to this coronavirus outbreak, and it has already become quite difficult for many stores to get certain things for their customers.  Continue reading “We Are Being Warned That The Coronavirus Could Cause “Shortages” And “Empty Shelves” Here In The United States”

Charlotte Observer – by Mark Price

Fort Bragg is warning the public that suspicious looking military activity could erupt on private land across multiple North Carolina counties next month as part of a cryptic Special Forces training exercise.

This could include hearing explosions and seeing soldiers acting as ”guerrilla freedom fighters,” according to a release from the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School at Fort Bragg. Continue reading “Elaborate unconventional warfare exercise set for undisclosed sites in North Carolina”

The Hill – by  Maggie Miller

The Senate unanimously approved legislation on Thursday that would ban the use of federal funds to purchase telecommunications equipment from companies deemed a national security threat, such as Chinese group Huawei.  Continue reading “Senate unanimously approves bill to ban purchase of Huawei equipment with federal funds”

Daily Mail

Doctors have admitted that the most vulnerable patients could be denied critical care in a severe coronavirus outbreak, as they also warned that the UK is dangerously unequipped to deal with a pandemic.

Under protocol dubbed ‘Three Wise Men’, senior medics at hospitals would need to decipher which patients to give care such as ventilators and beds to, with a focus on saving those most likely to recover.

Continue reading “Coronavirus: NHS may prioritise critical care for least vulnerable”

Ask a Prepper – by Diane

According to the State of the Worlds Plants Report 2017, there are at least 28,187 plants that are recognized as medicinal. However, we use only a small percentage of these plants. Additionally, there are probably many more medicinal plants that are currently unknown. We’ve lost much of the ancient knowledge of medicinal plants. One of my goals in life is to document some of these herbs and get the word out on how to use them.  Continue reading “The States with the Most Medicinal Plants. Do You Live in One of Them?”

Breitbart – by Kristina Wong

Experts on China at a Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) panel on Thursday sounded the alarm about the Communist nation’s efforts to defeat the United States and without ever having to fire a shot.

The experts on the panel, hosted by the Committee on the Present Danger: China, warned that China is laying the groundwork to replace the U.S. as the world’s superpower, which will have profound implications for Americans. Continue reading “Military Experts at CPAC Warn China Is Trying to ‘Strangle Us’”