Jersey City police officer killed, 2 others shot in gun battle; 2 suspects killed, third on the loose

Fox News

One police officer has been killed and two others injured during a dramatic hourslong shootout and standoff Tuesday in Jersey City, New Jersey, prosecutors said, as SWAT teams and federal agents rushed to the neighborhood.

Two suspects, one male and one female, both described as juveniles, also were shot, while a third, described as a black male wearing all black, remained on the loose, a federal law enforcement source told Fox News. 

One police officer, who was undercover, was rushed to Jersey City Medical Center with an apparent shoulder injury.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the men and women of the Jersey City Police Department, especially with the officers shot during this standoff, and with the residents and schoolchildren currently under lockdown,” Gov. Phil Murphy said in a statement. “I have every confidence in our law enforcement professionals to ensure the safety of the community and resolve this situation.”

NJ Transit has suspended Hudson–Bergen Light Rail service and bus service on the West Side Branch.

Loud volleys of gunfire could be heard at regular intervals but subsided around 2 p.m. in the city, which is just across the Hudson River from Manhattan.

Dozens of bystanders pressed against the police barrier to film the action on cellphones, some whooping when gunfire bursts filled the air.

Andy Patel, who works at a liquor store about three blocks away from the site of the shooting site, said there had been consistent gunfire fire about an hour Tuesday afternoon.

“I can hear the gunshots. It’s like firecrackers going off. They were shooting like crazy about an hour ago. Then it stopped for like 20 or 30 minutes. The cops were clearing everyone off the streets,” said Patel.

White House spokesman Hogan Gidley said President Donald Trump had been briefed on the shooting and was monitoring it.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said it was responding. The New York Police Department sent emergency services personnel, and the forces counterterrorism unit was monitoring the situation.

Several local schools were placed on lockdown while the situation is ongoing, officials said. Jersey City Public Schools tweeted “all students and staff are safe.”

7 thoughts on “Jersey City police officer killed, 2 others shot in gun battle; 2 suspects killed, third on the loose

  1. “… said there had been consistent gunfire fire for about an hour.”

    IF true… someone was well-prepared, ammo wise.

    A bodega seems like a lousy place to make a stand in a gunfight, however (unless one has a secret tunnel to escape through).

    “By 2 p.m., the lockdown order extended to every public school in the entire city, the district’s superintendent said.”
    “Mass transit was also affected, with a number of bus and rail suspensions.”

    All that for ONE GUNMAN? (so far as we know… and IF it’s even true).

    Now… imagine that happening ten times over, at the same time, in the same city (any city).

    “… the two wounded officers, are expected to survive.”

    That’s the bad news, obviously. 🙁

  2. “Officer, 5 Others Dead in ‘Ambush’ NJ Active Shooter Situation”

    “6 Killed In Jersey City Shooting Standoff; Police Officer Dies”

    “Black-clad duo open fire on Jersey City sidewalk, killing hero cop before bloody shootout leaves both gunmen, three others dead”

    1. i watched the video from the first link….shooting going on and people standing around ‘behind the police tape’ huh? makes me think perhaps they were shooting a movie…
      I grew up in a rough neighborhood in Chicago. No way did we stand around while bullets were flying.

      1. Yes, bystanders were acting like morons… trying to record on their cell phones, waving, grinning, mugging for the News cameras…”Look at ME! I’m on TV! Can you See Me???”

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